New Member (And Old) Introduction Thread
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  1. DHawes22
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    Posted 09/22/2010 12:13 PM

    All members, news and old, take a minute to introduce yourself. What's your first name? Who's your favorite player? Why are you a fan or how did you become one? What's your favorite moment in Trail blazers history? Are you a new fan or have you been with the team a while?

    I'll start...

    Name- Dustin
    Fav Player- Back and forth between Batum, Bayless, and Oden
    All-Time- Drexler/Kersey with Outlaw a close 2nd
    I am a fan....because I love hoops. It was my favorite sport to play as a kid so it was only necessary to fall in love with the Blazers as I was born as raised in Oregon.
    I've been a fan since 1990 when I first really understood what sports were.
    My favorite moments go in eras. From the early days it has to be going to simply watching the early 90's team play. They are still the best teams we have had over a 3 year span and it could have gone farther had injuries not derailed our 93 season. Then there was the Game 6 win over the Lakers in the 2000 WCF (I really thought we had it!) and currently it had to be when we won the NBA Draft Lottery.
    I am a fan of
  1. laric33
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    Posted 09/22/2010 1:01 PM

    Name- Laric
    Fav. Player, was Fernandez, now either Batum or Roy
    All-Time - Either Rasheed Wallace (for Entertainment), or Roy
    I'm a fan because my Dad got my into it. It's probably is the best thing that helps me and him connect.
    I guess you would consider me a somewhat new fan. The Blazers have always been my favorite, but I was too young to really understand too much. Plus i've only been to Oregon a few times, and I have never been to Portland... Sad... I'm from Nevada, But I'm going to my very first game there in December for my B-day. Ha
    My Favorite Moment... Hmmm  A lot of games blend in because I just sit at my computer screaming and yelling while my wife rolls her eyes at me. I'm slowy converting her though.  Probably best moment was Roy hitting those Buzzer Beaters against Houston.
    Well thats me.
    I am a fan of Getting and Maintaining Energy!
  1. commontongue
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    Posted 09/22/2010 2:06 PM

    Name Rudolphe
    Fave player, Roy, the boy's got an effortless flow.
    All time- Rod Strick, Drexler, Greg Anthony, Walt " i wear long socks " the wizard Williams
    I am a fan because i grew up dividing my time between Martial Arts and basketball. Watched legends play in my NYC hometown. The Gospel is i just love the game. Im a twenty one year Blazer fan. I still have a soft spot for my hometown Knicks, but i live here.
    I would have to say that my all time favorite edge of the seat , voice losing game was against Houston. At the risk of sounding bandwagonish, that was a great game. I , probably like everyone else, felt a twinge go through my spine when Yao got an and 1 with what was it, .8 seconds? Roy flashed to the Rock ,and in one motion, caught, got his hips around and released. Pure, Money,Bottom,Net. I dont know what was more exhilarating, the fact that he got it off, that it looked good when it left, him making it, [ which by the way had me hit my head on the ceiling with disbelief] or the announcer who went absolutely nuts! Thats why i watch, not for the blowouts, but for just these kinds of spectacular finishes. My name is Rudolphe the Commontongue, and thats why im a Blazer fan.
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. LAS11291
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    Posted 09/22/2010 4:04 PM

    Name: Allen/LA is my nickname, my first and middle initial.
    Fav. Player: Brandon Roy
    All-time: Brandon Roy
    I am a fan because I love basketball, I grew up in Portland, OR, and I love loud home games in the Rose Garden.
    My favorite moment was when Martell Webster went up for a 3, and drew a foul on Kobe, and knocked down three free throws to win the last game against the Lakers this previous season.
    I've been a fan since the '99-'00 season (age 11). I started going to my grandparents and I'd watch the games with my grandpa, and he'd jump out of his seat yelling at the TV lol. I've been a fan ever since.
    I am a fan of you checking your email because Elliot Williams is sending you a message!
  1. Fallen_Deity
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    Posted 09/22/2010 6:18 PM

    Name: Aaron
    Fav. Player(s): Nic, Roy, LA, Oden
    All-time: Brandon, Nic, Clyde, Porter
    I have been a fan since '95 when i was 5 years old and learned what basketball was.  My father was an adament fan, had an autographed plaque from the 1982-83 team, and had just about every game televised with portland on VHS and i watched every single one so I was lucky to see just about eery year we played and I have been infatuated with the trailblazers since.
    My favorite moment, although I was not alive, was watching and rewatching the game where we won the championship.  A team that moved the ball so quickly it could get from one end of the floor to the other without ever touching the ground and beat all other players to the rim.
    I am a fan of competing til the final buzzer!!!!!!!!!!
  1. Kim~
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    Posted 09/22/2010 9:29 PM

    Name : Kim
    Favorite current player : Nic , but I <3 the entire team , and think Blazer fans are in for a great upcoming season.
    All-time : Sheed ( attitude or not , he was right about Donaghy )

