Thoughts on 2013-2014 Roster
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  1. diablo2689
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    Posted 03/06/2013 3:34 PM

    I personally do not want to trade away any of our young talent. I feel like the talent I would be willing to trade we are losing due to expiring contracts (Smith, Babbit, Price (waived), Pavlovic, Jefferies, and hopefully not lose Hickson). I feel like this could work in our favor considering we will have a little cap room to deal with because of the expiring contracts. If all of these players are gone/not on the books, we will have an 8 man roster of: Aldridge, Batum, Lillard, Matthews, Leonard, Freeland, Claver, and Barton totaling 43.2 million+ 4 minimum salaries to fill out the teams minimum cap = 45.1million. 

    Now, with the new CBA and new salary cap, are cap space for next year would be somewhere around 13.9 million plus/minus 1 million. I feel if we spread that money out to 4 separate players, we can round out our team pretty nicely. 

    First off, I would like to pursue DeJaun Blair, like I have been hearing Olshey wants to do in the news. He is at a lower price tag than other bigs in the FA pool. I think he could work great with the young team and he also has a good character. If he could come to us for some where around 2.5 million and be a solid back up PF/C, he could find a nice spot in the rotation.

    Second would be to try and hunt down another decent two way swing player to score on our bench. The players I found that our in our price range are not tremendous players but could fill a gap on our team. I was thinking either Ronnie Brewer, Earl Clark, or Jodie Meeks. We could try to grab one of them for roughly 1-2 million depending on the player.

    Third, hopefully we can resign our restricted free agent Eric Maynor for roughly 3.5 million. He is a SOLID back up to Lillard and really works well in our system.

    Fourth, even though we have bird rights on Hickson and can exceed our cap hold to give him a better offer than other teams, I think we can still offer him upwards to 6 million to stay, WITHOUT going over our cap. 

    I doubt everything will fall like this, but if it does we will have a 12 man roster of: 

    PG: Lillard, Maynor

    SG: Matthews, Barton

    SF: Batum, Claver, (brewer, clark,meeks)

    PF: Aldridge, Blair, Freeland

    C: Leonard, Hickson

    ++++++ PLUS++++ picks in the draft to add a couple more pieces for cheap.

    Of course the money is still a HUGE variable, but let me know what you all think about this possible 2013-14 Blazer team, and what you think their chances would be to make some noise in the western conference.

    ***ALSO*** A lot of my info I used was from this post \/  \/ \/

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  1. commontongue
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    Posted 03/06/2013 3:54 PM

    Elliot Williams will push Barton to third string sg. Freeland too will be third string 4.

    We need to keep Hickson as a back up pf. Get Timofey Mosgov from Denver as a center. Dont forget we have the greek kid that we got from NY in the Felton deal that will probably send Freeland to the d league or traded.

    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. Nuno
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    Posted 03/06/2013 4:02 PM

    IT is a nice roster, but there are many things i dont agree... 1st there is 1 young that i would be willing to trade (Freeland) 2nd you forgot 1 thing we lack this season and that is a must for next season, a defensive minded Center.   Brewer, will likely prefer to stay in OKC, Earl Clark  is a PF and isnt as experienced as we need, and may demand something around 3m... and with that money we could target someone like Elton Brand, for example. Meeks is the one i wouldnt mind to have in our bench... cause we really could use him or someone like him.

    I would love to keep Hickson, but only if we can (still) get at least 2 quality pieces to this team, a Defensive minded Center and a scoring SG/SF of the bench...

    Maynor is also someone i would love to keep, if he keep playing like he is...

  1. Siccolo
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    Posted 03/06/2013 8:05 PM

    Sign Maynor, Hickson, Elliot, and Brendan Wright/Timofey Mozgov/ another decent center

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  1. Napoleon7
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    Posted 03/06/2013 10:52 PM

    Sign a starting caliber center. Resign Maynor, Elliott & Hickson as back up rotation players. Leonard & Claver will round out the back up rotation group. Send Barton & Freeland to Boise for the entire year. The rest let go and start fresh with the 13-15 roster spots...

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  1. diablo2689
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    Posted 03/07/2013 8:05 AM

    It isn't 100% we get E will to come back to us in FA. He is unrestricted, and injury prone (like Oden and Roy, and you saw what happened to them). I would like to try and get Mozgov as well. He is however a Restricted Free Agent. The upside is the fact that the Nuggets already have 2 Centers they play more, and might let us steal him from the nuggets. So good point commontongue. If you look at Mozgov's DEF ratings vs Meyers Leonard though... Leonard is out playing him. I feel like Blair would be more active and probably have more drive, while Mozgov is just another large NBA C that doesn't run the floor well, and will change the dynamic of our team when it comes to the 2nd unit.  

