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Nov 16

2011-2012 Free Agents

I am not hitting the panic button but we always need to look to improve and seeing as how we stand to lose Dante, Joel, Mills,and Oden (Marks is there too but we wont resign him) at the end of the year who should we try to pursue?  Try to keep all 4?  Any position we need to strengthen?  (Obviously a good solid 4 and 5)

my wishlist for free agents and reasons behind the choice (Not necessarily in the order I think we should pursue just randomly organized)

1)Jonas Jerebko Restricted Free Agent (RFA) - He is cheap and a young player that can can give LA some time to rest and keep defenses honest with a reliable jumper and a decent long ball (48% and 31% respectively) averaging under 30 mpg he has 9.3ppg 6rpg.  There are better options for us but if we can't get much a cheap player is always nice  Downside- Idk if he is much if any improvement over Dante.

2)Rodney Stuckey (RFA) - Another Pistons restricted.  He is averaging 15.9ppg 5.9apg and .7spg in 32.5 mpg.  He is a quick little bugger and has some decent court vision.  Not terribly priced at 2.7 mil.  But also not the best option.  Downside. His numbers come while playing for an underachieving pistons team and he is averaging 12 shots per game and does not shoot deep very well so hi snumbers could be inflated.  Has had some altercations with pistons head coach.

3)Louis Amundson Player Option (P) - If he opts out because the warriors don't fare any better than last year this could happen.  He is a great hustle player that his stats don't always reflect.  He does the dirty work that they don't follow in box scores. Downside. He hasn't played in a game this year due to injury so being "cursed" do we want to risk it?  He isn't very offensive we may need a big to score off the bench for us.

4) Aaron Brooks (RFA) - He its like a young Tony Parker in a lot of peoples eyes.  He is lightning fast and brilliant with decision making.  Low mistake rate and high IQ makes him valuable, coming off a season with barely over 2 mil a season?  He played college ball at U of O and he is from seattle so there is a possibility we could snag him for a good price.  Downside.  He is restricted and Houston will not let him go easily.  Also a lot of people think Armon needs to start soon.  Having PG duo of AJ and AB would make us extremely small at the 1.  He can score in bunches, however he can go on streaks of misses also.

5)Shelden Williams (FA) - I know I know, he is a nugget (enter random complaint here).  He is cheap and can bang.  Takes on 6 shots per game average and has just under 46% conversion.  He may want more money next year but his salary this year? Under 1 mil. so we may be able to scrape him up if he doesn't hate portland.  Downside.  I don't know a lot about Williams so I don't know how he could affect chemistry or if he would be ok being a small role player here or if he thinks he deserved a larger role.

6) Glen Davis (FA) - He is a big, tough body that can bang like nobodies business. He is averaging just shy of 5rpg but he also has KG out there grabbing boards so he doesn't need 10, but can grab them.  He also has a strong back to the basket game.  Downside.  He is playing for championship contenders and the Celts will probably resign him asap.  He is also averaging over 31 mpg (due to Perkins injury) and may not want to be a role player.

7) Nazr Mohammed (FA) - The 2nd most expensive on my list at around 6.9 mil but he produces. 75% Ft is way above his career FT% and he averages just below 50% for FG%.  He could be a solid player for our team.  Downside.  He is 33 so not a lot of time left and Charlotte may offer him a good contract.  I would say only go after him if we can get a bargain on him cuz of his age.

8) Shane Battier (FA) - Battier is a warrior on the court.  Very vocal and won't back down from anybody and thats something we really need.  Listed at SF but has and can play PF.  Averages around 30 mpg and could do that (albeit off the bench) here by backing up both LA and Nico.  Not the best shooter, yet can shoot deep just as well as medium so he can be a threat from the wing.  Downside.  He is a starter for Houston so he may be too valuable to get from them.  He is 32 so not a spring chicken but still has time in the tank.  Would he be okay with coming off the bench for another playoff team or would he rather take his chances with what he has.  Lastly he is pricey (7.4 mil this season)  I don't think we can offer him that much.

9) Carl Landry (FA) - He can score, but usually needs all 30 mins of PT he gets but would be a viable option off the bench.  He is an inside player and a 2nd chance player that gets just about as many offensive as defensive boards.  Downside.  He does take 30mpg and may not want a reduced role here, even though the Kings are not moving up in the world.  He isn't the best rebounder, just a hustle rebounder.

*Disclaimer: This is assuming the CBA is relatively the same as now so this is potentially impossible til the new CBA is announced.*


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