    I have been a Blazer fan since the 70's. My first real Blazer memories, are listening to the Schonz on the radio. Growing up with only one tv in the house ( yes I'm that old ), I watched sports with my papa and dad. My dad was a basketball player,  I always went to the gym with him.
    All time favorite moment ( so far ) was the parade after the championship in 77, and how crazy Portland seemed to an 8 year old that day.
    I am a fan of scrapping !
  1. freddead
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    Posted 09/23/2010 12:01 AM

    favorite current: in between roy and batum but i think im going to like babbit alot whenever he gets to play

    i just love basketball and i grew up in oregon so naturally i became a blazer fan. one of my favorite moments is when B-roy hit that three pointer to beat the rockets you guys know what shot im talkin about the thought of it still gives me goose bumps.
    I am a fan of
  1. Brandon Weinant
    Brandon Weinant
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    Posted 09/23/2010 12:24 AM

    Name. Brandon
    Favorite player. (blazers) miller. (denver) chauncy.
    All time. Iverson/The Big O.

    played in middle school, wasnt very good. played in high school made Varsity my frosh year lettering for 3 years in high school. had a knee injury midway threw my sr year. still havn't recovered but owell.
    i've been a blazer fan from about 95 on when i started to like basketball as a little tike even though i didn't understand much of it. stopped watching them come the 2001 because of what was there and learning more about what was going on. started watching again zack's last year as a blazer.

    I am a fan of defence.
  1. CarlJ1
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    Posted 09/23/2010 12:41 AM

    Fav Player: Roy, Batum, Pryz, Camby, Oden, Miller, L.A., T-Mac, Ginobili, Nash, Stephen Jackson, Kobe, Pau, Pierce & Wade.
    All Time: Drexler, Porter, Sabonis, Sheed & Pippen.
    I been A fan since 92 I watched my first game when i was 7 and the Blazers were in the playoffs and i always remembered the WCF Championship shirt that my dad used to have and of course when Jordan hit 6 Three's in a row
    Fav moment was the 2006 NBA draft Because that was the beginning of the end for the jailblazers era.
    I am a fan of Respect, Loyalty, Honor & Pride the same thing the Blazer & their true fans are made of RIP CITY STAND UP!
  1. Victor
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    Posted 09/23/2010 2:15 AM

    Name: Victor
    Fav. Brandon and Batum
    All time. Drexler
    I've been a fan since first time I saw Drexler in action with the team.
    I'm Brazilian of origin and now based in Geneva - Switzerland. Playing for a small club here, more for fun and for "the love for the game".
    Fav moment. I don't have an specific moment, but I can say that everytime I saw Drexler playing was a great moment. My hope is that the next season will contain plenty of moments to remember.
    I am a fan of the Trail Blazers fans
  1. EowynAmarie
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    Posted 09/23/2010 10:38 AM

    Name- EowynAmarie

    Fav Player- Brandon Roy, followed closely by Nicolas Batum...and I think Wesley will become the next in line (Other teams = Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade, Rajon Rondo, Stephen Curry, Carmelo Anthony, Travis Outlaw)
    All-Time- Clyde Drexler, Cliff Robinson, and then Sheed (Other teams = MJ, Pippen, Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, John Stockton)

    I am a fan....because way back in 1983, I watched Magic and Larry duke it out and I got HOOKED! Plus, when I was younger, it was my favorite sport to play and to watch. I LOVE just makes me happy :)

    I've been a fan since the mid-1980s. I was a fan of the Pistons before I really even watched the Blazers play much. But Drexler's presence brought my attention to my hometown team (I actually lived elsewhere from 1984-1987 though) and I have been firmly rooted as Blazer fan since then.

    My favorite moment recently has got to be when Brandon came out during Game 4 of the '09 playoffs. The energy was just insane and his immediate effect on the team, just getting up from the bench, was like magic. It was surreal, like from a movie or something. He is so powerful, and I simply cannot wait for him to realize his own greatness....then, he will become the top SG in the league I think :)
    I am a fan of Being the most feared first round match-up in the West!
  1. tickee
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    Posted 09/23/2010 11:15 AM

    NAME: Patrick
    FAV PLAYER: B. Roy
    ALL-TIME: Michael Jordan

    I'M A FAN...
    because when i'm watching or playing basketball it just brings a different feeling in me.. i feel good whenever i play or watch.. i just really love this game..

    since his airness is done playing with chicago.. just fell in love with the team since then..

    nothing in particular.. everytime i get the chance of watching the blazers play, thats my fav moment..
    I am a fan of CP3 to PORTLAND!!!!
  1. CrazyRusty
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    Posted 09/23/2010 1:58 PM

    Name- Ryan

    Fav Player- LA, Pryzbilla, Roy
    All-Time- Steve Smith, Pippen, Sabonis, Sheed

    I am a fan....because I love everything basketball. It is my favorite sport. I played all four years of high school and just have a passion for the pace of the game and the great life skills you learn from it.

