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Nov 09

Maximizing Blazers

By CharmCityBLA7ER

If your not gonna come out and give energy and hustle then sit on the bench that applies to everyone even Roy.  I hate watching a bunch of young guys on the court not hustling and having heart while hooping.  

Its not the whole team

I give credit where credit is due: 

Armon Johnson is a breath of fresh air and the only guy i get excited to see on the court.  He comes out pushes the ball down the court and initiates the offense promptly, moves without the ball, and steps into open shots with confidence and poise, and take no plays off on D.

Dante Cunningham for an undersized 4/3 hybrid comes out there on the court and crashes boards and knocks down his mid range shot

LA is getting at it on the boards and working harder on defense.

Wesley has been giving it a good go but has at times been trying to do too much at times and needs to stick with what made him a commodity in Utah.  Master that formula again then add to it. Help out the ballhandler by moving without the ball and being ready to step into your shot.

I never have to worry about Camby's effort

Im sorry to say it but i need Roy to be a vocal leader and lead by example.  I cant listen to a teamate telling me to hustle or do anything if he just stands at the perimeter and doesnt move if he doesnt have the ball.  If the star,captain, leader, isnt giving 100% why should I.  You have to lead by example idc if your hurt just make a believable effort.  If the other guys see the captain busting his ass they will match his intensity and will attribute to a better all around effort.  If your hurt tell your teammates be a team play for your brother if you play for the man next to you and give 100 then im not mad at the result because with the caliber of players we have we will get wins.  Im a dallas fan and i dont want Portland to turn into dallas they play with no heart. Portland needs to play with 48 minutes of execution, intensity on offense and defense, heart, and team oriented ball movement, and constant off ball movement by the perimeter players when LA or Roy is in ISO. 

The reason i am a disturbed right now is not due to our loss to the Lakers but more the loss to OKC.  We cannot allow a team in the Rose Garden to be down 14 or however many they were down and come back and outhustle us down the stretch to be a contender we need to get teams down and then put them in the dirt and no they arent gonna win.  Also we need to rebound and defend as a team because thats what we are a team.  

On that note Go Blazer we better whip them pistons tonight

Im not a lebron dick rider by a long shot but this is one thing Roy needs to do.  When the Cavs would be up by 15-20 pts and he was on the bench and the reserves started slacking on defense or being stagnant with the ball he would put himself back in the game and set his troops str8 just off principle. Kobe puts his troops in line and reprimands and directs tham and has for years and now they are a machine. Roy needs to lead vocally, lead by the intensity in which he plays (his game is based off efficiency but you can be intensely efficient), he needs to get down on d like Armon and get at it on d and not take plays off. He no slouch on d he has racked up many a steal but he needs to exude leadership if we want to maximize the output of the team.  Its not enough for the players to know your a players that they can differ to offensively.  

We need everyone to crash the offensive glass and defensive glass.  We need to take a look at OKC to see why.  In the game we played against them Russell Westbrook and Durant had 11 boards a piece and neither of them are frontcourt players.  What does this tell us we arent boxing out or going after the board or tracking the ball in the air to have a chance to get 50/50 balls.  We cant expect Camby to block every shot and get every board. LA is decent on the boards but we need our guards to help out on the boards.  Camby should teach them how to get boards and his patented swat out..

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  1. Im mainly frustrated because this is my favorite player in the nba and he has been the focal point of the team for years and i would like to see him grab hold of the team a run the team like the coaches advocate or rather be a coach on the court and commend his teamates, suggest changes in approach, demand excellence and effort, and be more vocal. Bc hes my favorite player i hold him to such high standards. The team will follow him he just needs to learn how to lead. The jumpers the pretty moves all that is good but i want him treat every possesion like late game 1/27/08 against the hawks he took his man and got low and stifled Joe Johnson on 3 str8 possesions and closed out a game we were losing and threw the X up after he caused the turnover. He needs to do that every possesion.

    by CharmCityBLA7ER on 11/9/2010 2:31 PM
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