Oct 15

David Stern's officiating rules have destroyed the nba

By Kassandra
half way into the nba pre-season, ive noticed a lot of talk of the league’s officiating, officials and new rule regarding players’ reactions following the occicials whistle.
ive commented on a number of message boards, but thought I would consolidate those thoughts here.

I don’t think it can be a secret that officiating in the nba is geared to keep superstar players on the court and large-market teams adding to their win totals – especially in the playoffs.
I completely understand the business end of it and the want to do whatever it takes to garner the most money possible. Many people tune in to see superstars, and the theory is that large market teams carry more fans than those in smaller markets.
however, this is a sporting competition where players and teams should win because they are the better team, at least on that particular night. the nba’s stance on officiating voids the league of all integrity and credibility. It’s like a scripted television show. It’s gotten so bad, that in this girl’s eyes, nba games should not be broadcast in the category of “sports,” but in the overused category of “reality.”
I remember a line from nba commissioner David Stern from a few years ago when questioned about officials missing calls and calling non-calls. he said the reason for that is that there were a lot of new officials getting their bearings.
that might be a fair assessment had the new officials been the ones making the incorrect calls. At that time, I was watching games with my dad and brothers and I remember my dad stating: “it’s the young guys (officials) who are getting it done.” He was correct.
it’s abundantly clear that veteran officials – especially the 30-year guys – were calling games with bias. i remember as a little girl even hearing a television analyst say that Bernie Fryer (now head of league officiating) had played for the trail blazers, was cut from the team in the mid 1970s which ended his career, and had been trying to get back at the blazers ever since (the analyst just might have been Mike Rice).
we all know there are issues with the Joey Crawfords, an pick your Garretson (Darrell or Ron – doesn’t matter). at some point, the whistle has tainted these guys. It’s time to retire them.
the complaining rule

i have complaints about this rule, and right at the heart of it is the real problem with the nba’s officiating. that would be the commissioner. a friend of mine tells me that the player and team favoritism began in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which is the same time David Stern became commissioner of the nba. I don’t believe this is just a coincidence.
since assuming his current position 31 years ago, Stern has implemented many rules to protect the appearance of fair officiating, including fining players/coaches/owners who question the officials and the new technical foul rule.

the questions are: why does Stern have to protect "his" officials? why would a player's statement be so detrimental to what he is orchastrating? what exactly is it about the nba that makes this league beyond reproach?

the obvious answers are thast Stern does not want anyone criticizing his policy because he knows there's something wrong with it. that's egotism and it it has no place in the league office of any sport. none whatsoever. the other fake league (let's face it, Stern's nba is fake at this point), the wwe, has readily admitted that it's "competitions" are scripted. basically, David Stern's nba is asa well.

the heart of the problem is not that Stern has utterly destroyed the nba; but that his fining of players and coaches for making statements to the media regarding the officiating is, in some minds, very inconsistent with the first amendment's provision of freedom of speech. this is the guideline on which this country was founded, based primarily on trhe freedom to speak one's mind and to practice one's own religion. however, in the nba, you get fined if you speak your mind.

i'm still only in pre-law, but something seems definitely wrong with that.

my prediction is that eventually David Stern's legacy will go down in a burst of flames. he'll be surprised. wouldn't you be if your life's work was exposed to fraud? i won't.

here's the end-all, be-all: if the nba officials were calling games and players fairly, there would be no need to worry about the players comnplaining, et all. all he is doing is trying to put a little band-aid on a major disease -- one which he has caused.

~ Kassandra


  1. I agree!

    by RedRudy5 on 10/16/2010 9:06 AM
  2. Some of the technicals given out during the preseason have been pretty ridiculous, IMO. My hope is that the refs are overly-asserting themselves in the preseason and will pull it back during the regular season.

    by Storyteller on 10/19/2010 12:30 PM
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