    As for the Greek player we have rights to (Kostas Papanikolaou the SF from Greece), I honestly think he plays a lot like Batum. He would be a nice inexpensive add to the team. That is if we can pull him over from Greece. He won't produce right a way (just like Batum needed time), but he would be a nice project.

    I wouldn't mind trading Freeland one bit! He hasn't produced well, and really looks lost in the pace of the NBA. He is used to being the biggest guy on the floor, and now he is getting worked over by bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter players. Granted he is a rookie, but I expected more from him. I would be happy to trade him either for picks or a better defensive Center.

    As for Siccolo and Napoleon, we don't have enough cap space to accomplish all of that. I was working with some what realistic constraints.

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  1. Siccolo
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    Posted 03/07/2013 10:51 PM

    Yeah my post was pretty quick thoughted

    I dont know much about Papanikolau but if he can come in and make smart moves and hit 3s I would be open to bringing him in... might be another Claver....

    Maynor and Hickson should be resigned imo

    Then we would have to bring in another big man for cheap such as Blair, Wright, Ayon, 

    A bench of Leonard, Claver, Maynor, Barton, maybe Hickson, maybe another big man still might not cut it... no one can really create their own shot and be a scoring threat

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  1. Blazerfan7s
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    Posted 03/08/2013 10:35 AM

    I'm not sure if I like that lineup Diablo. If I were Olshey, I would try to sign Mozgov, Andray Blatche, or Zaza Pachulia. For a back up sg I'd try to sign Tony Allen  Barbosa, or re-sign E Willaims. Then for a back up small foward I'd go with Demarre Carrol or even a James Jones would be great bench players. If Hickson signs somewhere else maybe the Blazers can get 2 big men. Then work Meyers, Claver, and Maynor in. If we can sign 3 decent Free agents for the Bench and hopefully resign Hickson then cut Babbit, Jeffries and Freeland. Barton can go to the d league to develop that can be a solid roster. Those Free agents I mentioned are all very cheap and reasonable options. 

  1. diablo2689
    Posts: 122

    Posted 03/09/2013 2:58 AM

    I like your post Blazerfan. You brought up some good additional ideas for the team. I am going to start with your bigs. I personally looked at all of these Centers as well trying to find a good fit for our team. I feel like Zaza would fit the best, but his price tag would restrict us from building the rest of our team. I am not totally against grabbing Mozgov, I just feel if another team is playing him 3rd string at C.. maybe there are good reasons why he doesn't play in front of them. 

    Now there is Blair and Blatche currently getting paid less than $1.1 MIL. They are both great talents but have a very different mind set when it comes to battling every night. I know Blair will give it his all mainly because he has been coached by Papovich where he has had to play hard and smart.. or he would not play at all (plus he gets a lot of mins in a high quality team's rotation). Blatche spent a few years on that failing Wizard's team, and ever since then he does not have a night in and night out fire to win. I just feel like he would not fit into our group well, and cause problems sooner or later.  

    Zaza Pachulia $5.248 MIL

    Mozgov $2.794 MIL 

    Dejaun Blair $1.054 MIL

    Andray Blatche $854,389 K

    For these reasons I would still put our interests first in Blair, then Mozgov, then Zaza, then Blatche.

    But if Hickson goes elsewhere, then i think we should go for Zaza and Blair.


    As for the swing man spot, VERY good points. I had no idea Barbosa was even a FA. 

    James Jones $3.350 MIL

    Tony Allen $3.3 MIL

    Leandro Barbosa $1.229 MIL

    Demarre Carrol $885,120 K

    Now at SG Allen would be a great fit for our team, but his price tag is right on the fence of being too much. If we can work it out and be under the cap say yes for sure. As for Leandro Barbosa, I would now put him as #1 for a swingman we should look at adding. He is 30 years old, a good scorer, mentor, and still pretty quick guard. He could really add a scoring punch off the bench for a not a whole lot of money. Now my #2 pick for a swingman we should look at is Demarre Carrol. I didn't really think about it before, but he is in a way a younger Tony Allen. He is very active, not as great of a defender, but you know that if he does get beat he will get it back on the next play and not let it bring his whole game down. He is not a great scorer but he will bring energy and a toughness to the 2nd string. 

