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Nov 04


By blazersisthebest
Brandon Roy is a very talented and capable player. He is the smoothest guy I've ever seen. But, is he capable enough to be the next guy after Kobe, Lebron and Wade?

 well, he is a very good leader as those guys are. In fact, he has taken that leadership role when he was just in his 2nd year. He has the moves that those guys have but, he does it in his own way.

 Words can't explain how brilliant he is. Thats how i became a blazers fan. He is not being talked about  a lot because he passes the ball a lot more than those guys. He actually has the qualities of a point guard. I describe him as a point guard trap in a body of a shooting guard. well at least play like one.

 Even though Wade, Kobe and Lebron are good "playmakers" too. They are what's called a ball dominant. They want the ball in their hands as much as possible. Thats' why they make a lot of points. they hold the ball look to score, if its not there that's when they pass. well, Brandon is not like that he holds the ball makes a play then if no one is available then he scores. That's how he works. plus, he does things under the radar. Or, in other words he does things that does not show up in the stat sheet.

 He is just amazing to watch. He is so smooth he does things naturally. No one is like him. He is just an unbelievable player. So, yeah, I honestly think he is that 4th player next to Kobe, Lebron and Wade. IF you don't think like I do. Then, THINK AGAIN.  


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