The Let's Play GM Thread
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  1. cmeese47
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    Posted 02/01/2013 6:10 PM

    I had so much fun considering what we could get for LA on another thread that I decided to create this one in order to see what I could do and to give you all the same opportunity. I am going to do my best to suggest legitimate trades, and free agent signings all while considering the salary cap. I ask you to please do the same in your posts. Furthermore, if you have cap questions feel free to ask, there are several people on here who can help. 

    So lets begin...

    The question is can I build a contender out of this team before LA is a free agent? Honestly, I am not sure, I think making some additions to strengthen the bench would go a long way but to do so you need to convince free agents to come here or have valuable trade assets. I will come up with a plan to build this team around LA later but right now I am going to go in a different direction and trade him.

    Step 1... Portland trades LaMarcus Aldridge to the Detroit Pistons for Andre Drummond, Rodney Stuckey and a future first round draft pick. The reason I did not pick a year on the pick is Detroit owes Charlotte a first round pick this year so the earliest pick we could get would be 2 years after that pick is claimed.  

    Why trade LA? I did not want to trade LA but I was really concerned with my ability to make lead this team deep enough into the playoffs that LA would turn down what will be a max offer from the Dallas Mavericks. With that being said, Drummond is a much better offense player than most people expected when he entered the draft, his athleticism is off the charts and he is already playing good NBA defense as a rookie. The Dwight Howard comparisons are looking more accurate including his atrocious free throw shooting. Stuckey is included in this deal because he is needed to match salary. Ideally, he will decline his 8.5 million dollar player option this summer and give us much needed cap room, but even if he doesn't the team could use his scoring off the bench. 

    Step 2... Portland trades Joel Freeland to either Cleveland, Houston or Phoenix for a 2014 second round pick. 

    Why trade Joel? After a strong Olympics he looked ready to come in and contribute right away for this team but he has not been very good this season and is one of the few bench players locked up beyond this year. By trading him to one of the three teams with enough cap room to take on his salary we gain valuable cap space space and a nice trade exception, while the other team gets to see if they can find the same player the world saw in the Olympics or the bust we have seen in Portland. Additionally, since the 2013 draft is not very deep adding an additional second rounder in 2014 seemed like a better idea. 

    Step 3... Portland trades Victor Claver to the Chicago Bulls for Richard Hamilton and a lottery protected first round pick. 

    Why trade Victor? Like Freeland, Claver has been disappointing since signing this summer from Europe also like Freeland he is one of the few players on the bench signed beyond this season. Adding Richard Hamilton does nothing for this team with Stuckey and Matthews already at the SG position but what it does do is allow Portland to use up some of its cap space to acquire a first round pick. You might be asking yourself why the Bulls would include a first round pick in this deal and it all comes down to cap room. Right now they are well into tax territory this trade would be enough to drop them below the tax threshold. 

    Step 4...Portland trades JJ Hickson  a 2013 and 2014 second round pick and a future first round pick to the Utah Jazz for Derrick Favors. 

    Why trade JJ? I like JJ and he does a lot for this team but one thing he does not do is play defense. As a double double machine Portland could do a lot worse with their starting PF; however, JJ is a free agent this summer and could command a very big raise. Thus, by using the plethora of second round picks we currently possess and sweetening the deal with a protected first round pick Portland gets a young replacement for JJ with significantly higher upside and much better defense. JJ is young enough to pair well with Kanter in the Jazz future and with a wealth of money to spend this summer should be able to afford JJ and still make a nice splash in the free agent market. 

    Assuming the salary cap is going to be at 60 million next year, which seems plausible with the revenue growth Portland would have around 15 million in cap space. That number would rise another 8.5 million if Stuckey opts out. If he doesn't his expiring contract can be used to sign Favors to an extension. 

    NBA Draft 2013 

    One of the biggest benefits of trading LA was it allowed us to keep our 2013 draft pick. With 23 wins the team would really have to fall off the wagon to have much of a shot at drafting Shabazz Muhammad, Nelrens Noel, Anthony Bennett, Cody Zeller or Ben McClemore; however we would be in perfect position to draft CJ McCollum who as a 4th year college player is NBA ready and would make Rodney Stuckey expendable. McCollum would cost us about 1.7 million in cap space.

    Free Agency 2013

    With around 13 million in cap space the team needs to add a back up PG, SF, and PF. Josh Smith is intriguing but with Batum thriving at the point forward and Matthews not a great 6th man candidate he does not seem to fit in very well even though a potential line up of Lillard, Batum, Smith, Favors and Drummond does seem pretty awesome. 

    PF Targets

    Josh Smith he would be intriguing to consider and if we could get Atlanta to take back Stuckey would fit under the cap. However, he would not be a good bench player so it would force either Matthews, Drummond or Favors to the bench and I just do not see how it would work as good as it sounds.

