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Apr 08

Testing... um, WOW!

By Richard Ackerman Posted in: Spurs
Well this is my official test run at the new and so far, not too bad. I got an error once, but that's what betas are for. Anyhow, what a great time to get to try this out, after an incredible game like tonight's. I don't understand what makes the Blazers' get behind by so much in games, but we keep pulling them out so I can't complain too much. Overall what a game. I was about sick at the beginning, thinking this was going to be another back alley whoopin by San Antonio when early in the first quarter they were up by 15 or so. But low and behold, Nate McMillan called a couple timely timeouts, the Spurs cooled off the hot shooting, and we finally decided to stop letting Tony Parker run around. The product, a 31-16 second quarter in favor of the Blazers, pulling them to within 2 at the end of the half thanks to a sweet halfcourt shot by Blake.

After that it was a pretty entertaining game. We went back and forth exchanging buckets for a little while in the 3rd quarter before putting it on and taking the lead. After that we never really looked back, ok maybe a couple times, I mean it is the freakin Spurs. But in the end the good guys won, after coming back from a 19 point deficit in the mid second quarter, to win by 12.

Overall my feelings on this game are SWEET JUBILATION. I mean honestly, after us going down 20-6 I think it was, I was preparing for a bloodbath. But we fought back, showed we can pull out a victory on the road (and that was some victory, down 19 in San Antonio, fighting for playoff positioning, WOW), and I think even surprised ourselves at how resilient this young team is. I think this young team grew up a little tonight. Let's hope we can take this momentum into the L*ker game on Friday and whoop some purple and gold butt.



  1. Great write-up Richard. You're right, what a game! If you get more errors, let me know.

    by Dan Harbison on 4/8/2009 9:25 PM
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