    I would also like to say that I don't care either way on us either bringing back E Will, or letting him go. He is a great player, but too injury prone, and I am tired of seeing him on the sideline in a suit. I am going to ignore bringing in James Jones though. He is a great 3 point shooter, but his salary right now is $3.350 mil, with a player option for next year. So if you were him would you play for less money on our team? or play for more money on the Miami Heat, and possibly get another ring??

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  1. diablo2689
    Posts: 122

    Posted 03/09/2013 3:04 AM

    Also I forgot to mention.. The idea of sending Will Barton down to the D league is not a bad idea at all! He can play more, get a better flow to his offense and then come to our team as a better and more refined scoring option off the bench. 

    We are losing Babbit and Jefferies this year so that is a plus. As for Freeland, we still have him under contract. I would not mind trading him, or sending him down to the D league as well.

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  1. Nuno
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    Posted 03/09/2013 6:29 AM

    We need to think in at least 2diferent "scenarios...

    but first we need to think in the backup point guard, i think everyone agrees that having Maynor made a huge diference to us, so We should keep Maynor, if we dont we may target DJ. Augustin or W. Bynum. Paying around 3/3,5m.

    then the main issue

    1nd Keep Hickson (around 8M) and get a defensive minded Center and a scoring SG/SF, combining around 5/5,5m. (Example 1: SG/SF: J. Jones /C: J. O´Neal) (Example 2: SG/SF: J. Meeks /C: C. Andersen)


    2nd Let Hickson go, and get a Center that plays good D and also Score, a PF similar to Hickson, SG/SF to score of the bench and eventually a defensive minded guard. This 4 combining around 13/13,5m.

    (Example 1: SG/SF: D. Wright/ PF: E. Brand / C: S. Dalembert)                                                              (Example 2: SG/SF: M. Webster / PF: D. Blair /C: C. Kaman)                                                                         + Def guard(R. Brewer/W. Green)


    ps: in both cases we shoud add  1/2 more vets with a room exception. and there is a guy i would keep a eye on, C. Copeland from the Knicks would add some offensive power!

  1. Siccolo
    Posts: 1250

    Posted 03/10/2013 12:57 PM

    BIG no to Augusin. James Jones, and Barbosa

    Maynor is better than DJ

    James Jones was considering retirement and is old and sucks now haha Babbit is probably better

    Barbosa just tore his ACL

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  1. Nuno
    Posts: 212

    Posted 03/10/2013 1:55 PM

    Siccolo i agree that Maynor is better then DJ Augustin (he would be an alternative if we could keep Maynor), Barbosa will need time to recover from the injury...

    James Jones is an experienced player, that could be very useful to us, i think... but as i said, those are just examples that i think woud fill our needs... Gary Neal(Spurs) or even Raja Bell that got waived... coulf be very useful too

  1. Siccolo
    Posts: 1250

    Posted 03/10/2013 8:04 PM

    I understand veterans are useful but washed up players wont help that much imo

    Gary Neal would be the perfect fit

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  1. knorton181
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    Posted 03/12/2013 12:03 AM

    a) James Jones is an upgrade over Babbitt, but I'm not sure how that would work. Either way, with Batum's high minutes and Claver as his backup, I'm not sure that we need anything more than someone who is very cheap, but hopefully solid enough to provide something if needed. Which is why I believe we may just keep Pavlovic.

    b) We're keeping Maynor, I don't think there's a question. He's a RFA, and he's meshing really, really well with this team. And we've already seen improvements in the rest of our bench's production.

    c) IF we keep Hickson, which I believe we will(and should) try and do, I don't see us going out and trying to pick up a defensive minded Center. We already have a BIG ol' guy, Meyers, who has already showed leaps and bounds in terms of development. It would be wasted money to try and sign someome like Zaza or Mozgov on top of this when we are already developing a young C.

    d) It doesn't seem like it's in our plans to keep Jeffries. We need a solid backup to Aldridge and I think, like diablo had said, Dejuan Blair would be a great pickup. He is a solid player at both PF and C, has times where he surpasses solid and shows some greatness, wouldn't be expensive, and is a high energy player, which we need.

    f) I also don't believe we need a defensive minded SG. Wesley is one of the best defenders on our team, and probably on of the better SG defenders in the league. He just needs rest, so bringing in someone, anyone, to take some minutes off of his hands would do this team great.