    I've been a fan since 1999. This is when my family moved from California to Oregon. Portland is a great city and I am very grateful to be able to call it home (well actually home is Beaverton)

    My favorite moments are every game against the Lakers. It seems like no matter how good we are or how bad we are, the rivalry is still very much alive. That's what sports is all about!
    I am a fan of a young team coming together
  1. ClydeFrog
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    Posted 09/23/2010 3:52 PM

    Name- Clyde

    Fave- Clyde The Glide....(see the username!)
    Current- G.O. but when he's out its going to be Elliot/Batum

    Fan because I love hoops. Its the best sport to play and watch and since I'm from Oregon, the Blazers are our only pro team so I've been behind them for a long time and the fandom keeps growing by the season!

    I've been a fan since I was in elementary school back in the mid 80's, a little after we had just got Clyde, Terry, and Jerome together.

    Favorite moment had to be Game 2 of the 92 FINALS when Drexler leaped over Billy Cartwright and flushed it down hard over him.
    I am a fan of Watching Elliot Williams Take Flight!
  1. barnettfan
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    Posted 09/23/2010 4:30 PM

    Fan since the first time we played the Lakers we had courtside seats 8 dollars. I was 7 years old. They did not have security then and there was a concession stand next to the locker rooms. At halftime we went back to get a coke and we followed the Lakers to their area I was about 3'2"(aint much taller now)walking next to Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West, instant fan.
    Favorite Moment I have 2. Larry Steele's halfcourt and 3 quarter court shots in the NBA finals to spark the win.
    2. During the playoffs I believe it was against the Mavricks when the Ref called a technical foul on Sheed for looking mean at him. That is what got my wife to start watching basketball he was her favorite player.
    All time favorites Blazers; Jim Barnett, Maurice Lucas, Jerome Kersey
    Current Favorite; Brandon Roy, Oden if I could see him play.
    I am a fan of
  1. FamousRoy
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    Posted 09/23/2010 5:25 PM

    Am I like the only non-adult here?
    Name:  Matt

    Favorite Player:  Roy
    All-Time:  Gotta be Roy, I was only in elementary school during the jail blazer era, and I don't remember much before that.  I did love Sabonis, though.

    Fan because I love basketball and even before I knew Roy, I played like him.

    Fan since I was born, but really started being a true fan in 2006 when we got Roy and LA

    Favorite moment:  Roy's buzzer beater against Houston in 2009

    I am a fan of Defending the Rose Garden against the Lakers!
  1. GuitarJ111
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    Posted 09/24/2010 4:03 PM

    NAME: Jenny
    FAV PLAYER: Batum, Roy, Martell :(
    ALL-TIME: Drexler, Pippen, Jordan

    I'M A FAN...
    cause I love the game.. Im a tall girl who has always loved it but too clumsy to play.. lol  So I watch :)

    the RIP CITY era... Those were some fun times as a kid.

    LOTS.. Im more than addicted these days and know more about the blazers than most people I know, except for most of you guys ;)  I did LOVE Nic's 22 point quarter this past season.  Love that kid! 
    I am a fan of the Blazers once again, rising above all odds and injuries!
  1. TayC
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    Posted 09/24/2010 8:09 PM

    Name: TayC
    Favorite players: Aldridge, Roy, Oden
    Favorite non Blazers: Dr. J, LeBronTron, Shannon Brown

    I Like the Blazers because their potential starters are completely soaked in Talent and Youth, and if they would of stayed healthy from 08 till now, they'd be defending champs this upcoming season.

    I noticed the Blazers in 08 and thought they were overlooked, since then ive tried to watch some classics and i really like watching Bill Walton

    My favorite Blazer moment would probably be when Brandon Roy was injured and messed up his knee and ACL, i think tore it, last year, and flew home for surgery, and back to Phoenix and was ready to play in like 6 days.
    Showed how much he loves this game.
    I am a fan of The Blazers ♂, the £-Train, and of course, The ¤ King. ™
  1. Alex
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    Posted 09/24/2010 9:40 PM

    Fav. Player: Batum, Bayless
    All time: Broy (I wasnt born yet when clyde was playing.)
    I am a fan because i started watching the games wit my dad. And it stuck. I am a huge hoops player and hoops fan. If i can i will become a trailblazer. But it will have to start in a few years when i start playing high school Bball.
    I am a fan of The Trailblazers growing up
  1. mario250775
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    Posted 09/25/2010 12:15 PM

    name: Mariusz 

    Fav Player-  was Fernandez now is Bayless/Roy
    All-Time- Drexler

    I am a fan because i love this game, first I watched blazers in 92 finals Jordan was super but I admired Drexler and Porter since this moment I am a fan of Blazers. 

    I am waiting for my favorite moment ...

    I am from Poland , it is far away from Oregon but since 90's I was watching matches on tv, reading information and following statistic in papers and then at internet. Now I am a fan on and like this moments when reading news, posts...

    I am a fan of Portland Trail Blazers, RIP CITY !!!
  1. HoorawRPwnage
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    Posted 09/25/2010 3:08 PM

    Fav Player: Brandon Roy or Aldridge
    All Time: Drexler or Walton
    I'm a fan because I love the game
    I am a blazers and now heat fan
    Favourite moment: That Epic Thirty footer by Brandon Roy for the win
    I am a fan of Lamarcus Aldridge, the 2011-2012 MVP
  1. civilhold
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    Posted 09/27/2010 1:14 AM

    Just call me Blazer One!  For all of the Blazer Fans near and far I'm here for you Baby!  I have red and black in my veins and even in the dry seasons of old I stood the test in the work place when all my co-worker jump ship and wanted me to drag along. 

