I thought I wanted to work for this team...
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  1. Blazer_Dawg
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    Posted 11/16/2009 7:04 PM

    I have spent the last 3 years of my life persuing a degree in sports management with the hopes of one day working in the Blazers front office. After watching tonight's game, I don't think I want anything to do with this team. The fact that the management group can let one person negatively effect a whole team is not something I want to be a part of. It's about time people started saying the truth instead of being so politically correct about everything in this town. Nate McMillan is not a good coach people. He isn't. There is nothing in the world that justifies his high pay or the way Blazer fans basically beg him to stay. He has a sub .500 record as a head coach, he gets set in his ways and won't change (see Miller and Blake), and he's never won anything significant at the NBA level. Yes he's been here for our resurgence, and yes our record has improved the past few years, but that was inevitable. I could coach this team to more victories than we had before if I had Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Greg Oden. Do you honestly believe the Blazers would sit back and deal with another 6 years of crap basketball? No, that's why Paul Allen spends so much money on this team. That's why KP was brought in, so that we would do the right things in the front office and bring talent here. Mission accomplished, we have one of the greatest collections of talent in the whole NBA. Yet we haven't even been able to have more than one comfortable game this season. Our schedule has been so soft the Blazers should damn near be undefeated, instead we're struggling against the Hawks and Nuggets at home, lose to Houston who sucks, and can barely beat the Bobcats. That goes back to poor coaching. Overall Nate has been helpful in bringing fans back, and that I acknowledge. But he hasn't done one thing that justifies keeping his spot on this team as the head coach. He was brought in to coach a young inexperienced team that he could "teach." Well we don't need that kind of coach anymore (especially when what you say you've been teaching the most, defense, is so inept). We have a team with guys who know the league now, and we need a coach who can relate to guys like that. Not a coach who does whatever Brandon Roy wants him to do. Honestly McMillan has screwed up a lot of stuff . He has messed with Andre Miller so much he doesn't fit in and just seems uncomfortable when he's on the floor. His over-reliance on Blake has become the most pathetic and disgusting thing to watch it's almost become vomit-worthy ( let's keep him in the whole 1st quarter and in crunch when he's just bricking everything, it's ok it's Steve, Blake for 3, brick). Seriously, you have one of the best shooting guards in the whole NBA in Brandon Roy, so what does Nate do? He moves Brandon to the small forward position so he can keep Blake in there. That's not what is best for this team in the long run, and McMillan and everyone knows in their heart that's true. But Nate continues to ride the broken horse. He plays Bayless as many minutes as Rudy (even though Rudy has been the only good defender so far this year, not to mention the guy was named euro-basket 1st team), he refuses to give the ball to LaMarcus late in games because he's too busy calling isolation plays for Roy, and he continues to play Blake so many minutes is laughable. The time for medicore should be over Portland. This city was supposed to be ready for their team to take the next step. But for some reason this franchise and it's fans want to hold onto those mediocre memories. So if mediocre is what Portland and it's fans want, well you've got it. Have fun getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs every year. But if this franchise truly wants to take a step in the direction of Championship Contender, it's going to take a new coach and a new system. Until then Portland, enjoy mediocrity!
  1. caseyholdahl
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    Posted 11/17/2009 9:38 AM

    I wish I had time to go through and refute most of your points, instead I'll just ask that you stay in school and continue your education. Good luck.
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  1. Dman
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    Posted 11/17/2009 2:15 PM

    I agree with a couple of your points, but I think you are way off on some also. Blake is shooting 35% from three point range, and he will admit he can and has done better. Miller is uncomfortable because of his large percentage of turnovers, miscues and extremely poor shooting. Blake spreads the floor and when he is out there, LaMarcus and Oden and Roy score. LaMarcus scores almost exclusively on his own. No-one is setting picks for him, no-one is screening for him, he is doing the work himself 85% of the time. That does not happen with Miller on the floor. Blakes assists to turnover ratio is way better than Millers also.
    LaMarcus does not get the ball enough at the end of games. I completely agree with you on this. Mac has it in his mind that Broy is the man to go to at the end of the game, and on a few games, this has been true. But not enough times to justify him as our "Only" option. BRoy continues to miss obvious passes to LaMarcus on way too many occasions, when he penetrates. The very same is true of Miller, but not with Blake.
    The biggest problems I see right now is;
    1.  LaMarcus needs more shots.
    2.  Oden still needs to improve on the offensive end.
    3.  Webster needs to ride the pine. He lost his shot and until he gets it back, he needs to stay sitting on the sidelines.
    4.  Rudy needs a class on shooting. With the exception of some rare threes, where he actuallysquares up and shoots correctly, all I have seen is off balance, fade away crap.
    5.  Broy needs to handle the ball, but look for the open man vs the isolations that Mac has set up for him. Watch closely, when Broy goes in to Mac's "Isololation", everyone else moves out and just stands there waiting for Broy to shoot. The Blazers are missing so many obvious potential cutters it makes me tired and frustrated just watching.
    6.  The three guards at the end of the game should be Blake, Roy and Bayless. Miller and Rudy have no place out there if we want to win. And don't jump on me and bring up last nights end of regulation three by Rudy. Even a blind squirrel will find a nut eventually. Bayless penetrates and gets to the foul line. Miller penetrates and shoots crap and doesn't look for cutters.
    7.  Mac needs to get off the BRoy train and get on the LTrain, especially at the end of games.
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  1. Andrew
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    Posted 11/17/2009 6:35 PM

    i like Mcmillan, but ive been hearing alot of people say he can't lead us to the finals and alot of other stuff, and the one point i've heard that i agree with is that he seems to soft sometimes. I understand guys want to play and what not, but you got to do whats best for the team, not one person. And last night, when it was getting bad, although the officials had a hand in that, but i was feeling good cause who always is clutch in the end and makes drives to the basket? Roy. And i didn't see that. But its still early, no reason to get down in the dumps yet, but hey, am i the only one impressed with Bayless since he started playing more?
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