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Nov 09

My favorite player

By CharmCityBLA7ER

My favorite player in the league is Brandon Roy

Right now hes catching some flack some admittedly from myself but this too shall pass.  Roys game is based on his intelligence and craftiness.  He can only be getting smarter and craftier with each passing year otherwise he has not been an avid student of the game which i am sure he is.

Roy said he worked on his off ball skill but i havent seen this implemented in game as of yet.

We need to set screens and get him open looks mid range.  All he needs to do is knock down a couple of those and then he can pump fake get to the line for easy buckets.  And a floater would be nice too if hes having trouble finishing in the lane. 

But the real reason im posting this is to let everyone know when he became my favorite player

I watched this game and i knew this guy is my favorite he showed determination, heart, will, intensity, and fortitude and won us the game.

For portland to maximize its talent Roy must play like this in the beginning of the game, the start of the 3rd and in the 4th depending on situation and especially the closing minutes.

He needs to set precedents and lead by example as well as vocally/physically lead

here it is:


The Legend of Roy

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