    My fav is the big man!  GO!
    All Time:  Clyde the Glide
    Like I said up top!  I Bleed Red and Black Baby!
    I can't pick a Fav moment because it wouldn't give justis toall the great games I've seen! 

  1. I''m OUT!
    I''m OUT!
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    Posted 09/27/2010 5:49 PM

    Name- Tom
    Fav Player- Ahhh.. either Roy or Batum, but if Oden comes on he could easily be right up there, but seriously Roy is the man when he's into a game.
    All-Time- Jerome Kersey, that guy was the ultimate hustle player and he was exciting to watch! Like him coming out of nowhere to block a seemingly hopeless breakaway dunk/layup (kind of like Batum does now) or just watch a him throw down a totally reckless and fearless tomahawk jam right in the middle of traffic on everyone. Plus he's a great guy off the court (met him a couple of times).
    I am a fan because I loved playing basketball before I really knew about the Blazers.
    I've been a fan since 1989 when my dad had a friend who bought Blazer Cable and we started going over there for games, while listening to the Schonz on the radio.
    My all time favorite moment was when Buck threw that ball up in the air. I do wish I could have experienced it when we won the Championship though.
    I am a fan of comcast and the blazers making deals that keep screwing us over!! woot!
  1. BR7_Fan
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    Posted 09/29/2010 12:48 PM

    Name: Nick
    Fav Player: Roy, Batum, JP
    All-Time Fav Blazers: Drexler, Buck Williams, Pippen, Webster.
    I am a fan: Because I love the game, played it as a kid organized and on the playground, and is the easiest game for me to watch and follow. Also helps that Portland has the best fans in the NBA!
    been a fan since: 2006
    My favorite moment: In the Garden: seeing #22 raised to the rafters.
    I am a fan of RIP CITY > LOB CITY
  1. Justcozz
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    Posted 09/29/2010 8:12 PM

    HI! My name is: Justin
    My favorite players,Old school: Drazen Petrovic, Clyde, Terry Porter, Buck Willams, Jerome Kersey, Kevin Duckworth, Robert Pack
    New school: Roy, LA, Pryz, (Bring Outlaw back!) and Rudy was up there since watching him in the Olympics but I've grown to dislike his recent history.
    I'm a fan because...I grew up with in the 80's era watching and listening to every game on TV and the radio. When a Blazer game was on it didn't get missed at my house! 
    My favorite moments were when I'd get to actually go to a game at the Memorial Coliseum with my best friend because friends of theirs had season tickets, the most memorable was hanging out in the back where the team parked their cars and gettting autographs! I remember Cliff Robinson making a small child feel very unwelcome though one time and I've never forgiven him for that! 
    I'm so excited for new memories this year with my daughters enjoying what I've grown to love about the the game of basketball in person and up close at the Rose Garden! 
    See at the Finals!

    I am a fan of a brand new season!
  1. ***Jason***
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    Posted 10/03/2010 9:07 PM

    NAME: Bryan
    ALL-TIME: Drexler

    I'M A FAN BECAUSE: Basketball is AWESOME! The best game ever created. If I'm not watching the Blazers, I'm watching my son play, or playing with my son (either at the court or on the X-box).

    BEEN A FAN OF THE BLAZERS SINCE: Mid to late '80's. That's when I remember really getting into them. Checking the standings every day in the paper to see who won or lost or if we were moving up. Basketball in Portland gets me thru the grey winters. I LOVE summer, but I can never wait till Halloween when the Blazers start up again. They just make life better. The anticipation of the elusive 2nd championship that we all know is coming is worth following this team for. It's going to me GREAT!

    FAV MOMENT: Brandon's 3 when time expired against Houston. I will never forget that as long as I live. 200 level right behind the basket. I never thought something like that was going to happen that night. AWESOME!

    Go Blazers
    I am a fan of Im a fan of the nba, players and owners, doing what they have to to earn the fans back.
  1. Kassandra
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    Posted 10/04/2010 4:09 PM

    NAME: Kassandra
    FAV PLAYER: Nicolas Batum, Joel Pryzbilla, Brandon Roy, Dante Cunningham.
    ALL-TIME: Martell Webster, Brandon Roy.

    I'M A FAN BECAUSE: this is my hometown team and the framework of the team now is something of which to be proud.

    BEEN A FAN OF THE BLAZERS SINCE: as long as i can remember. my dad and two older brothers used to talk about the blazers a lot and i would always hang out and watch the games in order to spend time with them (i did this with football too). through this, i became a fan.

    FAV MOMENT: there are a couple. the first being when Martell drew fouls on two separate three-point attempts within 3:35 of each other in the fourth quarter of our last game against the lakers last season -- and making all six free throws; he is the reason we won that game. the second is the reaction of the crowd when Brandon came out in game four of the playoff series last year, just eight days after surgery on his knee; i'll always remember those cheers.

