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  1. Back to BIG Talk

    posted by Shootums on 07/01/13 at 6:13 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Dorrell Wright would be a very smart pick up; I would like to see him with the Blazers, I remember watching him in Oakland.  Batum or Lillard will still likely be our MPG leader on the team though.  Another thing that I keep thinking about could be a Justin Holliday call up from Idaho thi...

  2. Report: Blazers acquire Thomas Robinson

    posted by Shootums on 06/30/13 at 5:33 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Mt. View '98 Vancouver, WA.  Bellingham, WA.  East Bay, CA.  Seattle.

  3. What a Terrible Draft

    posted by Shootums on 06/27/13 at 9:47 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Chemistry is a difficult one, especially when it includes Babbitty boos...ooohhh.  Nice KMM; so You been to rock city on Mt. Diablo, or Rodeo beach for a big moon hike?  Just recommending!...  PTB bobble

  4. Trade/Free Agents Ideas

    posted by Shootums on 05/24/13 at 12:33 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Asik has played in all 82 games in both of his 2 full seasons and All of the 66 games for the lockout 11-12 which was in between the two full years.  Chandler has never played in all of the games for any season within his 12 year career.  Asik put up 1.1 BPG in 30.0 MPG, compared to Chand...

  5. LMA Unhappy?

    posted by Shootums on 06/27/13 at 12:41 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    I have personally not renewed an apartment lease; and it costs more money, but month to month freedom is a pretty good feeling.  For several years, the media and the organization has been wanting LA to be more and more of a leader.  Now He is being a leader and saying that the organiza...

  6. Rebuild Diagram 3.0

    posted by Shootums on 06/17/13 at 11:08 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    I think Batum's stock will continue to rise.  Obviously his minutes as turnovers will need to go down a notch.  I would be very impressed; but not surprised, if Batum goes for .890 from the free throw line within the next 2 years.  I am not for sure, but I feel like Batum also has...

  7. The Official Batum Petition Discussion Thread

    posted by Shootums on 05/21/13 at 1:03 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    I am fine with predicting that Batum will be the 6th or better most efficient SF in the league for 2013/14.

    Hopefully Cmeese doesn't Booooo predictions too, because You couldn't even if You want to  here


    posted by Shootums on 03/18/13 at 6:40 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    You talk about the how the player is supposed to think ahead and know the options.  This is true, and the topic here is last second shots.  In My mind, the last second shot should be some sort of a fake type of juke effort attempt which cannot be defended physically by the opposing pla...

  9. RUMOR: Trail Blazers After DeJuan Blair?

    posted by Shootums on 02/11/13 at 8:39 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    It is a tough call; but I think an unconventionally energy (JJ) Hickson sixth man, could be better than a normal (JJ) Redick shooting sixth man.  This scenario seems more likely if Elliot allows us to sign Him again for a good price, and Elliot shoots well at the FT line.

    As for Spli...


    posted by Shootums on 01/20/13 at 11:22 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    If the organization does decide that JJ's value has gone too high and pulls the trigger on a trade.

    Would trading JJ Hickson for Derrick Favors be a fair or good trade?

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