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Sep 04

Dante Cunningham > Travis Outlaw

By FamousRoy Posted in: Blazers, NicolasBatum, DanteCunningham, MarcusCamby
The first time I saw Dante Cunningham come in off the bench, I said to myself, "Oh, great.  Another rookie."  But then I saw him play.
Dante Cunningham impressed me from the start.  His ability to knock down mid-range jumpers and play lock-down defense amazed me.  It got me thinking about Travis.  At the time, Travis wasn't injured yet, and Nate was playing him fairly heavy minutes.  Travis, of course, was being his usual self, chucking up 20-foot fadeaway jumpers and playing sub-par defense.  I was itching for him to be traded.  When I saw Dante, I saw a well-balanced, under control small forward who, in my mind, could potentially replace Travis.  As the season progressed and the plague of injuries was at its worst, Dante began getting more minutes.  It was then that he really started impressing me.  He knew how to use his tall, buff frame to guard, jump, dunk, rebound, and drive better than most NBA rookies, and not to mention most NBA bench players.  I realized that this rookie could do anything Travis ever did.  As Travis remained on the bench with his foot injury and Dante continued improving, Nate finally began to understand that the Blazers no longer needed Outlaw, resulting in the glorious Marcus Camby trade. 
The Blazers now have Nicolas Batum starting at small forward, which no one in the WORLD could possibly complain about, and Dante Cunningham to back him up.  The departure of Travis Outlaw is in no way a disappointment; it is an improvement.  And with Dante Cunningham reinforcing  an already strong second unit, the Blazers are a mighty force in the league, with high hopes of a championship.

Are you all pleased with Dante and glad that Travis is gone?


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