    ~ Kassandra
    I am a fan of my team fighting to win each and every game.
  1. Aussie Blazer
    Aussie Blazer
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    Posted 10/07/2010 6:38 AM

    Name: Nathaniel (Nickname: Natty)
    Favourite Player: Nicolas Batum and Brandon Roy
    All Time: Martell Webster

    I'm a fan because: I love the spirit of the crowd at the games and Roy's clutch shots.

    I've been a fan since: Last season, I live in Australia and my dad goes for the Spurs but watched a game against the Phoenix Suns on a Friday night on TV and the comeback and atmosphere was amazing and I'm glad I made the switch in teams.

    Favourite Moment: Andre's 52-point game and Brandon's shot vs the Wizards to win it.
    I am a fan of The Portland Trail Blazers
  1. Posted 10/07/2010 10:15 AM

    Name- James Lensen-Callas
    Fav. Blazer player- Marcus Camby (I know he is new to the team, but I respect the guy's work ethic, his 'team first' attitude, the intangibles he brings to the court, his professionalism, and he excels in clutch situations.)
    All-time fav. blazer player- Drexler (had his poster on my wall when I was in Elementary School)
    I am a fan of the Blazers because... I was raised a blazers fan by my father.  We are both Portland natives, my father went to a game in the '77 playoffs, and was in the waiting room watching the '77 finals while my older brother was being born.  I've always been a sports fan, so how could I not be a fan of the one team from my city?
    Fav. Blazers moment- December 1st, 1990.  Blazers at Sonics.  Terry Porter hits huge 3s to keep the game alive and push it to 3 overtimes.  Xavier McDaniel scored 41 points, yet the Blazers pull it out in the end 130 - 124.  I pick this game because it is a reminder of how big the northwest rivalry used to be.  The Sonics had a formidable team up north for years that provided some amazing games against our beloved Blazers.
    I've been a fan since... the mid-80s, when I was old enough to know what basketball is and why my father stayed taping games on his VHS cassettes of the team in black, red, and white.
    I am a fan of blazers playing harder than anybody else on the court
  1. Bertram
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    Posted 10/07/2010 12:28 PM

    Name- Bertram
    Fav Player- Brandon Roy, this includes favorite player in the NBA/
    All-Time favorite blazers- B-Roy
    I am a fan of the blazers because...there are just no words sometimes to describe love haha.
    I've been a fan since 1996. Went to my first blazer game against the Lakers when I was 7 years old...initially it was to see the Lakers play but seeing the Blazers and the energy in the arena I immediately got converted. Now I'm a blazer for life.
    And favorite moment...watching B-Roy in the 08 playoffs against Houston and game 2. This is when I decided "okay he's definitely going to be one of my favorite players of all time." He shredded that Houston defense, when he drove the ball he looked like a hybrid between a stampede of bulls and the majestic pegasus flying through the air.
    I am a fan of B-Roy and LaMonster!
  1. DHawes22
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    Posted 10/07/2010 2:00 PM

    Posted By James Lensen-Callas on 10/07/2010 10:15 AM
    Name- James Lensen-Callas
    Fav. Blazer player- Marcus Camby (I know he is new to the team, but I respect the guy's work ethic, his 'team first' attitude, the intangibles he brings to the court, his professionalism, and he excels in clutch situations.)
    All-time fav. blazer player- Drexler (had his poster on my wall when I was in Elementary School)
    I am a fan of the Blazers because... I was raised a blazers fan by my father.  We are both Portland natives, my father went to a game in the '77 playoffs, and was in the waiting room watching the '77 finals while my older brother was being born.  I've always been a sports fan, so how could I not be a fan of the one team from my city?
    Fav. Blazers moment- December 1st, 1990.  Blazers at Sonics.  Terry Porter hits huge 3s to keep the game alive and push it to 3 overtimes.  Xavier McDaniel scored 41 points, yet the Blazers pull it out in the end 130 - 124.  I pick this game because it is a reminder of how big the northwest rivalry used to be.  The Sonics had a formidable team up north for years that provided some amazing games against our beloved Blazers.
    I've been a fan since... the mid-80s, when I was old enough to know what basketball is and why my father stayed taping games on his VHS cassettes of the team in black, red, and white.
    Here are some highlights of that Trail Blazers Sonics Game- You Tube Highlights
    Also, here are the highlights from that playoff series in 91- Trail Blazers vs. Super Sonics 1991 Playoff Highlights
    I am a fan of
  1. daddylogan
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    Posted 10/08/2010 10:27 AM

    NAME: Logan (daddy)
    FAV PLAYER: B. Roy
    ALL-TIME: Geoff Petrie, Clyde Drexler, Bill Walton

    I'M A FAN...because I always loved to play basketball as a kid, but that is largely in part to my grandfather taking me to my first Blazer games back in the early 70's.

