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  1. jonthorpe
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    Posted 05/02/2011 12:36 AM

    Here's my thoughts about current players at each position and what to do with them this summer and their roles for next season:


    Andre Miller. He was great this season at stabilzing the offense not to mention his alley-oops with Aldridge. In simple terms: When he was on the bench, the offense fell apart. However, this is where the questions comes about keeping him for the now, or thinking about the future. He is definitely not the future of this franchise, and we would be missing out on opportunities if we held onto him for a few more years. I'd like to see a trade or signing of a stable point guard with many years ahead of them. Realistically, somebody like Darren collison or Rodney stuckey who can get familiar with the system and be ready and in their prime when we're championship contenders. Miller wont be that guy in 3-4 years so Portland should start looking for somebody else.

    (Backup PG)

    I heard a very interesting discussion about putting Elliot Williams as backup PG from the bench. I like it. I saw him live right before the injury and he is faster and more athletic than Patty. For those of you who dont know much about him, he's a quick slasher, a high-flyer, and drives to the rim. Just imagine him running the court with Gerald Wallace on a fast break. Think about it.

    Armon should be kept, he's a hard worker, physical, and good on defense. The only reason I'd hang onto Patty is for player morale but i wouldn't play him over Armon next season - trade Mills if needed.


    I am a Brandon believer. However I am OK seeing him come off the bench. I believe he can produce 12-18 points off the bench which is an improvement from this year. Wesley has got to work this offseason at creating his OWN shot, if he can, I'd put him as a starter. As for Rudy, he had his chance and I would put him on the trade block whenever we can. Plenty of depth here, not too many worries for next season, just need more reliable shooting.


    Gerald Wallace
    will officially learn the system next year and really start feeling at home. I think the playoffs showed how he still isnt completely in tune with the team, another year should make him much better on offense and more comfortable and efficient on the court.

    (Backup SF)

    As for Batum, do you honestly see him with the team 2 or 3 years from now? He can't work behind Gerald forever and during the playoffs he was unable to deliver points from the bench. Great defense, but we need consistent shooting next year. Trade if needed but dont rush, wait for a good opportunity. If thats this summer, go for it, if not, then wait but dont get attatched to him.

    As great of a shooter as Luke Babbitt is, I dont see him fitting in with the team very well, on top of that he has major confidence issues and is a step slower than everyone else. He can be traded.


    LA, get tougher and be more vocal. Same thing you did last summer, just more of it.

    (Backup PF)

    This is now a void in the current roster. Batum and Wallace shouldnt have to play the 4 as much as they did, I understand versatility, but they are better at the 3. Portland needs to have a trade that features getting a solid PF who doesnt have to be flashy or spectacular, but enough to relieve Aldridge and Wallace a few minutes. Look for somebody like Marreese Speights.


    Marcus should stay. He's a great mentor for any young player at any position. He can show Oden how to get back in shape (Marcus has been through countless injuries as we know) and he can give words of wisdom to Chris Johnson who already plays a very similar game to Camby.

    (Backup C)

    Greg oden. Sign him. I don't care the years or the amount. If you can get anything from him as a backup next year, I'd consider us lucky. And remember how good he looked in November 2009 after a summer of working out. Chris Johnson is our insurance. If Greg doesn't work out, Chris is a great option. He's young, defensive minded, bangs the boards, a great teammate, and can grow a lot from guidance by LA and Camby. He NEEDS more minutes.

    What we need in a trade:

    Two possible directions: Solid backup PG who solves the immediate void, OR larger trade for a younger star approaching his prime that can grow with guys like Wesley but isnt brand new. Somebody along the lines of Darren Collison or Rodney Stuckey. Aaron Brooks if he could be as great as he was a year ago.

    - Also need a solid PF as mentioned earlier.

    What we could give up in a trade:

    I see the possible trade material consisting of Miller, Mills, Fernandez, Batum, Babbitt, and the traditional rookie/draft pick.

    When to execute trades:

    I'd say if Portland makes a trade involving Miller and Batum, do it this summer. Some people say wait til the deadline in February because other teams might give us more. However, both deadline trades (Camby and Wallace) have shown that they arent completely ready by the playoffs. If you can get the players you really want in the summer, do it. It gets you a better chance at 50+ wins, homecourt advantage, and they know the system for longer than just two months.

    What are your thoughts? What do you disagree or agree with?

