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Nov 01

Just a thought

By CharmCityBLA7ER

Now alot of fans are going to be opposed to be opposed to this but at the moment with the contract extension given to Al Horford, Josh Smith is said to be on the trading block.

Now before i begin I am not a LA basher by any means i think his step back fade can in a couple years be ass effective as KG's patented stepback and he is and offensive rebounding beast.  And he is a top tier pf in this leagueas of right now 

But i propose this

Nicolas Batum

Lamarcus Aldrige

Andre Miller

Joell Pryzbilla

(Elliot Williams)

Portland 1st round pick 2011


Jamal Crawford

Jordan Crawford

Josh Smith

Maurice Evans

(Pape Sy/Jeff Teague)


LA is a great offensive weapon when he is on and his offensive and defensive potential have touched their thresholds and his game is getting more and more recognition from opposing teams.  Josh Smith doesnt have the polish of LA on offense but can take 4's from the perimeter and shoot mid range and is working on his 3pt shot (who isnt but hes hit 2/3 so far this year).  But where he shines is his Shot Blocking in 3 games so far he has 13 blocked shots for an avg of 4.3 per game. More than our entire team at this point. A tandem of Josh Smith and a healthy Greg Oden is exponentially more opposing than LA/Greg due to the fact they both block shots at an alarming rate, eat up rebounds, and finsh strong in the paint.

FrontCourt: Camby,Oden,Smith,Cunningham,Oberto

BackCourt:Jamal Crawford,Jordan Crawford,Brandon Roy, Wesley Matthews, Armon Johnson

SF:Luke Babbit,Dante Cunningham,Maurice Evans

Internation Prospect:Victor Claver SF/PF, Joel Freeland PF

(Team defense instantly bolstered, still have sufficient prospects, sufficient veterans)

Batum is included because i dont think ATL will trade Josh for LA straight up 

But because Batum is included i also threw in Jordan and Jamal Crawford and Maurice Evans

Rudy wants out but when on the court plays his heart out, in the motion offense the Hawks plays he will get plenty of shot when team crowd Joe Johnson so will Batum. Hawks benefit.

The expiring contracts of Andre Miller and Joell Pryzbilla are going to be valuable come trade deadline and upcoming free agency.  Plus both are productive at their positions.

Maurice Evans is a good defender and career 36% 3pt shooter.

(One crucial Offensive aspect of Batum replaced)

Jordan Crawford has the potential to be one of the most explosive scorers in the league period if you havent seen this kid get into a groove you need to look him up.  He has unlimited range on his jumper, handle for days, tremendous body control, hes the total package at the 2 offensively.  If need be send ATL Elliot Williams also we can get enough dunks from Josh Smith.

(Offensive potential of Batum replaced)

Jamal Crawford is as good a scorer there is in the league off the dribble and is also a good spot up shooter from range and shoots with confidence he can replace andre miller at the 1. And as an aside him and B Roy are best friends and i, and believe have a feel for each others games and could build chemistry at an exponentially greater rate than that of Roy and Miller.

(PPG of Miller replaced, 3pt shooter in rudy replaced)(Post-up game at the 1 Lost)

If it would appease anyone we could request a future 1st round pick or another player such as Pape Sy or Jeff Teague

If they would then straight up LA for Josh Smith im all for it


If not i would suggest Elliot Williams and our 1st round pick for 2012

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