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Oct 27


By CharmCityBLA7ER

In the last 2, first 2 games of the season teams are chronically slacking off of Andre Miller the ball gets swung his way because hes open and 3 points arent added to the score.

Dont get me wrong andre is savvy, smart, one of the better post up mid range oriented floor generals in the game but the lack of shooting isnt hurting us due to our defensive pressure getting to oppenents in the fourth quarter.  

Peep this out fellow fans, Brandon Roy scrored 18 points in the first half frickin sweet he was draining them in the defenses face and carrying our team offensively on his back when no one else was scoring he scored our last 11 points in the 1st half

He scored 4 points in the second half of of intentional fouls  when the game was out of reach.  He missed 2 free throws but that besides my point.  Numerous times the whole defense would shift toward Roy and he had 1 open man guess who    Andre Miller at least 3 or 4 times open at the 3 point line. That is 12 points we didnt have that we were dared to put up

We need if just for late game situation when we are up and teams double LA and Roy a point guard who is a knockdown 3 point shooter. Just by being the open man and receiving the pass he can force the defense to jump with the fake allowing him to get an easier shot or set up the man of someone who is rotating to pick him up. That is a plus and just maybe he could happen to knock down the shot.

I say we use that future 1st round pick or our own in an attempt to get Daniel Gibson from Cleveland or AJ Price from the Pacer.

They have pure forms of their shots, range, and supreme confidence in their shots.  Am i saying get rid of Andre no not at all but he should run the second unit and be allowed to post up backup pont guard and run the offense through him.  And the Offense runs through  Roy in the primary unit surrounding him with shooters.  I have confidence on every play that Roy can get past his defender and draw another. If he has the knockdown point guard with Batum and Lamarcus it allows him to drive and dish to the corners and LA in mid range or knock it down himself.  

We wouldnt need so many offensive boards if teams couldn't slack on our perimeter shooters.

Our defense on the perimeter harrasing the opposing 1-3 has been exceptional but on better conditioned teams and overall better teams our point will need the respect of the opposing players on the wing.  

When Greg and Joell come back we will undoubtedly be the best team in the west, if we keep with onus on perimeter defense, our guards and forewards keep crashing the boards helping the bigs even when healthy, and make teams pay for honing in on Roy and LA.  

Look at Shannon Brown he singlehandedly got the Lakers back into that game and our old boy Steve Blake sealed it, why because the D collapsed on Kobe and left them open and they did what they were supposed to do was supposed to do.... knock the open shot down.  

AJ Price, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, Mo Williams, whoever we need someone be a gunner at the 1 spot.  Whether it involves giving up Elliot Williams, some future picks, money or whatever it is a neccesity to maximize our offense.  When is the Last time we hit a transition 3 or a walk down three at the top of the key???... A 3 point marksman at the point will make oppenents fight over screens and open up more angles for the big and himself.  

If Atlanta doesnt offer an extention to Jamal Crawford i say we consider making him an offer as well due to his expierience and scoring prowess.  He can shoot set, off the dribble, drive finish with either hand in traffic and has earned the respect of every defender in the league he has the ability to take a load of pressure off of Roy and even get Roy open looks.

We have the core, the pillars, and and most of the auxillary pieces, just missing the 3pt ace at the 1

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