    Brandan Wright he has been very solid in a limited bench role for the Mavericks over the last couple of years and would be a nice back up to have for Favors.  

    Andray Blatche he has been kind of a head case throughout his young career but judging from his numbers in Brooklyn this kid has a lot to offer a team. 

    SF Targets

    Josh Smith see above but his ability to play small forward in what is a very limited class keeps him on the radar

    Matt Barnes he has had a nice bounce back year for the Clippers this summer and has earned a nice raise while trying to keep Chris Paul they might not be able to afford Barnes who would be a great addition to the new look Blazers. 

    Chase Budinger he has played well for the Timberwolves this year improving his FG% to 48% while struggling from 3 pt range. If he can get his three point shot to return closer to his 36% career average he would be a valuable option for this team off the bench. 

    PG Targets

    CJ Watson he is not going to wow anybody with what he does but he is a smart veteran who is a solid defender and won't turn the ball over. He is also dangerous from downtown so he will keep defenses honest. A veteran and solid defender is everything Lillard is not Watson would represent a nice upgrade over Price and would come at an affordable price as well.

    There are not a lot of quality targets available on the market so allowing either Stuckey or McCollum to play this role seems like the best option if Watson cannot be acquired. 

    Here is an idea of what your 2013-2014 Portland Trailblazers might look like if I was in charge.

    PG Damian Lillard

    PG CJ Watson

    SG Wesley Matthews

    G CJ McCollum

    G Rodney Stuckey

    G Will Barton

    SF Nicolas Batum

    SF Chase Budinger

    PF Brandan Wright

    PF Derrick Favors

    C Andre Drummond

    C Meyers Leonard

    Add in some cheap veterans or rookies for the other roster spots and we are done. We can trade Stuckey at the deadline for picks or something and use the cap savings to sign Favors to a nice extension. Favors and Drummond represent a major upgrade defensively over Aldridge and Hickson. Favors has a nice offensive upside but the extra scoring production will need to come from the bench, which should not be an issue considering Stuckey, McCollum, Watson, and Budinger would be major upgrades to our poor bench unit. 

    What did you think of my team?  I can't wait to see what you guys can come up with.

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. Nuno
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    Posted 02/01/2013 7:08 PM

    big work you did there...

    i wouldnt do so many changes, and i doubt something like that can happen. he will most probably keep 8/10 players, and then fill the blanks... a PG, SG, C and a PF, if we let JJ go... and a few more pieces if needed

  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 02/01/2013 9:19 PM

    Hey I kept 5 people and 3 starters that is pretty good for me. The only trade which might be difficult to pull off would be the Favors for Hickson deal because he is an upcoming free agent and Utah is invested in Favors. Without the Favors trade then I would use the cap space to try and sign Josh Smith since we need improved post defense badly.

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. schwabbii
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    Posted 02/02/2013 12:11 AM

    The Favors trade will never happen. Everyone loves him and he is going to be the face of the franchise once Jefferson and Millsap leaves. I don't see Detroit trading so much for LA. Yes, he is indeed an all-star but they would be trading away a very very promising rookie for a great player, though a player non the less who is not a leading role type guy. I also don't see the Bulls trading for a bench player in Claver who really hasn't proven anything to warrant getting Rip Hamilton a first rounder. I feel like we would be lucky to get a first rounder at all out of Claver at this point of the game. Lets be honest, we need the diamond in the rough. The guy that is under appreciated and who is willing to shine for this team. Why not trade the Kings Luke Babbitt or even a Nolan Smith type guy for the likes of Jimmer Freddette. He has horrible defense yet he is improving on the offensive side of the ball. He just needs to be somewhere not with three guards in front of him. Just saying. That's one very obvious player who could make an impact without giving up all that much.

    I am a fan of
  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 02/02/2013 12:58 PM

    The first round pick was not for Claver but for the massive cap savings and getting them under the luxury tax. It is the same principle as the first Memphis trade which saw the Griz give up a first and players for Jon Leuer because he got them under the tax threshold. Detroit would still have Greg Monroe to pair with LA so it would not actually be a stretch for them to make that deal especially considering with LA and Monroe in tow they look a lot more attractive to potential free agents, which they need to sign this summer with the large amount of cap room they have.

    The Favors deal does seem like kind of a stretch but for three picks and young PF replacement I could see them at least considering the offer. Remember Favors has only one year left after this season before free agency so it could be possible that he is expendable.  But even without the Favors trade keeping JJ or signing Josh Smith would be an option but I would prefer Favors.

