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Oct 25


By CharmCityBLA7ER
The word on the street is that Rich Cho may or may not be attempting to still lure devin harris away from the nets.  But most critics of andre miller say he is a hinderance to Roy due to his lack of 3pt shooting.  Devin Harris is not a solid but an underachieving  3pt shooter as well.  Hes a heck of alot better on defense, about the same in regards to setting up teamates, and can get into the lane with more ease but still doesnt stretch the floor.

I believe portland should look into aquisistion of Aj Price.
Is AJ price a proven pg in the league but hes a solid ball handler as all new york bred guards are, a vocal pg i remember from his days at UConn and a lights out shooter. He is good at using his quickness and handle to get into the lane to draw contact and get to the line as well as being very adept at the catch and shoot which will be key if he were to to be out there with Roy.  Also he averages close to a steal per game so he shows that he has decent anticipation and quick hand for the pilfer. He mirrors his game around Mo Williams and Chauncey Billups so theres no question that his shot was first on his list of fundamentals to perfect.

The only real perfect match of pg and Roy of any clout would be Mo Williams, but do you really think they are gonna give up Mo for Dre.  Maybe  if we add rudy and some picks. 

But for just a pick and some cash we could aqcuire Aj price.  For multiple picks/or cash we could also aqcuire Solomon Jones from the Pacer, while hes not a high volume rebounder he is a prescence in the middle and does a decent job of altering the shots around the rim.  Better than Oberto any day of the week.

Ric Cho should make a deal with the Pacers revolving around attaining Aj Price Solomon Jones

For example

Pacers recieve:
Hornets conditional 1st rounder 2011
Portland 1st rounder 2011
Portlands 2nd rounder 2011
$3 million cash considerations
Patty Mills
Dante Cunningham

Portland recieve:
Aj Price
Solomon Jones

In this case Pacers get alot of picks to build with while dumping 2.5 mill in salary plus the cash paul allen can take out of his pocket to make the deal financially worth while. Also they get a high motor 4 in cunningham with a decent mid range game and pg who can push the tempo and knock down the 3 in Patty

Portland gets a pg that can appropriately  space the floor and can legitimately keep the defense honest, doesn't turn the ball over much plus another big body who can alter shots.  Solomon can add insurance for Camby and is more mobile and less of a liability than Oberto.

A lineup of AJ Price and Nicolas Batum alongside Roy and Alderige would create optimal spacing, double teams would result in easy 3pters all day. Especially in a small line up of Aj Price Rudy Fernandez Roy Batum Oden.  Oden could man the paint himself while 3's rain down on the opposition.  Roy can be exchanged for Luke or Matthews and both are 3pt shooters.

Also we still have Andre miller and rudy if a deal for harris and mo can be dealt. Just saying AJ in preseason has been lightin it up so before he becomes another Darren Collison or Aaron brooks we need to grab him.

Side note if solomon jones doesnt wet your whistle if portland could make a move for say a Brandon Bass for dante cunninham and a 2nd round pick i think it would be well worth it. At 6'8 250 he is big boy whos suprisingly mobile has a decent 10-12 foot jumper and is confident banging around inside thanks to that center of gravity. Also has a couple moves in the paint that he is comfortable goin to.

These trades can be accomplished using dante cunningham, andre miller, luke babbit, picks and cash consideration when factoring in that the magic are over the cap as well as the pacers.  Also both teams are in the east and probably dont expect portland to standin their way to their goals so the deals to them wouldnt hurt them in the short or long term.

As for portland we add the knock down point guard and add size and stability in the frontcourt and if andre miller is tossed then we cut cost early in the season and we still have the trade exception from bayless or that can be usesd in any of the trades

When Greg and Joell get healthy a front court of Bass, Camby, Aldridge, Oden, and Pryz would be the most  imposing  in the league in terms of defensive and offensive reboundin coupled with shot blocking.  Also offensively there would be endless 2nd chance pts, put backs, plus a decent mid range game from Camby, Alderige and Bass to space the floor.

We dont need a top tier point guard we need a decent point guard who fits the system. Which is move the ball around efficiently, good timely entry pass into the post, defend adequately, and knock down the 3 when on the court with Roy. When not on the floor be able to get into the cracks of the defense and kick to open shooter, make defenders help and open up lanes for our many finishers, and for the majority of the time be able to  play off ball and make teams pay for ball watching,  be able o see the backdoor cuts from the slashers as well as LA's patented spin off to Opp. I believe AJ Price and Armon would be a good pg rotation splitting 20 min a game or 25/15  depending on how well Price can stick with the quicker guards. 

15 man roster:
()=Could be used in trades
Armon Johnson
AJ Price
(Andre Miller)
(Patty Mills)
Brandon Roy
(Rudy Fernandez)
Wesley Matthews
Elliot Williams

Nicolas Batum
(Luke Babbit/Dante Cunninham)

Brandon Bass
Lamacus Aldridge

Greg Oden
Joel Pryzbilla
Marcus Camby

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