  1. Just Tim
    Just Tim
    Posts: 36

    Posted 05/02/2011 9:58 AM

    I wasn't going to post after the season but your analysis prompted a response.  I see basketball less in terms of traditional positions (PG, SG, PF, etc.) and more in terms of function.  The dreaded Lakers have often used Lamar Odom as there Initiator instead of the traditional PG. The questions begs to be asked, what were we missing which caused us to bow out earlier than we hoped?

    You are precisely right that when Andre was not on the floor, we lacked offensive flow completely.  Even when he was on the floor, we often struggled due to category #2, Shooting.

    Probably the weakest link in the Blazers' shining armor.  If LA started missing, we were in big trouble.  We lacked offensive punch at nearly every position at one point or another.  Probably the biggest need here is consistency. I believe Matthews and Batum may grow into that consistency but they are not there yet.  Rudy was a good locker room player this year but could not provide any kind of spark off the bench night in and night out.  Perhaps a change of scenery would be in order here. 

    Defensive toughness
    Also a major weakness.  I stopped counting the number of times opposing players had uncontested shots in the paint from the set offense!  The Jason Kidd shot just inside the free throw line was a classic example.  Someone needs to grab the team and take charge of the interior defense and I believe that GW will be that guy.  How can we look ourselves in the eye and say that Dallas played better defense than we did?

    The Glue Guy
    Finally, how many times did we hear Nate say that he tried to get the team to up the tempo yet we all saw how many times their pace crawled to the slowest pace in the NBA.  The glue guy has to be the coaches' right hand man to keep the team on task with the coaches' wishes.  Push the tempo when asked and rally the troops when the other team makes a run.  Nate asked Marcus and Andre to be the glue guys and they did at times, just not consistently enough. 

    Now, I would love to hear from some of you as to whom you see fitting into those categories. 
    I am a fan of cheering our hardworking Blazer team to a championship!
  1. mbmurr1
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    Posted 05/02/2011 3:30 PM

    I agree except with his salary Brandon cannot come off the bench.
    I am a fan of
  1. CharmCityBLA7ER
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    Posted 05/03/2011 6:57 AM

    answer: Rodney Stuckey 
    I agree with us needing to cut ties with Dre hes the rock that holds the team together but hes not in our future and i double agree with the fact we should attempt as best we can to acquire Rodney Stuckey rather than Darren Collison due to the fact Collison isnt a free agent and the Pacers wont relinquish him. Stuckey on the other hand is a free agent and is a legit number one option on the wing he can outmuscle and blow by nearly most guards period at 6'5 205 excellent balllhandler with a nack for the spectacular and he get to the line like its nobodys tomorrow and finishes through contact not to mention he has the dribble pull-up game and a decent spot up shooter he can legitimately be our pgotf. 

    Back-up pg :(Armon Johnson/Elliot Williams)
    dependent on how Elliot heals and acclimates to system he could move up above Armon but thats all dependent and they will make each other better

    Trade patty or keep him hes good for morale and can get his own shot just needs to learn how to change his pace instead of going 100 mph all the time he needs to watch how JJ Barea plays  and learn to change his pace and use some stop and go moves to get into the lane for his shot or to set up others


    Brandon is still capable but isnt capable of guarding other premier/scoring 2 guards so him coming off the bench is ok but he needs to be aggressive and decisive in all that he does and command that second unit and dictate the tempo when he is on the court. As well as he needs to be on the floor down the stretch of games. Brandon needs to continue to work on his spot up shooting akin to Jason Kidd shooting the lights out in the post season and work on his post up and triple threat game. He already from what i've seen is our best creator and facilitator in terms of working with the ball and finding and delivering the ball to the open man he just needs to be decisive in how he chooses to manage/dictate the game while on the court. I share your sentiments with Wesley he is the perfect complimentary player he can drive, defend, shoot the long ball finish around the hoop but he needs to work on his handle and creating his shot as you mentioned because he too often gets caught being indecisive and lost when attempting to do so but his effort and willingness to go inside along with a mastery of basketball fundamentals allow him to convert on some of his takes. Hes good with the floater, basic up-and-unders,shielding the ball with his body, keeping his defender on his hip, and using the glass but  refining that pull-up of the bounce and getting a step back jumper, utilizing the jump stop/pro hop would go a long way in him being a more complete threatening 2 guard

    We need to trade rudy he let me down more than anyone in the playoffs, for every 3 jason terry or jason kidd made he missed 2 and was wide open. 

    set with Gerald Wallace but Batum is too inconsistent he at times looks like a beast grabbing boards left and right, cutting off the ball, finishing in transition, knocking down threes then sometimes he looks like a deer in the headlights. I think this has to do with the tempo we play at hes at his best when he active but our slow offense  isnt getting his blood pumping. 

