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Oct 04

(PLS read/comment)OutLook 2010-2011

By CharmCityBLA7ER Posted in: Blazers

Brandon Roy
I expect Brandon Roy to continue to post his 20+ ppg 4+rpg 4+apg while upping his field goal percentage as well as three point percentage.  It has been noted that the majority of this off season Brandon has worked on getting lighter and simultaneously stronger which is good due to his history of injuries.  He said he has been working on more off ball aspects of his game.  This will allow Brandon to spot up more, come off screens, and keep defenses honest.  The more shots he knocks down, the more the opposition has to respect the pump fake, react, then the help defense will come allowing him to be the play maker he naturally is.  I expect Roy to overtake Joe Johnson on the all NBA 2nd team.  If he can improve his defense and become lock-down 1st team isn't out of the question.  Brandon and LA can be one of the best tandems in the league.

Lamarcus Aldridge
Lamarcus is primed for a breakout season.  I feel as thought during the Phoenix series last year he was recognized as a premier PF.  He was double team and sometimes triple teamed.  This off season he added about 8-12 pounds of muscle to muscle group needed to bang around in the post.  He added core strength which will increase his body control after contact. He added muscle to his lower body which will allow him to impose more on opposing bigs and stay on balance when they attempt to knock him off center.  He has worked on his dribble drive game, finishing with both hands, and added some new counter moves that he can resort to while still being in his offensive comfort zone.  I expect him to post at least 20-21 ppg, 10 rpg, 1.2 bpg, 1 spg. I expect his first all star appearance this year.  He has superb footwork in the post, stretches the defense with his shot even has gotten the ok from Nate to shoot the 3, his new strength should allow his to battle for more boards, body up bigs and contest shots better, simply put LA will destroy this year if he chooses to and i believe he is ready to take his spot along the elite bigs of the league. I see lamarcus as a young KG once he starts to get at it on defense.

Nicolas Batum

Frenchie is poised to be a bigger part of the offense. He is a defensive stopper, 3pt ace, has a smooth all around game, and always improving.  Nicolas ball handling has improved as well as offensive arsenal.  In the scrimmage i saw him pull the quintessential Kobe mid range fade over the left shoulder while goin out of bounds. His form on his shot is consistent and very reminiscent of Kevin Durant's as far as smoothness of release.  I see Batum averaging 12-14 ppg, 2-3spg, 2-2.5 bpg, 5 rpg.  I also wouldnt be surprised if he makes the all defense team.  He can guard 1-3 and the undersized/hybrid 4 in the league.  Sky is the limit and hes very young.

Jerryd Bayless
Jerryd Bayless has the ability to start.  But like Russel Westbrook he's an undersized 2 guard but i also feel he is coming along more than westbrook as far as running the point.  I was elated during the scrimmage to notice him looking to pass and set up his teammates before looking to score.  Also hes crashing the boards using his athleticism to help out his bigs down low.  I see bayless along with wesley mathews both vying for 6th man of the year this year honestly. Jerryd and Mathews on that second unit can run with, guard any, and compete with any backcourt in the league.  Both are good three point shooters, good finishers, and play good defense. I see Bayless averaging 10-14ppg, 5apg, 4rpg, 1spg

Wesley Mathews
Mathews will play a big part of the Blazers in a number of capacities.  It has been said that Wesley can even run the 1 at times and initiate the offense. He will give the blazers second unit a defensive prescense and a capable scorer.  The latter being unexpected but welcome. In the scrimmage he showed off his confidence on offense and his ability to handle the rock and get to his spots on the court to score. Wesley will be the rock of the second unit.  Not to mention to end games a line-up of Brandon Roy,Wesley Mathews, Nicolas Batum,LA, and Oden/Camby will impose on opponents offensively and defensively.  Wesley is a hard worker and has the right intangibles and approach to the game of basketball. I can see Wes vying for a spot on the all defensive teams as well as 6th man of the year as previously mentioned.  I see Wes averaging 10 ppg, 2spg, 1bpg, 4rpg, 3apg

Elliot Williams/Armon Johnson
I expect these 2 to earn their minutes through playing stingy defense causing turnovers and getting out on the break and getting easy buckets.
Armon takes care of the rock and is a good third option at pg, can run the pick and roll, penetrate, all that is stopping him is the amount of pg on team. 4ppg,2apg,.5spg
Elliot Williams needs to never stop moving on offense, take advantage of screens, slash endlessly, and knock down threes.  Elliot can be the straw that breaks the camels back to him being a walking highlight reel.  His explosion and quick first step will keep the defense on its toes and cause alot of fouls if given the opportunity.He can zap the life out of a team and take the crowd out of the game if he can come in and harrass opposing pg n shooting guards late in the game 5ppg,1spg,2rpg

Luke Babbit
Lukle has the ability to be the second unit's designated shooter. He has great form,consistency, and range on his jumper.  Also he maintain balance on his shots.  If Rudy is traded then Luke can take on his role while not the playmaker rudy is,he is a shooter of equal reverence.  The only obstacle in front of Luke will be his defense against opposing 3's.  The advantage of Babbit although is the fact he used to play the five and has a natural back to the basket game that he can  use against smaller players.  Also he is a strong rebounder.  He can fill in at the 4 in stints and really spread the floor.

Marcus Camby
Camby will be Camby elite rebounder and elite shot blocker coupled with decent mid range jumper.  When healthy there are no worries or questions of what this veteran brings to the team. 

Joell Pryz./Greg Oden
I do not know what to expect but at full health these 2 allow the Trailblazer to have one of the most defensive imposing front courts in the league point blank.  Greg was on his way to All-Star number last season, Joell blue collar approach to the game and  take no shit attitude is his calling card and loved.
Joell  8rpg 2bpg
Greg Oden 10 ppg 8rpg 2-3 bpg

Andre Miller

Miller knows how to penetrate, dish, finish, rebound, play solid defense. He just an all around good player. I expect his production to be equal to last yr unless age and wear n tear takes effect on his body


This year the team is ready to take on all comers. At full health the Trailblazers are one of the most imposing defensive teams from size/length standpoint to perimeter versatility in match up.  Also with the additions of Armon Johnson, Elliot Williams,and Wesley Mathews we have added some athletic defensive minded guards that arent offensively inept.  So far it seems they are buying into the system and that is inspiring.  The growth of Roy and Aldridge should allow them to bear the weight of the franchise and team if needed but there supporting cast and overall team depth allow them to contend for a championship.  The only question is whether injuries will plague the team once again.  If Greg Oden can comeback and learn to control his own strength and play to the level he played last year then i dont see why the Blazer dont become the favorites in the West or at least quintessential equals to the Lakers.  I foresee a possible 60+ win season if we can wreck havoc on defense, actually run and get transition buckets, run up the score on teams , and keep them down while clogging the paint.  All the pieces are aligning already.  Nate McMillan should have received coach of the year last year for getting the team to 50 win despite all the injuries.  Nate prepares his team to play and play together as a cohesive unit and also Brandon has said that this year he will be a more vocal leader which should  help with the consistency of how the team plays night in and night out.  The team has the requisite depth, length, shooters, perimeter defenders, low post defenders, rebounders, roleplayers,leaders, low post offensive weapons(god willing), and x-factors to be THE TEAM to beat now all they have to do is go out their knowing that their fans are behind them 100%  and play  basketball the way they are coached to play it and the success will follow


(p.s. i should have been doin a paper for computer science but instead i wrote a 1500 word blog about my favorite team pls enjoy and comment)

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