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Jul 26

This year is a perfect year to make a run at the championship. Teams know we are good, but will look over us in the playoffs because of the last few years.

Yeah, the Heat got the three big free agents. That doesn't mean that they are immediately going to learn how to play together. They will win in the next two or three years, but I don't see it happening this year.

Orlando is also good, but our one two punch of centers can keep Dwight on his toes. We can beat them.

Boston is on a downhill slide. Their players are getting too old. They are going to need to rebuild very soon, and I don't see them even making the finals this year.

It seems like pieces are falling together for Portland. We lost to Houston, who then lost both of their centers, one retiring. We lost to Phoenix who proceeded to lose one of the guys who killed Portland in the playoffs, Amare. The Cavs are one of the two teams we couldn't beat last year. For obvious reasons, that won't be the case again this year.

The Lakers are still good, but with each of the teams winning an away game against the other last season, a Blazers/Lakers playoff series could be just what we need. Portland now knows that they can win in LA, but won't win just because they are in Portland. It will keep the intensity going. In my mind, all these Blazers need to do is taste a playoff series win and they will be off to the races.

About all this Chris Paul talk, he would make a great addition to the team. I don't know that we need him though. We just need a guy that is smart enough to teach Bayless. Paul would likely be gone in a few years if we don't win a championship. We need to think about long term future as well as short term. A cheap experienced point guard that can still put in good minutes is what we need. My thoughts? Keep Andre Miller, who fits that category, and let Chris Paul go. If I knew New Orleans wasn't going to ask so much, it would be easier to agree. We are going to have to give a lot of our talent to get him though. All it would do is even out and cause chemistry issues. Not worth it.


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