    Trade Batum for a player and lottery pick package if they dont want to relinquish both  but if they are in love with him as KP was then keep him but we need to figure out how to maximize his potential.

    LA needs to do what he did last yr add another 10lbs -15lbs best case 12lbs  8 lbs lower body 4lbs between core, chest, and arms. He needs to work on goto moves on the right block, work on spinning baseline and finishing, on the left block he needs to develop his left handed hook shot, on the righ block a left handed jump hook would be nice. Most of all he needs to add the usage of the up-and under while on either block he so often will crab dribble and then enter the lane for his running hook shot which is nearly unguardable but predictable to a fault he needs to watch Al Jefferson, Zach Randolph, and Dirk who got to the line religously using his array of shot fakes and incorporate different shakes and up and unders to get his defender off balance and in the air for easy buckets and easy trips to the line. LA is a summer or year away from being a top 3 big man regardless of position if he continues to be a student of the game and keeps working with that chip on his shoulder.

    As for a back-up we could draft a back-up pf preferably Kenneth Faired leading rebounder in ncaa history freakish athlete, long arms, extremely active defensively and on the boards, intense think louis almundson greatly superior in terms of athleticism mobility if you want a look:

    We need activity and intensity on the glass and he can bring just that

    Marcus is solid and until a successor can be had he cant be moved hes too important. Chris Johnson needs to get into the weight room but his defense, activity, and mobility for his size is ideal to work with and creates versatility.  Hopefully Oden can get on the court and produce modestly at best anything more is a blessing

    But in free agency we should definitely try to acquire NeNe, Deandre Jordan, or Tyson Chandler to sure up our interior defense. Hopefully Deandre Jordan due to his youth and the production hes had with limited minutes
    7 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 1.8 bpg 1.4 spg in only 24 mpg he can only get better and with his athleticism him and lamarcus could be a deadly combo.

    If we trade we trade Rudy,Patty,Luke, and/or Batum:

    in return we need to get players such as but not limited to Austin Daye from the pistons 6-11 sf/pf 40% 3pt shooter good rebounder and get nearly a block and a half a game. Thaddeus Young SF/PF from the Sixers good slasher,can guard multiple positions, good midrange, lefty, post up. Jason Thompson 6-10 250 range out to the three pt line, decent passer, decent post player on offense and defense young. And if possible we get either extra 1st round picks from 20 down  and early second round picks to stock up on talent.

    Marshon Brooks from providence can score defend shoot rebound legit 6th man patterns game around kobe bryant and is apparent in his moves shot and movements on court

    Josh Selby a top pick whose stock dropped due to ncaa violations and injuries very athletic and explosive could be a monta ellis esque player, a very determined player, lightning quick first step, used to feeding post from playing with morris twins at kansas and could flourish in portland if given time

    I am a fan of
  1. jonthorpe
    Posts: 125

    Posted 05/03/2011 8:02 PM

    The problem is, will Denver, LAC, or Dallas give up those centers? I see each team resigning those guys, theyd be stupid not to. I really am interested in Deandre Jordan's game, he would be the Greg Oden we've been missing in the center, no doubt about it. He's also fast enough to keep up with aldridge and Wallace.

    Thaddeus Young & Marresse Speights would be good acquisitions and Philly would probably do a deal with Batum involved. Theyre both young, big, and physical. Austid me he seems like the Channing Frye situation all over again. He wouldnt get enough minutes to really show what he's got plus his current role in Detroit is much bigger and lets him show off his game. He doesnt want to go from that to an Aldridge/Wallace's substitution.

    Kenneth Faired is impressive, but he's only 6'8" and probably wouldnt look that great defending guys like Gasol and Dirk.
  1. Taylor Hybl
    Taylor Hybl
    Posts: 43

    Posted 05/03/2011 9:58 PM

    deanre jordan would be a great pickup.  Young and can take time developing his post game but can clearly get double doubles if he gets minutes. Freak athlete...
    I am a fan of Getting the right players to win
  1. Taylor Hybl
    Taylor Hybl
    Posts: 43

    Posted 05/03/2011 9:59 PM
    I am a fan of Getting the right players to win
  1. TayC
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    Posted 05/04/2011 5:00 PM

    i like deandre and he is out of texas a&m i believe, southerner like Aldridge.

    but its a shame that Brandon cant be as selfless as Bron and take a salary cut to make it all work.  ;D
    just kiddin.
    I am a fan of The Blazers ♂, the £-Train, and of course, The ¤ King. ™
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