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Jul 25

CP3 or Bust

By EowynAmarie
Seriously, I have had enough!

I am a loyal Blazer fan. I have suffered through hope after hope after hope waiting for the Blazers to finally bring home a trophy. I am all for waiting some more, but at the same exact time, if we can get an elite PG like Chris Paul, without having to give up too much, we HAVE to do it.

I don't understand how anyone thinks he is not worth SOMETHING! This is a huge improvement at the PG spot, and his game is all about creating plays for other people. He makes every guy he plays with better and I just don't see how guys like Miller, Pryzbilla, Bayless, and Fernandez are not worth that. Paul is a game changer, and though these guys are great solid players, they are not. There is absolutely no argument that says they are. We wouldn't even have to give up Bayless in the deal. The salaries match if it's just Pryz, Miller, and Rudy, provided we don't actually have to take on Okafur, which NO has NEVER specifically said would be required for a trade. Even if they did, we could always include another team who needs a center. And if that didn't work out, we could take Okafur, keep Pryz and offer them Bayless and Camby instead. This is just too good a deal to pass up, as long as we keep our core and our youngest new talent.

I am ready to win. I am all done being patient, done waiting if I don't have to. Rich Cho is here for a reason. He's a guy who is not personally invested in our players and won't be afraid to make the best possible deal to put us in a position to win. He says we are one or two pieces short of being a contender. I don't think he meant guys like Armon Johnson or even Marcus Camby. And since Paul Allen hired him, immediately after talking to him in Helsinki, where they MUST have discussed such things, means that he likely agrees. Allen is HUNGRY to win. He's tired of waiting, too.

Can't wait for Monday!
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  1. I'm on your side i think we need this for our team but i don't it will happen not this summer but maybe mid-season if the Hornets trade Paul i think its better for them to build from scrap with the players that we give them.

    by ripcityfan5221 on 7/26/2010 4:31 PM
  2. I hope we can get Paul. I'd be sad if Bayless goes. He may not be our future PG, but he has helped up a lot, and gave us fans something to watch. I wish he could stay, but if Bayless had to go, then best of luck to him.
    As long as we don't include Batum in the deal, though. I remember we were SUPER close to getting Paul, but at the cost of Batum. Paul may be better than Batum, but I think it's hard to find both of those kind of players in the league. So I'm kinda glad that deal didn't go through.

    by Hopman27 on 7/29/2010 7:40 PM
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