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Oct 05

Clipper Destruction

By CharmCityBLA7ER
Ok can i just give a quick congratulation to the team for whomping on the Clippers.

Our defense was spectacular contesting shots and  our preimeter defense was on point.
Andre Miller has 3 steals
Armon Johnson had 2 steals
Dante Cunningham had 2 steals
Wesley Matthews had 2 steals and a block
Rudy Fernandez had 2 steals
Batum,Aldridge, and Pendergraph
As a team we caused 27 turnovers that is phenomenal
Also as a team we spread the ball around well to the open shooter( we shot 59% from 3pt )
Our three point shooting in  my opinion is the achiles heel to opposing teams if we can keep pestering the ball handler and getting in passing lanes while knocking down threes at the same clip when our bigs get back healthy the additional offensive boards will leads to more threes.  One thing that was lacking was shot blocking but that was expected.  When Joel, Greg, and Camby are all in play our interior and exterior defense will depress teams. If i could have watched the game i could more accurately comment on the play of Bayless. I heard report that Wesley has been playing role of offense initiator and has been asked to be agrressive on offense as evidenced from his getting to the line and knocking down 9-10 free throws. But back to Bayless im dissapointed he only registered 2 assists but i am happy he knocked down all 3 of his threes tonight showing he has worked on his long ball game to spread the floor. If Rudy keeps playing like this in preseason i dont see why he would want to leave, the sencond unit is just as important as the first and he can be a pivotal part of it. All in all Go Blazers cant wait till the next game
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  1. Assists are a funny stat. They only count if the other person makes the shot. He definitely was trying to set up the offense and shot when the time was right.

    by DHawes22 on 10/6/2010 3:04 PM
  2. Thank you for ur comment do you remember if bayless was playing more under control of was it the herky jerky style that was his staple the last two years i dont believe he had that many turnovers but i just was still riding the high from the scrimmage when he registered that 12 pt 8 ast and 6 rb game. And that is a very good point if someone misses the shot then u might as well shot it yourself

    by CharmCityBLA7ER on 10/7/2010 10:44 AM
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