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I'm a fan of Greg Oden getting healthy and shutting up his critics. Period.

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  1. Confirmed: Bayless to New Orleans for a future round-pick.

    posted by S. Diamond on 10/23/10 at 5:29 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Regarding the Jerryd Bayless trade...

    Personally, I would have rather seen JB developed more for another 1/2 to 3/4 season, but this is an acceptable move considering the fact that we are stacked at Guard. G.O. is out and Marcus Canby is questionable depending on what happens this seas...

  2. trade bayless blake and a pick for dharris

    posted by S. Diamond on 01/21/10 at 12:36 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Without attempting to sound rude or come across like a prick, mw... you have a better chance of Kevin Duckworth rising from the grave and slapping the taste out of your mouth than you do of having Oden busting his left knee again, or for that matter, having a bad season even with a bad wheel.

  3. Kurt Thomas to PDX?

    posted by S. Diamond on 02/06/10 at 1:19 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    If Thomas was any type of a real contributor, then I might say Yes, but otherwise, it doesn't look like this trade would benefit us in any real way.

    My question, first off, is who would we be coughing up in exchange for Thomas? Anything beyond KP's cash is too much in my opinion.


  4. trade talk

    posted by S. Diamond on 01/20/10 at 2:35 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    The trade makes no sense... Bayless, Miller, and Roy have all doing what needs to be done to secure wins. Basing a trade on a wing and a prayer in exchange for talent that can be developed over time is simply a bad trade based on merits alone. Though we can't b...

  5. What A Beautiful end....

    posted by S. Diamond on 12/23/09 at 8:15 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Ok, I agree Bayless has had 2 great nights in the last 5 games. The question, though, is how long can this team collectively pull this off before they start running out of gas? Also, who can we get for the injured player exemption, if we apply for another one, that can take the place of Joel an...

  6. Blazers/Kings

    posted by S. Diamond on 12/16/09 at 11:56 AM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    I checked ESPN Mobile earlier today, and just found out (as of about noon or so) about the whole Anthony Tolliver signing. Anybody know what kind of numbers or skills he brings from the Idaho Stampede? BTW, the Stampede is their development team. I personally think we still should've signed another...

  7. Thoughts on the Blazers/Cavs game...

    posted by S. Diamond on 12/11/09 at 9:19 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    The difference in my opinion, between a contending team and a top-tier team, is how we react when the crap hits the fan. Although I'm hopeful for this team, if this team keeps on faltering at opportunities to play through adversities, we won't stand a chance in the playoffs.

    Sure L.A. an...

  8. A miracle to win in Cleveland?

    posted by S. Diamond on 12/09/09 at 7:36 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Personally I'm calling this one 104-100 Blazers, even though ESPN's saying that CLE's got this by 10.

    Unforced turnovers have been a big problem with Lebron, who had 5 in his last game alone.
    Shaq will have a match to deal with against the defensive of Przybilla, who very well...

  9. Greg how well is he able to play now?

    posted by S. Diamond on 12/06/09 at 2:50 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    I'm inclined to agree that while this does blow goat nuts as far as the rest of the season's concerned, this team is used to playing without Greg if need be. The prob, in my opinion, is that Pryz hasn't been able to step up to the ability that Greg has in such a short time, and Juwon ain't no s...

  10. Next Game, New York...

    posted by S. Diamond on 12/07/09 at 4:18 PM / Posted in: Trail Blazers Talk

    Hey y'all, UI'm curious about the general consensus for Wednesday's up-coming game against the Knicks.

    With Oden out for potentially for the rest of the season, and all of the other injuries that we're dealing with, we're now down to an 8 man rotation.

    What do y'all think ...

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