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  1. tom kane
    tom kane
    Posts: 2

    Posted 07/16/2009 11:07 AM

    well its pretty obvious that jayred is not going to be the point guard that we envisioned at least not this year. so by my recolection that leaves us with one primary pg. true rudy and brandon can play some point but really we are kind of between a rock and an hard spot here. jayred's play in the summer league just reinforces that he is prone to turnovers, cant hit the open outside jumper or 3 ball, and does not make good decisions at criticle times of the game. even tho he's only 20, isnt it time to cut our ties with this kid and move him while he's marketable and upgrade our core of pg's. even if we retain steve blake, which i think they will, we are still going to have to find a scrappy, game savy, good defending, outside shooting guard to run the floor while blakie is out. i say get some balls at the 2 then look for a 3-4-5 combo.
  1. Isaac
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    Posted 07/16/2009 1:15 PM

    Its really hard to judge anything by a summer league game when you consider that summer league rosters are a bunch of guys put together with no chemistry and most arent NBA quality players.
    Put Bayless with our roster made up of Roy LA Oden Rudy etc etc. All of those passes and lobs have about a 90% better completion rate. What Bayless did show is that he didnt force stuff in crunch time and that he tried passing to the hot hands instead of putting it all on himself, thats a good sign for him. It wasnt a great game for him i wont try to make it out to be better than it is but its unfair to write him off because he had a bad game. EVERYONE has bad games. Its funny if Bayless has a good game everyone loves him but one bad game its time to throw him under a bus and find someone else. Just cant help but laugh honestly.
    Anyway, the true test is during the season. How well he does in REAL game situations will determine his future with the team, NOT some summer league game.
  1. RipCityRevival
    Posts: 684

    Posted 07/16/2009 1:28 PM

    Actually, I completely disagree with that assesment of last night's game. What I saw is a conflicted kid. He is a scorer and he has been doing EVERYTHING to break that. What he is doing is exactly what he needs to do until he gets used to being a pass-first PG. His scoring ability is not going to leave him. He is forcing the ball out of his own hands. With our normal roster he will shine. He is going to be a great PG for Portland and is on the way to being very dangerous. This is exactly what needs to happen right now. I saw a lot of opportunities last night where guys just lost the ball or missed the shot, that isn't on Bayless. This was a Houston team that went undefeated in Summer League so I am not worried about the loss. I am more worried that Pendergraph looked mediocre and that Cunningham, even though he looked great, didn't show me anything that says he'll be a force this coming season. He'll be a sufficient back up, but not a wonderful back up. I need to see more toughness from him. Bayless needs to just keep doing what he's doing. I think they should do the same excercise with him that the Ducks did with Jonathon Stewrt. Put him in a blackened room and have him follow a lazer pointer around the room to improve his range of vision. I think the true show for Baless will be when he is with the USA select team. Then we will see what kind of PG he is on the way to being.
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  1. David
    Posts: 53

    Posted 07/16/2009 1:29 PM

    harsh. just plain not cool. and spell the kids name it right if you're gonna rag on him. its jerryd.
       So he had a bad game... Is he being judged on the box score? yeah its a bad stat line I'll give you that. But in the first game did he not have 7 assists (even with an inferior offense)?
       And yeah hes gonna be a little turnover prone, he's a 2nd year PG who hasn't played the position since high school! do you remember thinking deron williams and chris paul were the most controlled guys ever in their 2nd years? Besides he already does just about everything else well, he just needs to work on his passing a little. leave the guy alone.

    Dude's my hero man... :( made me cry a little
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  1. Jackson
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    Posted 07/16/2009 1:53 PM

    you're right. two straight summer league games without triple doubles... this guy is dog crap. we should package him, broy, LA, and Oden for Darius Miles or someone who can actually play like that.
  1. vanceanthony
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    Posted 07/16/2009 2:13 PM

    What I took away from JB's performance is that he is a guy with a ton of potential, but will probably not be ready to be the backup PG on a playoff contending team in the west. The kid has great explosiveness and is willing to work hard to learn the point, but it's just not something that you can pick up in a year or two. Being a point guard is like being a quarterback IMO; a good one has the ability to make good decisions instantaneously. I think he'll get there with time, but can we rely on him to run the team if Blake gets injured, especially come playoff time? It's too bad there weren't any GOOD point guards (that aren't ancient) available as FA this year. Oh well, after Utah matches the Millsap offer, I bet KP will resume his search for a PG via a lopsided trade, hopefully picking one up without losing Bayless or Batum.
    I am a fan of healthy centers.
  1. Posted 07/16/2009 5:09 PM

    It genuinely seems that every time RipCityRevival writes something, I have to agree. I definitely do on this subject as well. (Stop saying stuff that makes sense. Haha) What we have is a natural scorer. We all know what he can do with the points. I really believe that this summer league is not about Bayless making the points. We need to see him making those passes and making the right decisions. This is ALMOST alien territory for him but you can see that he's trying, and in the game against Toronto, I thought we saw more of what he is capable of. He had a good level of assists, not as many turnovers, and still racked the points up. In someways I think it may even benefit him (learning the PG) if Prunty actually said I don't want you scoring more than 12 points. While we know the summer leagues are not all about Bayless, he is the main contender that we're looking to come out of them a better player that we can rely on in the season. If Prunty said the 12 point thing to Jerryd and explained that what we need to see is those assists and his thought process in decision making, I think it can only improve him. The results are meaningless, getting the most in the areas that we need players to improve is everything. Yes it was disappointing to see his level of turnovers against Houston but I really think with better players (no disrespect whatsoever to the rest of the summer league team) around him, his decisions will be made easier for him. We saw him shine in the summer leagues last season and I'm hoping he can do it again this season but for other reasons. If he does, he's going to need the chances to lead the team in the season and he's going to need the team around him to make him believe he can. I personally think the kid has enough self belief but how much better can it make you to be told by B. Roy, L.A. etc that they believe in you too. I still think he's going to make the grade and I really hope he can show it this season.
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