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Sep 08

The NBA and Independent Ref's

By biged1230
wouldn't it be great if the nba Hired a independent company to hire and police the refs. I think because the nba has quite possibly the worst officiating in all of sports, they should have refs without bias and loyalties to any individual team or player. The talk about small market teams seems to be true when you look at the teams that have dominated the NBA for the last 30yrs. I think there have only been something like 8 different teams to play in the finals over those years. I think the only way a small market team can beat the system is to be so good that even with bad officiating you are just to good to lose. That must be what happened in San Antonio, they were just so well coached and had so much talent that the nba just couldn't f them over. We the fans have to start finding a way to let the nba front office know that we just won't take the bs anymore and if they don't clean up the system I for one am simply going to quit watching and just watch college basketball. what do you think.


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