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  1. New Member (And Old) Introduction Thread

    posted by Alex Nguyen on 09/22/10 at 12:13 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Fav. Player: Batum, Bayless
    All time: Broy (I wasnt born yet when clyde was playing.)
    I am a fan because i started watching the games wit my dad. And it stuck. I am a huge hoops player and hoops fan. If i can i will become a trailblazer. But it will have to start in a fe...

  2. Summer Report Card

    posted by Alex Nguyen on 09/08/10 at 3:11 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    how do WE have a lower defencive grade then the thunder? Last i recall the blazers are one of the best defencive teams in the league With Batum, Oden, Joel Przybilla, Camby, Wes Matthews, Armon Johnson. <---- All of these guys are good/great defenders

  3. Top 3 blazers on roster as of September 5th 2010 3 blazers u dont like the most

    posted by Alex on 09/05/10 at 3:00 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Last season was ONLY his second season. And he didn't get consistent minutes till Blake was traded. Plus when roy was injured he stepped up. So dont act like he's not trying. He works hard like everyone else on the roster. He only averaged 17.6 minutes per game. Take his stats: And multiply it so h...

  4. Trail Blazers with one of the best benches in the league... DUH!

    posted by Alex Nguyen on 09/06/10 at 2:05 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    I personaly think the starting 5 will b:

    PG: A.Miller
    SG: B.Roy
    SF: N.Batum
    PF: L.Aldridge
    C: G.Oden

    And the second unit:

    PG: J.Bayless
    SG: W.Matthews
    SF: L.Babbit
    PF: M.Camby
    C:  J.Pryzbilla


  5. if we had durant

    posted by Alex Nguyen on 09/02/10 at 10:10 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Brandon, lamarcus, and durant woulndt be as good as players as they are now. Us drafting oden, was probably for the best.

  6. Is Batum A Top-10 Small Forward?

    posted by Alex Nguyen on 08/24/10 at 3:16 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    I mean if you asked the any team in the nba, If they had to choose to give a 5 years max contract to either Paul pierce or Nic Batum. I think Batum would be the one thay'd give it too. Because of the skill level he's at and his potential. I mean batum hasnt reached his prime yet. so he definetly sh...

  7. Key to beating the triple headed monster known as the "Heat" ..

    posted by Alex Nguyen on 08/21/10 at 6:31 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Roy Play making, Matthews on Wade, Batum On Lebron, L.A (Mr. 260lb 6'11 Wit an 7'4 wing span) on Chris Bosh (Mr. 230lb 6'10), And Camby or Oden on Big Z.

  8. Why are we fans?

    posted by Alex on 08/18/10 at 12:55 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    they're a great team with Chris, LeBron, And Dwayne. But im not sure what style of play they can share. Thats probably the only Issue they have. But overall a good team, lots of talent. They should have a good season. But dont beleive me im not too familular with the heat

  9. For Greg Oden...

    posted by Alex Nguyen on 08/14/10 at 11:54 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Its because in the game 2k, Players that are on team like Lakers, Boston, Orlando are over rated cause of how there team is doing. Dont get me wrong, i love 2k, and the blazers. But because Bynum is wit The lakers his rating are higher, which makes no sense what so ever

  10. Cavs making moves to trade Mo Williams?

    posted by Alex Nguyen on 07/27/10 at 7:00 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    4 me personally, Its Cp3 or you dont really need to make a trade. If all Miller need to do is learn to shoot 3s then its a fixable problem. I kno Cp3 is most likely the best point guard in the NBA right now. But We Have Miller, and Some very good young PGs. Bayless is getting better, Id like to c h...

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