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Nov 05

Thunder were due for a win??

By BlazersFan2010
The Trailblazers were in total control all the way through the latter part of the 4th quarter or did it seem? 

Both Durant and Westbrook seemed to be determined to not let their team loose, I mean come on,  Westbrook should have never gotten those rebounds especially when we needed the possession. 

Defense totally collapsed and the offense simply put went "MIA".

I think the Trailblazers thought they were on cruise control, but Durant,Westbrook, and Ibaka halted the tempo both on the defensive and offensive aspect.

Moving forward, the Trailblazers will be back on Saturday and more than likely will dominate the Raptors. 

We just need to play defense for 48 minutes not 36-45 minutes and we need to feed the "Bigs" to establish the post game.  We did this for the first three quarters; alley oops to Mr. Aldridge, but then what happened...jumpshots????!!!  

Don't get me wrong Durant and Westbrook are great, but Trailblazers defense should have locked them down especially during crunch time.

Maybe it's just youth playing it's part on our Blazers...hmmm...

What do you all think???

Regardless.....GO BLAZERS...kick some Raptors tail!!!
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  1. if only Roy could make that last two jumpshots we would have that game. Oh well, I still believe on our team. Especially Roy.


    by blazersisthebest on 11/6/2010 1:08 AM
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