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Oct 07


By CharmCityBLA7ER
2K11 has just released and of course im running with the Blazers and to my dismay Armon Johnson is not even in the game but patty mills is and i dont even believe he has a contract yet but is just on the 15 man roster. 
Armon Johnson needs to be put into the game because Andre Miller is suspect on d and get blown past like its a right of passage to do so.  Armon will allow me to match up with the quicker 1's in the league. Namely the thunder because my roomate keeps blowing past andre with eric maynor and westbrook.  I need Armon to strap them boys up.

I feel as thought the rating are on point so far and pretty much picked up from last year

I feel they gave Elliot Williams decent stats with his on ball defense at 71 his vertical is 88 which i disagree with because Nicolas Batums vert on the game is 91 but Elliot has a 48 inch vertical so why it isnt in the 90-95 range i dont know because im sure noone in the leage besides nate robinson has nearly the vertical of Elliot.

They gave Nicolas Batum and Wesley Mathews their defensive props putting their defense at 81 and 83 respectively.  Personally i believe after the playoffs that LA rating should be 80 flat and Bayless deserves a rating of 70 or 71 as he stepped up in the play offs when Roy was hurt and showed his merit.

Also they need to alter Lamarcus Aldridge's player model so that it has his new grown man beard
Another gripe is they need to increase Nicolas Batum's speed and quickness they have his speed at like 69, id say at least 75 and put his quickness at like 80 and i would be happy.

Anyway back to 2k anyone else have any opinions on 2K11

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  1. I bought Halo Reach instead,kinda kicking myself for making that choice.

    by James Durkee on 10/10/2010 3:28 PM
  2. 2K this year is amazing man the physics engine is all different and way more realistic like the moves to the finishes everything is just way more real and i started a season with my friend he uses the thunder needless to say im number one in the west i only lost one game to the heat so far that ishwas not far at all

    by CharmCityBLA7ER on 10/10/2010 11:45 PM
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