    g) You may not like the idea of Elliot Williams in our plans for next year, but it's evident that he is, in some way. It may just be a fallback option, but it spoke volumes when Elliot wasn't cut and Ronnie Price was for the Maynor trade. He would be cheap, and if he can somehow show he can stay healthy in the offseason. It's a great option.

    h) I know I've heard from people before that might say "really.. he only had one good game, what's with all the high praise," but I do believe Coby Karl would be an offseason addition. We will only be needing a PG who'll avg less than 4 minutes per game in the season, and will mainly be there in case of injury. Karl showed, in my opinion, that he deserves a shot at a NBA roster (even if it's just as a bench warmer to start). He's a smart player who would be able to confidenty hold his own if needed. And at least knows how to run a unit unlike Nolan, no offence.

    So in my opinion, next years roster will be much of the same.

    PG: Lillard, Maynor, [Coby Karl]
    SG: Wesley, [Elliot Williams], Barton
    SF: Batum, Claver, [Pavlovic]
    PF: LA, [Dejuan Blair], Freeland
    C: [Hickson], Meyers

    The good news about the above, is it's only 14 players, and since we will at least be having one draft pick, this leaves a spot for the acquired draftee.

    I truly believe this team as is can become serious contenders. They've shown they can compete with the best, but they need to be more consistent. But consistency is gained through experience. Many of us choose to ignore how young this team is. You all remember the year OKC drafted Russell Westbrook? You remember how young they were, how much potential they had as a team. Well they finished 13th in the conference that year. The average for player's age on the team was 26. The average age of the players on our team this year is 24. This team has a ton of potential.

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  1. Siccolo
    Posts: 1250

    Posted 03/12/2013 6:06 PM

    Hickson, LA, Myers will not be good enough on the defensive side...

    We give up so many points in the paint every game, Im fine with keeping them but we would need to add another big man.. Blair might do the job I would like to bring him in.... Brendan Wright would be a good fit too.

    A bench of Maynor, Myers,  Claver, Maybe Blair and maybe Elliot Williams will not cut it in the play offs...

    Our bench a huge reason why we lost so many games this year, were going to have to bolster it at least a little this offseason. 

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  1. Nuno
    Posts: 212

    Posted 03/13/2013 8:47 AM

    I agree i need another big man, experienced and strong on D, and I would add a SG/SF to score off the bench, because i think elliot may stay, but will need time to recover from the injury and would be better to have another option.
  1. 54Tone
    Posts: 6

    Posted 03/13/2013 7:15 PM

    blair is 6'7


    they need to rebuild the whole bench without trading any starters.

  1. 54Tone
    Posts: 6

    Posted 03/13/2013 7:18 PM

    oh and blair is terrible freethrow shooter... and a poor shot blocker.
  1. commontongue
    Posts: 1864

    Posted 03/13/2013 10:12 PM

    Blair would thrive in Phoenix and i'll tell you why. Its his kind of climate. Its a place where you can be rewarded for your style of play. Of course that can be said of many places but in PHX, there seems to be a fountain of youth that rejuvenates historically ailed players. They may not become All-Stars , but they sure as hell look alot healthier. When you say Blair, you may as well say Roy, because both have about as much knee left as we have a chance of being the first seed in the west. My wife says what we all already know, we need a center. I agreed but added that we also need a guy who you cant stop even if you know what he's going to do. I made mention to that type of guy earlier. 6'6" ball handling pure shooter to compliment Lillard. Some say Tyreke, i say Klay Thompson.
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. Nuno
    Posts: 212

    Posted 03/14/2013 2:17 PM

     nice analysis i recomend you read it...

  1. DamianLilard
    Posts: 221

    Posted 03/16/2013 1:11 PM

    i am thinking about signing robin lopez to a 4 years and 4 million dollars per year.then kevin seraphin, we can get him for 4 years and 3 million dollars. then sign tony allen for 4 years and maybe 3.2 million dollars. we can always draft a SF in the draft i am thinking about either Solomon Hills or Andre Roberson, they both provide same talent. or we can get both. they both provide rebounding, but i think we should draft Hills and RUSS SMITH. line up is good.






    this line up is what it takes for us to win games. each starter will only have to play up to a max 32 mins. per night. our 2nd units provide everything from shooting, passing, defense, rebounding and energy, i think they should be able to get at least 35 points, 16 rebound, 12 assists, 16 mins, 5 steals, 4 blocks, and of course 5 dunks per night. what you think blazers night, if you have a other strageties that will put less mins. on our big 3 and a starting C please tell me. who want lillard to be injuries, i sure don't



    I am a fan of Damian Lilard leading us to a title and MVP to him, LA and MEYERS
  1. Siccolo
    Posts: 1250

    Posted 03/16/2013 3:21 PM

    Pelicans will keep Lopez and give him a hefty deal.

