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Apr 11

Some homecourt advantage scenarios

By Richard Ackerman Posted in: homecourtadvantage

So I did a little bit of research and foundĀ 4 ways that we can secure homecourt advantage. Unfortunately none of them are ways the Blazers can help themselves, they're going to have to rely on someone else (I mean we will still have to win our games but we need some help also).

The first is if Sacramento can somehow pull out a victory in Denver on Monday. That would make the final game of the season (considering we beat OKC on Monday) against the Nuggets for the division title.

The second is if San Antonio loses a game and Houston wins out, then Houston will have the better record, get 3rd place knocking San Antonio into a tie with us (considering we only split these final 2 games). Since we own the tiebreaker with San Antonio, that would give us 4th place and San Antonio 5th.

The next 2 ways are kind of specific, so if you get lost in my explanation, I think I did too: The first scenario is Houston has to win all their remaining games (if you want the easy version stop now and go to the next paragraph, otherwise be prepared to get confused). Reason being San Antonio currently has a better divisional record than Houston. Since Houston and San Antonio split their season series, divisional record is the next tiebreaker, with San Antonio at 9-6 with one divisional game left, and Houston at 8-6 with 2 division games remaining. So if Houston can win it's remaining games, assuming San Antonio will also, this will leave them tied in the division. The next tie breaker would then be record against Western conference playoff teams. Houston is 13-12 with two games left, while San Antonio is 11-13 with one game left. So if Houston wins out, we get 4th place (if we win also).

The last scenario requires the Spurs to lose. But they would have to lose to New Orleans specifically since that is a division game. If that were to happen, then Houston would only have to win one of two their remaining games. If this were to happen (Spurs losing to NO and Houston winning one of 2), then the Spurs and Rockets would be tied in the divisional record. And as previously stated, the next tiebreaker is record against west playoff teams, which Houston has an advantage in. So that would give the Rockets the tiebreaker, which would give them 3rd place. And since we won the season series against the Spurs that gives us the tiebreaker over them and would get us 4th place. You still with me, because I think I lost myself a while ago?

Those are the only ways I can figure out that we get homecourt. All of them rely on other teams to help us out though, so let's hope we can get some help.


UPDATE: As it was pointed out to me, if we win the rest of our games that alse secures us homecourt advantage. Let's hope the team can finish strong and win these last games.


  1. Confusing, yes, but that's the craziness of this playoff picture. I really look at what we can do, win out... and win big. I can't remember a time that the playoff picture was so muddled. Usually it is to determine on or two seedings, not 4 or 5.

    by Dan Harbison on 4/12/2009 9:12 AM
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