    BEEN A FAN OF THE BLAZERS SINCE...The very beginning (70-71) My first game ever was vs the New York Knicks at the Memorial Coliseum in the first season and I still have the program. As for 1977 I could go on about the memories I have of that magical season forever. I was a young man, only the age of 13. I attended Fowler Jr. High School in Tigard at the time. My friend, Dennis and I made a pact that we would make it to every Blazer home game that year. We would mow lawns and do whatever every weekend to get the cash to buy the tickets and we always bought 3 games in advance. Tickets were only like $2.50 for the upper sections and it was still easy to get tickets back then because nobody could have predicted what this 1977 season would hold. We would catch the Tri-Met on Taylors Ferry and take the bus to the games. For the ride home, we would find teachers we knew from school that had season tickets so we were always covered and they thought it was great dedication that we were showing for our Blazer team. We made it to every home game that year and we even took a road trip and watched an away game in Seattle. It was on one of those special bus trips they offered back then, so we rode up with plenty of Blazer fans! Good time and we always stole the show becuase we were just kids. Then came the playoffs and my friend and I were actually allowed to take time off from school to go wait in the massive lines to get playoff tickets for the first round against the Bulls. We got em but we did something stupid. Since my friends parents drove us there and they had tickets as well, we figured on this first game we would scalp our tickets and make enough money to pay for the next game and maybe more and then we would try to sneak into the memorial coliseum to watch the game. Well, we each scalped our $2.50 tickets for $20.00 bucks so we felt pretty good about ourselves. We then tried to sneak through any open door we could find, but got caught every time. Then the worst happened. 3 big guys came up behind my friend, wrapped him up and took his wallet! They didn't get me, but they got him and his newly earned $20.00

    So we retreated to his parents car and listened to the game on the radio, but my buddy was down in the dumps and for good reason. We never made it to another Blazer game that year sadly, but we did get to watch the rest of the magic happen on CBS and what magic it was. As they use to say "The Blazers Are Red Hot & Rollin!" Indeed...what a great season and what a great memory for me. I still have all my ticket stubs saved to this day and all my programs!

    FAV MOMENT...The Walton Lob in the 1977 Championship series vs The 76er's. Have a look here: The Walton Lob!

    peace out,
  1. Anees
    Posts: 149

    Posted 11/14/2010 11:47 AM

    Name- Anees
    Fav Player- Brandon, Martell
    All-Time- Drexler (met him 2x), Buck and Jerome
    I am a fan....becauseI grew up on basketball, both watching and playing. My intro to the Blazers was a bit strange, but I've been a fan since 1990 or so. I used to watch games with a cousin that I've grown up in Portland with and he was a big MJ fan. I recall times, when I was over at his house and I wasn't a huge fan yet. I remember watching the Bulls vs. the Blazers, but I wasn't aware that we had a team or that the Blazers were our team (I know, sad!). So when I had to leave before the end of the game and I asked him who had won and he said Chicago, I would say "Aww, shucks" Can you believe it! argh! 
    As I said, I have been a fan since 1990/1991. 
    My favorite moments: In a general sense, it was when I would go over to my uncle's house (it was only a few minutes away by car) as he was a die-hard fan. Many times, I would go over on Sunday evenings (Friday's and Saturday's too of course) and we would settle into his TV room on the couch and usually, on the Sunday nights, we would both have to restrain our cheers (or foot-stomping when we got upset at a play) as his youngest daughter went to sleep early, around 6 (she is 3 years younger than me, born in '84). He had what was them a big-scren TV, so that was the reason I would go over to his house for games when it was possible. 
    More specifically, I remember the intense games vs. Utah, as Buck and the Mailman would go after it in the low block - those were the days!!! The Best Starting 5 - that was what my childhood was full of - seeing those guys make us so proud . . . that big game vs. PHX, when we both scored in the 150's - I believe that was a playoff game . . . it was like 155-153 - someone can help me out with that maybe. I also have the memory when Clyde scored 48 and I think it was TP that also had at least 40, it was the first time two Blazers had scored in the 40s either ever or in a long while. 
          I remember collecting the cards that came in the Franz bread bags - I always looked forward it ot when my aunt or mom would buy that bread and see if the card was one I didn't have yet! Anybody remember Danny Young - he wore #21 . . (random thing, sorry!) . . . of course, can't forget the Duck . .we were waiting outside of the MC after a game, where the players cars were -and a good crowd waited by Ducks car (it would warn if you got too close to it). At one point after my aforementioned cousin, got his autograph, she couldn't find me or her dad, so Duck said "Who's daughter is this?" So funny and charming now, when I think about it, given she was safe and all. 

    I just miss those deep runs into the playoffs, and the rivalaries. My favorite had to be the one with the Sonics! All those fierce battles vs. GP and Kemp and yes, even Nate himself! Those were just the best - when we beat Seattle, it was a very good day to be a Blazer fan; I am really sad that the Sonics left - though I think OKC is going to be a team we battle in the next couple of years, that's for sure, but it's not the same distance-wise and I miss those whtie and green uniforms :-)

    Another general memory was staying up "late" on school nights, but I should have been asleep, listening to the Shonz as I lay curled up in bed on any given weekday, listening to the 4th Qtr. hoping the Blazers would win, so that school would be good the next day - if they lose - I would be depressed the whole day at school! In the same light, listening to the 5th qtr with Scott Lynn on 1190 KEX after the game was also something that comes to mind when thinking of the early years as a fan. 

