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I'm a fan of The L-Train & The All Time Great, The Natural.. Brandon Roy #7

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  1. RUMOR: Andre & Batum for Parker?

    posted by bigbanks15 on 06/21/11 at 9:46 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    @ Tobyus , you must have a very dirty car then .

    and i really dont like the fact of throwing andre under the bus after all he's done for the organization
    wheather it was the 52 Points against dallas or his first dunk in 3 years or even the development of the L-Train Lob Pass i t...

  2. Realistic Roster by August

    posted by bigbanks15 on 06/18/11 at 11:44 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    i would say

    Resign G.O (if possible or necessary)
    Resign Andre (let him finish his career here)
    Trade AJ & Babbitt (They dont really have much of a future here)
    >>TRADE UP IN THE DRAFT<< and get a solid PGOTF or Faried (hes good !)
    now what abou...

  3. Paul Allen is disgustingly rich.... Dwight Howard is going to be a free agent.

    posted by bigbanks15 on 06/19/11 at 10:32 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    i totally see what your getting at but i think dwight might be more interested in going to a larger market (LA possibly) and weather pauls pockets are deep or not we would need to clear some major cap space to put howard in the lineup and another thing to ponder is what about the other 4 centers we...

  4. Why would anyone want the Mavericks to win?

    posted by bigbanks15 on 06/09/11 at 1:37 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    im with herr on this one , it should be the two hottest teams (pun intended)  facing off Blazers v. Heat & its a shame that a team that got beat by another actually roots for them because their representing their confrence , i really think it should be Our big three (ROY, L.A , Wallace) ba...

  5. most likely too ...

    posted by bigbanks15 on 05/29/11 at 10:22 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    i would predict B-Roy  returns healthy and rested and ready to lead this team next season he will play at most 70 games & bring his average up to about 16-18 ppg (20 if were lucky), 3/4 Rebs , & maybe 1 or 2 Blks

    He will also have to earn his starting spot back , i  t...

  6. GM Firing Frenzy !!

    posted by bigbanks15 on 05/26/11 at 11:42 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Well Ladies And Gentlemen i officially think PA's officially gone haywire , i did some stats digging earlier this morning on espn and to my surprise the whole "blazers taking their time finding a new gm" scheme playing out on seems totally off , i found this article on PA hiring a new GM an...

  7. The Trade Machine Game ( Who wants to play )

    posted by bigbanks15 on 05/11/11 at 1:44 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    @ blazerbear , i would say we have more of a chance in the playoffs with rudy just trade two garbage players away or release them into free agency (babbitt & armon) the whole idea of picking up washed up players from the wolves is kind of bleak it would be better to trade garbage for something ...

  8. Can we fire Nate?

    posted by bigbanks15 on 04/28/11 at 10:44 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    i agree with herr on the topic of "opposing coaches taking advantage of the refs"  its true just look at coaches like rivers and popovich and d'antoni  all standing next to the refs convincing them to make irresponsible calls ,
    but overall i say its not really nate's fault i really...

  9. LA NOT Named An All-Star Reserve

    posted by bigbanks15 on 02/03/11 at 3:47 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    @ Tay C We're not "super drama queens" were just expressing the oblivious stupidity what has occured ; what in the right mind compells you to think that millers comments arent right hes not whining the man is saying the truth ; why should anyone waste hard earned money to see a overspeculated cocky...

  10. Get Rid Of Roy & Low Performing Players For a Better Future !

    posted by bigbanks15 on 01/12/11 at 4:34 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    as right as you sound it just does make sense when you look at the facts , the man is not one of those get up and go guys anymore ever since he hit the "Meniscus Depression" he hasnt been playing with enough "Oomph" as a real dedicated player would ; we mightaswell bench him for the remaining seaso...

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