Antony Copland

Oct 30

Scary Night, Scary Game

By Antony Copland
How convenient is it that on the eve of the day of scary things,  the Blazers give fans a scare of their own? That wasn't on my list of things to be scared of this weekend.  The list mostly consists of bears, spiked candy, and Michael Myers.

Blazers added themselves to the list with a very intense away game versus the New Look Knicks.  Added into that intensity were missed clutch free throws, giving away a big lead only to come back and win the game, and making me choose between Blazer black or Duck white.  

Both the Ducks and Blazers gave me a Halloween treat and scare tonight.

The Players of tonight's game are

Brandon Roy:
The Natural had 29 points on 10 of 23 shooting.  That's a 43% percentage on the game but still effective as always with big games in the Big Apple.  He shot 50% percent from behind the arc on 2-4 shooting, and added on 7 free throws.

Andre Miller:
Crunch Time has definitely become "Miller Time" as of late (props to guys in the live chatrooms for using that term, they created it, no copyright intended lol).  When LaMarcus couldn't took care of things from the stripe, Miller came through and hit 6 of 8 for a 75% effort from the stripe.  He put up 19 points and 10 assists for the double-double.

Lamarcus Aldridge:
Yes the man wasn't good from the stripe tonight, 4-10, but he came through with 20 points and 10 rebounds, a good double-double for him.  All he needs to do is just remain calm and collected and those free throws will start falling.

So with those 3 guys considered for the Player of the Game in my book, I'm going to have to go ahead and give this one, hands down, to 'Dre.  He was clutch, and in an atmosphere like the MSG, clutch was what the Blazers needed tonight.  He found the open guys with the 10 assists, and added 19 points to be my Player of the Game Pick.

With the win tonight, Blazers climb to 3-0, the first of it's kind for the Blazers since the 1999 campaign.  They are even more impressively at that 3-0 mark with a 2-0 record on their first road trip of the season and are tied for first place at the moment with the New Orleans Hornets.  Game 3 of the road trip against the Chicago Bulls is next, and a chance for the Blazers to go 4-0.  Ironically, the last time the Blazers were 4-0 was ALSO in the 1999-2K seasons, beating the Lakers.  Can the Blazers catch up to their 1979-1980 team where they began the season with a 9-0 record? Something to ponder on.  Can't wait until Monday!  Good night, and go Blazers!
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    by RedRudy5 on 11/1/2010 12:21 AM
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