    As far as going to games, I was fortunate, in later years (Jail Blazers era) that my uncle was quite well off, and he had a group arrangement with his doctor group, sharing the courtside seats next to the opposing and later, the Blazers bench. So lots of great memories there - was at the game when Sheed held up that sign that we had to win for the late Coach Mussleman. Also was at the Game 1 vs. the Lakers, in the series we lost when Magic tipped the ball to the end of the court later in the series. So I got to see Worthy and was also at MJ's last game vs. POR as a Bull. I have saved many of the tickets from those games, so maybe post a picture of those when I get back home to Portland next month. 

    Anyways, I think you get the gist, but I would love to recall more, so maybe I'll add more, but I think that's probably enough, right? :-)

    So I've been there through the good and bad years, and it's been great to get to this point, that we are back in the Playoffs, though after a while, 1st Rd and out doesn't get fun. I clearly remember that run we had of 6 years in a row of losing the first round, so I hope we can get over the hump before that happens again. Let's see . . . 


    I am a fan of Lillard, Batum, Lopez, LA and T Rob taking it to other teams!
  1. teresa galer
    teresa galer
    Posts: 50

    Posted 11/14/2010 1:14 PM

    fave player- rudy, armon johnson and marcus camby  oden when healthy
    all time-drexler buck and jerome and maurice lucas
    I am a fan...because I love hoops. I fell in love with basketball growing up in Eugene Oregon during the 70's we had some great teams known as the kamizaze kids lead by a great coach in Dick Harter then I discovered the blazers.  I fell in love ithe 90 team blazers as they reminded me of the Kamikaze kids...great hustle no fear ball playing that is why they were called that name.  I was born and raised here in Oregon as well and had the priviledge of growing up in a great college town of great hoops hope that comes back to eugene.  i have been a fan of the blazers since high school mid 70s left as a fan of the blazers during thejail blazer era and cam back a few years ago
    fave eras...championship run of course  the 90 team during the rein of terry porter. clyde the glyde  buck  duck and mercy mercy jerome kersey...they had heart and a will to win but met a better team in detroit.  my all time fave team is that team...this era is quickly getting into my heart of that 90 team...i loved that time period and hope to see rip city return to this city as it was the funnest time to be in portland buildings desplaying blazer signs beat la etc  or rip city and fans wearing gear everywhere and strangers talking on the street saying will this be the time we do this again...memories of listening to the radio under the shonz  steve jones doing his radio show etc...many great memories of this team  winning the lottery and getting oden...
    I am a fan of
  1. teresa galer
    teresa galer
    Posts: 50

    Posted 11/14/2010 1:27 PM

    i forgot to mention my fave moment was wining championship, going to a blazer game at the rose garden finally...and duck coming back unexpectedly during the playoffs in our series with phoenix and the blazers wining in that game seven wcf...what a game that was... i also forgot to mention I also fell in love further with basketball I had a step brother who played ball in hs and he played for u of o and professionally very briefly but discovered the blazers during their championship season and never looked back..
    I am a fan of
  1. sarahhecht
    Posts: 81

    Posted 11/15/2010 10:55 AM

    NAME- Sarah

    FAVE PLAYER- Rudy, his threes are so pretty

    ALL-TIME FAVE- Porter, again... I'm a sucker for the swish from downtown

    I AM A FAN... because of that unexplainable feeling I get while watching the team. I love that winning or losing they are MY team and I'm a part of every shot that's taken. I love the Rose Garden and the other fans in this town. I love overhearing people talk about the team. I love the knotted feeling in my stomach before and during big games. I love seeing people in Blazers gear. I love reading clever signs in the RG. I love the rallies for the Playoffs. I love ally-oops. I love yelling "BEAT LA!" I love the old school Rip City Magazine. I love seeing Portland decked out in red and black. I love jumping to my feet with 3 fingers in the air when Rudy takes a three. I love high-fives with random fans in the RG. I love anything and everything Trail Blazers.

    I'VE BEEN A FAN SINCE- 1991 when I watched the Playoff series with my family. I was enthralled by Terry Porter taking threes. I remember getting goosebumps and knowing that I would be a Trail Blazers fan for a loooong time. (Mom bought me a Terry Porter t-shirt soon after and I wore that thing to tatters.)

    FAVE MOMENT- Game 4 of the Playoffs last year. The moment the fans in the RG realized Brandon was coming into the game. The electricity in the building was UNREAL.

    I am a fan of
  1. DLW-3*
    Posts: 46

    Posted 11/15/2010 11:40 AM

    Name: Dylan

    Fave Player: B-Roy Agent #7

    Fave Upcoming Players: Nico, D.C., and The Hammer

    Franchise Faves: Clyde the Glide Drexler, Cliff Robinson, Walt Williams, Arvedis Sabonis, Rasheed Wallace, Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster.

    Fave Moment: I can recall many love/hate moments, yet a memorable one is being at the Rose Garden during the crazy win streak we had a few years ago. I had Lexus Club tickets (for my bday) and we were destroying the Timberwolves and I was eating all you can eat Prime Rib and drinking beer. Let's just say it was a fond memory and there will be many more to have.