    Seraphin will probably get a good deal to from Wizards.....maybe not tho- would be a good pick up

    I think a good option would be to sign Tyreke Evans/OJ Mayo then fill out the roster with like Brendan Wright/Cole Adrich/ Elliot Williams/ 

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  1. DamianLilard
    Posts: 221

    Posted 03/16/2013 5:54 PM

    i agreed with siccolo, maybe sign Mayo to a 4 years and 7 million dollars per year deal. get Wright and Adrich to whatever we can get them for, but i don't want Williams back, but we can draft Hills and Russ Smith to gives us less mins. on our big 3
    I am a fan of Damian Lilard leading us to a title and MVP to him, LA and MEYERS
  1. special k
    special k
    Posts: 14

    Posted 03/16/2013 10:59 PM

    Klay Thompson and Gary Neal are great ideas, but how would we pry them away from their current teams? People I would like to see on this roster which I think we could get are Brandon Rush and Chase Budinger. 

    Another guy who is a free agent and I think we should look at is Tyler Hansborough. He is big, underrated, and a banger that would mesh well with LaMarcus. And my dream center would be JJ. I understand we don't have the cap for this but imagine this. Brandon Rush is 4 million dollars, we could probably sneak budinger away from the wolves for 3 million and we pay Hansborough his 4.25 mil and Match anything for Maynor since he is restricted and THEN use JJ's Bird rights, we would probably be able to pull it off... And since our draft pick is top 12 protected and since we are tied with Dallas for the 12th spot we would also include a draftee. Our roster would look something like

    PG- Lillard, Maynor,

    SG-Matthews, Rush, Will, Glenn Robinson III

    SF-Batum, Claver, Budinger, Glenn Robinson III

    PF-Aldridge, Hansborough

    C-Hickson, Leonard.

    For those of you who don't know very much about this kid go to for more details. I am riding high on this guy all ready. Pumped for draft night! Almost hope we do miss out on playoffs...

    I am a fan of the new trailblazer jerseys
  1. Siccolo
    Posts: 1250

    Posted 03/17/2013 12:37 AM

    Mayo will get a better deal than 4 yr 7 mill deal tho....He has calmed down since his strong start but some team will give him a 35-40 million dollar deal over 4 years....

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  1. sug81
    Posts: 254

    Posted 03/17/2013 2:04 AM

    I love the Hansborough idea but doubt Indy gives him up and Aldrich is not a bad idea either. No way do we get Mayo, but that'd be fantastic!

    Kyle Korver should definitely be looked at if he is not too much and also Tobias Harris is cheap and has a lot of upside. There is also Al-Farouq Aminu and CJ Miles.

    But I would want to see something like this:

    PG: Lillard/Maynor

    SG: Matthews/E.Williams/Barton(D-league)

    SF: Batum/Claver/one of the four wings I mentioned before

    PF: Aldridge/Hickson/Freeland(D-league)

    C: Leonard/Hickson/Jermaine O'neil

    That's only 13 people so maybe by some miracle someone like Rudy Gobert or Tim Hardaway Jr. slips to the second round we snag them.

    I am a fan of that GRIT & GRIND
  1. Nuno
    Posts: 212

    Posted 03/17/2013 7:29 AM

    That you said Sug81 is almost the same i think, i just wouldnt  keep E. Williams, because i´m not sure if he will be good enough, injuries ... I would rather  get other cheap scoring SG to our bench... Maybe Alan Anderson, E´Twaun Moore or Gary Neal...

    O´Neal would be a good fit, wont demand big minutes or big money, will help Hickon and Leonard improve their defense and give us an experienced Big to play when we need him.

    Freeland showed last night that he could be a nice backup.

    As for the wing, T. Harris is going to stay in Orlando almost for sure, as CJ Miles will stay in cleveland, so it leaves Al Farouq, that would be good and improve our defense. I would keep and eye on Corey Brewer and Dorell Wright,too

    Then i would just add  a 3rd PG, draft or minimun salary veteran...

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