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Oct 25

Elliot Williams

By CharmCityBLA7ER
Since Elliot Williams has been drafted the only thing people have really commended him for has been the fact that he can jump out the gym.  But i have looked at some tape and looked throughout the league for a person he most reminds me of.  I have come up with a hybrid of JR smith and Dahntay Jones. 
Elliot in college shot 36 pt from 3pt range and was very efficient at getting to the line even though his percentage at the charity stripe wasnt  spectacular. Elliot has a quick first step and covers a lot of space.  I believe he should follow the same approach wesley matthews and armon johnson have taken to get onto the court.

Tenacious defense, take care of the basketball, when you take shot either knock it down or get to the line.

Elliot has the potential to be a menace on defense with his footspeed, wingspan, and leaping ability. With a 48 inch vert if he can anticipate when defenders think they have enough space he can send their shots into the stands.  If he gets into passing lanes he can bring the home team back into a game with a 360 dunk after the theft.  He can impact the game offensively the same way JR Smith energizes and silences crowds when he hits his 3's and throws it down on the break. 

Defensively onto Dahntay Jones, he is known for his leaping ability coupled with his defensive prowess. Elliot will have to get in the gym and put on 20-30 lbs of muscle as hes is pretty small at 6'4 175-180 so he isnt abused in the post. But he was coached by coach k and carried that defensive mind state over to memphis even tho he was relied on more as a scorer.

Also it has been noted that he is far too reliant on his left hand.  If he can learn to jab left and go right and get past his defender then the defense will have to play him honestly and fear him going both ways.  Also he needs to learn to finish with the right hand the same way Lamarcus worked on his left.  Also by improving his right hand it will help his pull-up shot because with the step back and gathering for a shot the right side is easier when your left handed due to the guide hand being the right.  Of course hes a rookie but hes beaming with offensive and defensive potential.  Also i think sending him down to the d-league would be good for him to hone his skills the same way mustafa shakur, and hasheem thabeet benefited.

Elliot can be a defensive stopper at either guard position and can be sicked on the rose's, jennings's, etc. And also make them defend because if he gets the step with a 48 in vert hes gonna posterize alot of people.
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  1. I am excited to see EW develope. He looked nervous when he saw minutes, not rare for a rookie.
    But with Rudy putting points on their face, EW is going to have to ride the dnp list with Mills for the time being.

    by Kim~ on 10/26/2010 11:56 AM
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