    Reason I'm A Fan: I am a native to PDX and have followed the team since as far back as I can remember, I grew up on them. I love the heart and determination this team brings, even through hard times there is always a reason to think positive with this team. I am a Blazer's fan until the end, and even then I'll still be shouting from the after life, GO BLAZERS!!!
    I am a fan of Making the off-season matter!!!
  1. Brooksby20
    Posts: 8

    Posted 11/15/2010 12:12 PM

    Fav player- batum or roy
    All-time- SABONIS!!
    i am a fan.. because i love basketball. i have grown up playing it and watching it since i can remember. i have been a blazer fan since day one. my dad was the one to get me into the team but im sure i would have become a fan otherwise. i love the blazers!!!
    my favorite memory was going to the 99-00 playoff game against the phoenix suns and beating them!!!
    I am a fan of GERAld wallace bringing the toughness that we need on this team. RIP CITY!!!!
  1. Brooksby20
    Posts: 8

    Posted 11/15/2010 12:18 PM

    your fav moment is one of mine as well. i couldnt believe the roar when roy checked in. truly a great all time blazer moment.
    I am a fan of GERAld wallace bringing the toughness that we need on this team. RIP CITY!!!!
  1. Tiki Kienle
    Tiki Kienle
    Posts: 283

    Posted 11/15/2010 4:57 PM

    Name- Tiki

    Fav Player- Sean Marks or Przybilla

    All-Time- detlef schrempf - Briant Grant - Sean Marks

    I am a fan....because I grew up in Portland Oregon, sports fan and big time Sean Marks fan.

    I've been a fan since 1996 when I first really understood what sports were.

    My favorite moments: Watching Brian Grant play in the 1999 Western Conference Finals. True story, I met him at a divorce class I was attending. I'm actually taller than he is and he is NOT 6-11. He is about 6-5'. Anyway, I pounded his fist and said I was his biggest fan. Pretty much a life altering moment, I even got dreadlocks because of him :)
    I am a fan of Skype (BeLiKiN33), Heroes Of Newerth (DKTiki), NBA (Blazers), NFL (KC Chiefs), Japan, Education, Hermitting, Gaming and women.
  1. Scotty
    Posts: 4

    Posted 12/07/2010 1:41 AM

    Name: Scotty
    Favourite Player: Patty Mills
    All Time: Martell Webster

    I'm a fan because: Love Rip Cityn the colours, the fans, everything :)

    I've been a fan since: about 3 seaosn I guess im a newbie the the NBA lol I live in Canberra, Australia as we natually get to hear alot about Patrick Mills alot :) and before he arrievd have been supporting them love the name trail blazer and now we got a Canberran even more reason to follow :D

    Favourite Moment: Every trail Blazers win :)
    I am a fan of getting more Blazers games shown live here
  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
    Posts: 1669

    Posted 12/07/2010 2:22 AM

    Hello I'm Tobyus,
    I learned how to talk from listening to Blazer games when I was like 2. Thank you Schonz!
    I played lots of street and city league ball. Not as much anymore, although I do have a hoop at my pad.
    Favorite players on the Blazers are B-Roy, Rudy Fernandez, Joel Przybilla, and Jerryd Bay....oh wait, my bad.
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. Herr
    Posts: 643

    Posted 12/07/2010 2:54 AM

    Alright I'll play.

    Name - Stephen (pronounced Steven).
    Age - 20 (21 in late March.  Going to a B game and getting crunk close to my bday since we're away my day :( )
    Favorite player - Andre Miller
    Favorite Blazer alltime - Brian Grant (met him at a card shop, and gave me/the crowd some inspirational words when I was a youngster)

    Favorite moment... uhh... well.... hmmm... any time we beat the Lakers, OKC, Boston, Denver, Utah, and Dallas.  But if I had to name one moment, I'd go with the 30 footer from  BRoy. Was awesome to see that shot with my own eyes!

    Things you should know about me - I love the Blazers, but I'm also a fan of the Heat, Spurs, Bulls, and Wolves, as they are my favorite teams.  I will root for any team to beat the freaking Lakers as I hate their fans more than I hate anyone else.
    I am a fan of
  1. Kraydayz
    Posts: 45

    Posted 12/07/2010 8:03 AM

    Name- Anthony

    Fav Player- Wesley Matthews

    All-Time- Drexler

    I am a fan.... because my grandma was the biggest blazers fan I have met (besides myself). She used to sit and watch the blazers play on tv and I remember watching with her around 5 years old. I can still remember her cursing Sam Bowie. Been a huge fan ever since. Thanks Grandma!

    I've been a fan since- around 1984

    My favorite moment- That is a hard question, there are many, but I would have to say watching the 1992 NBA Finals and the Jordan/Drexler match-up. From Clyde drilling shot after shot in MJ's face to Jordan's unbelievable game 1 performance. That was a great series even though it was heartbreaking! We were the closest to winning another championship as we ever were that year!
    I am a fan of Let's Go Blazers!!!!!
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