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Apr 11

No Fear In This House!

By tubbyd Posted in: BrandonRoy, Lakers
O.k. So our Blazer team is done Rising Up, but now they, we, are on the UPRISE?! O.k. What I witnessed from section 331 our young players do to the number 1 seed in the West on Friday night was nothing short of spectacular. I was fortunate to attend the butt whooping the Blazers put on these same L.A. Lakers just a short while ago, and while that game was fun and filled with hi-lite type plays, it paled in comparison with intensity this game held. It was obvious Kobe wanted this game, even at one point inserting himself back into the game! Oh and he got his: 32 points, but it took him way too many shots and mystery foul calls to reach that point total. Batum is oblivious to whom he is guarding. This too many is the best player in the world and Nicholas frustrated him and harrassed Kobe like a teenager does a parent when they want to borrow the car. (Yes B-Roy it will happen to you as well) The action was fierce, the battle intense, and then the final 6:53 of the fourth quarter happened. The Marquee match-up: B-Roy "The Natural" vs Kobe "The Assasin." Head to head they went and while by no stretch of the imagination did #7 score at will, he did get help from darn near all his teammates on the floor, while #24 struggled, and finished the final 3 minutes of the game 0-4 with a turnover, 2 of his shots were not even able to draw iron! I call this game the true butt whooping, Why? Because it had Playoff atmosphere against a determined opponent and these young players didnt flinch! What a huge victory-see you all at the Nuggets game and on into the 2nd season!


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