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Nov 09

Way to Play gentlemen

By CharmCityBLA7ER

Tonight during the pistons game i witnessed  the best i have seen portland play this year.  

Portland individually and as a team played defense as good as a team could.  Everyone rotated and helped and closes out when the ball was swung. 

Also i have to say our young men played together and for each other and it got us a W.  Armon better be on sportcenter top plays or top assist of the night.  Did anyone one else have a lot of respect for Armon after he got caught for the And1 against Stuckey and then caught them sleeping on D and took the ball coast to coast for the left handed flush.  Also we moved well without the ball and were aware of players off the ball and got quality shots and took advantage of ISO in select cases and didnt settle for jumpers and went to the rack hard missed a couple but kept on the barrage and wore down the defense.

Wesley Matthews played his best defense of the season tonight.

Im proud of the team and if Aldridge can continue to show he can put the team on his back at times with his scoring and rebounding like this; man the sky is the limit.

Batum did an excellent job tonight moving off ball and finding angles to the hoop when we pentrated for easy buckets.

Seeing portland on the break was very refreshing

I dont rudy to be traded he is a playmaker all he needs is respect, the admission that he is a playmaker, some injected confidence in him from his coach and teamates and i think he will be up to resigning with us.

It a great day to be a blazer

Cant wait till Greg and Joell return can someone smell western conference championship

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  1. Yes ! I agree they did a great job ! It was even good for Roy to take a break prior to going on the road . If we get our team fresh and health we will go all the way !

    by Justin Downs on 11/10/2010 4:53 AM
  2. Yea we will a healthy blazer team is one of the most balanced, yet versatile deep teams in the league. We can go at any line-up and play any style we want. We just need to figure out the best one for the lineups we put out. If we can play d like last night and get out on the break we can go all the way. When Joell and Greg come back i think we will see the blazer with a top 5 defense in the league with relative ease bc we will have ways to rest our bigs and have them with fresh legs.

    by CharmCityBLA7ER on 11/10/2010 9:09 AM
  3. It was a fun game to watch! Love those fast break points!!

    by RedRudy5 on 11/10/2010 10:31 AM
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