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Jul 20

Summer Blues

By EowynAmarie
So, the break from basketball is finally here. Summer league is over. The "summer of Lebron" is finally over. The Lakers are champs again. The Blazers fired and hired a GM, and gave the coaching staff a make-over. We have another new guard, to go along with our new draftees, and didn't lose any major pieces. Okay....I am ready and waiting for OCTOBER already!

The break from real NBA action is actually pretty short, as opposed to say, football. I feel lucky as an NBA fan, since we have games to watch from late October all the way until June (not counting Summer League). That's a solid 8 months of the best sport in America. But man, the drought is rough.

After all the off-season moves, which admittedly are not finished up just yet, I am anxious to see how it all plays out on the court. Did the East really get stronger, while the West stayed the same? Has the power balance truly shifted? Will Boston still be competitive, with the Big Three a year older, albeit the Little Three (Rondo, Davis, and Robinson) a year wiser? Will Orlando be able to find some maturity on the court, and will VC find his shot, or will he be replaced? Is Kobe going to be able to play without injury next year, or is his body finally beginning the great decline? What are the new Jazz going to look like on the floor? How about the Suns, without their powerhouse Forward Amar'e? Will the Nuggets be back to true form with the return of George Karl? How scary is OKC going to be? How much better will the Bulls be with Boozer, Korver, and Brewer? What about teams on the cusp, like the Hawks, Bucks, Bobcats, Rockets, and the vastly improved Warriors? And how about Miami? Will the star power bring rings or is it going to implode like the 1976-77 Philadelphia 76ers? And of course, most importantly, what will a healthy Blazer squad be able to do? 50 wins? 55 wins? 58 wins? Another first round exit? Second round? Dare I say it....a conference finals appearance?

I cannot wait to see what happens and to discuss it with other avid fans. I am already impatiently watching the calendar. Oh well. I guess in the meantime, I can always watch some football...go Seahawks??
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  1. I've got baseball to keep my company until the season starts, but the Blazers will always be on the mind, esp this summer as I think there will still be more moves to come.

    by DHawes22 on 7/20/2010 10:18 AM
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