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Aug 25

Just How Good Is Bayless?

By FamousRoy Posted in: BrandonRoy, Rockets, Blazers, JerrydBayless, AndreMiller
I am of the opinion that Bayless is overrated.  He is starting to remind me of Travis Outlaw, the reason we didn't beat the Rockets in the 2009 playoffs.  Bayless thinks he has a great jumper.  He does not.  The shot has no arc, and he often bricks it.  I don't mind it when he shoots open threes, but I doubt his ability to knock down a self-created shot.  He also can't pass.  He's not a point guard, and he's not a very good shooting guard.

If Nate lets Brandon take it up regularly and Bayless can fit in the two spot, not settle for jumpers, and keep attacking the basket, Bayless would be a valuable role player for the Blazers for years to come.  If Bayless remains an arrogant ballhog, he would be a nice part of a trade for a solid point guard once Andre's done.

What are your thoughts on Jerryd?


  1. I would Much rather have a player in patty mills as a backup to miller, I love the guy, but he is not a point guard and is an undersized shooting guard. great trade bait, especially with what he done during the last season.

    by James Durkee on 8/27/2010 1:25 PM
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