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  1. Two Blazer All Stars

    posted by Mistafab322 on 11/11/13 at 11:02 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    i think Dam Lillard and Lamarcus Aldridge will both be all stars if they can keep up this pace of scoring assist and rebounds. because Lillard is having a better year (SO FAR) then Curry, and Westbrook, and even parker this year is going to be a fun year to watch.

    and i love the race for ...


    posted by Mistafab322 on 08/27/13 at 5:02 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    i know there is alot of talk about the off season moves Neil has made with this team and adding a center and a bench to go along with our good starting unit, throw in a lottery pick and a top 5 pick from last years draft id say we have had a pretty good off season. with injuries, and to many min...

  3. 4 team trade !

    posted by Mistafab322 on 08/22/13 at 1:07 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Rockets get ; Z Randolph and R Lewis

    Heat get ; R Lopez

    Grizzlies get ; N Batum and J Lin

    Blazers get ; T Prince and O Asik J Anthony

    the rockets get much needed poward forward with Z bo and Lewis is another shooter they can use to spread the floor, and also played wi...

  4. collecting ASSETS .

    posted by Mistafab322 on 08/10/13 at 12:18 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    i love our off season moves he added a 7 footer in Lopez got a bench in Robinson, Crabbe, McCollum, Wright, Watson, Williams will give us great scoring punch that we were missing last year. do you think that made Lamarcus happy ? i think so or atleast for the time being. but i figured hearing Ne...

  5. NorthWest Division Predictions

    posted by Mistafab322 on 08/01/13 at 4:34 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    you always got something bad to say about the blazers you just want to find a reason for us not to do good. you wanna trade Lamarcus so bad and tank for the 2014 draft, we dont have any draft picks and thats good we dont need anymore younger players, neil is building assets to make a bigger move...

  6. Trade for future and NOW !

    posted by Mistafab322 on 08/04/13 at 7:14 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    i think this trade makes sense for all parties, if we had to trade LA(which i dont want to do).

    Blazers get : Carlos Boozer 15m 2 years Omar Asik 8m 2 years & Klay Thompson 2m 2 years.

    Rockets get : Taj Gibson 7m 4 years Robin Lopez 5m 2 years

    Golden State gets : Lamarcu...


    posted by Mistafab322 on 07/28/13 at 10:45 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    ive read acouple articles and most of them have us finishing between spots 9-12 which means we would miss the playoffs which im confused about because we have a overall better team this year(on paper) then last year . i understand the west has gotten better but so have we. there are acouple team...

  8. trade ?!

    posted by Mistafab322 on 07/27/13 at 2:48 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    as things currently stand i love our roster in adding Lopez, McCollum, Crabbe, Robinson,Wright, Watson,

    a good vet center can score alittle bit, and is still young and getting better and i love the fact he is working on his game with The Dream showing he wants to get better a true 7'0 foo...

  9. Bench .

    posted by Mistafab322 on 07/06/13 at 7:33 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    after going over all the moves for our second unit, Neil has done such a great job feeling it out. with young players and proven players, i love all of our moves with the 10th pick, acouple second rounders and 12 mill in cap he made the most of what he had . 

    so our 2 ...

  10. center .

    posted by Mistafab322 on 06/17/13 at 12:10 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    i think we should trade batum and 2 rounder for deandre jordan then we have our center , and we can address our small forward issues and bench issues. they make close to the same salary . 

    there are alot of small fowards out there 

    -Chase Budinger, Alan Anderson,&nbs...

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