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. schwabbii
    Posts: 205

    Posted 02/02/2013 5:26 PM

    Being in Utah at the moment, I know the Utah Jazz very well (unfortunately). They are going to sign Favors to a good contract and keep him with the team no matter what. If anything they are looking to trade Jefferson or Millsap but in no way shape or form would they trade away Kanter or Favors. The fan base would legitimate be in an uproar.

    I am a fan of
  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 02/02/2013 7:11 PM

    I guess Favors still has the Deron stigma on him plus those two have been touted the future for a while. Still worth the offer just in case.

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. Nuno
    Posts: 212

    Posted 02/03/2013 8:28 AM

    My turn to play GM...

    I wouldnt change so much...

    I would build a roster with 13/14 players.

    PG: Lillard/1/Price or Smith(i liked the way he played last night and if he keeps it going we could keep him)

    SG: Mathews/2/ Barton 

    SF: Batum/ Pavlovic/ Claver

    PF: Aldridge/ Hickson/4

    C: 5/Hickson/ Leonard

    Expiring Contracts: N. Smith, E. Williams, L. Babbit

    Other expendable players: Freeland and Jeffries (4.4M)

     Supposing that Cap Limit is around 60M, with the players above  ( including Jeffries(1.5M) and Freeland(2.9M) ) and if resigning JJ for 8M, we would have around 5M left to get 4 players. So at best, around 9/10M in cap to work with. Since i´m not very good with trades  and we dont have much assets, i would target mostly free agents... my mains targets are underlined.

    1 Jeremy Pargo(1M)/ Nate Robinson (2M)/ Jordan Farmar (2M) currently in Europe playing...

    2 Marco Belinelli (2M)/ Tony Allen (3M)/ Randy Foye (3M)

    4 Chris Wilcox (1.5M)/ Kenyon Martin (2M)/ Elton Brand (2M)

    5 Greg Stiemsa (2M)/Timofey Mozgov (3M) /Samuel Dalembert (3M) / Zaza Pachulia(5M)


    What do you people think? Good or bad? Possible?

  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 02/03/2013 10:05 AM

    It is totally possible I am just not sure it improves the team much. We add maybe a win a piece from the bench guys so your roster makes the playoffs but probably goes home first round. Pareto, Robinson and  Farmar while offensive options are as bad if not worse than Lillard on defense. We need a good defensive guard and Price is the only Pg on your roster who even comes close to that. I like the addition of Allen very much he is a monster on the perimeter. The others are just okay, get Tony Allen team is much better otherwise pretty much same .500 team as now.

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. Nuno
    Posts: 212

    Posted 02/03/2013 10:31 AM

    Ok, taking that into consideration, with any of the PG i mentioned (offensive upgrade)+ Tony Allen (defensive upgrade) + a backup PF, with experience (a 3rd string but that would be useful to rest the starting players). the thing i think i didnt explored good enough is the Center.

    But if we spend around 5/6M in the other 3 positions, the $$$ left cant get much more then Pachulia, Mozgov or Dalembert, that also give us a Center that defends better then JJ, when we need it.

    I think this moves, or other like this, are possible and woul make us a very strong team! Lets see, if we play this most of the times...

    Starters: Lillard / Mathews / Batum / Aldridge/ ex: Mosgov

    Bench: ex: Farmar/ Allen/ Pavlovic / Kenyon Martin /  Hickson

     3rd options: Price/Barton/Claver/Leonard

    we would have a strong starting 5, and an experienced and balanced bench.

  1. sug81
    Posts: 254

    Posted 02/03/2013 10:45 PM

    While I am not for trading LA at all if that were to happen there is no reason to trade JJ just move him to the 4 and have Drummond at the 5.

    I am a fan of that GRIT & GRIND
  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 02/04/2013 11:24 AM

    I don't see Detroit doing that deal. Why deal for a PF when they already have Greg Monroe? They'd be foolish to break up that post-duo of Drummond and Monroe.
    I am a fan of
  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 02/04/2013 11:26 AM

    The reason to trade JJ was Favors is younger and better than JJ.

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 02/08/2013 1:39 PM

    Here is a list of my ideal bench players at every position:

    PG: Iman Shumpert he is one the leagues best defenders and while he is certainly not an offensive juggernaut he does not turn the ball over and can play any spot in the back court. 

    PG: Avery Bradley like Shumpert his defense is among the best in the league also like Shumpert he is not going to set the world on fire with his offense he also does a good job of not turning the ball over.

    SG: Tony Allen he is arguably the leagues best perimeter defender and his toughness and energy have helped Memphis become contenders over the last few years. Like Bradley and Shumpert he is not a scorer.

    SG: Tyreke Evans I love defense but you also got to be able to score to win in the NBA too. Evan certainly has that ability. He also provides solid rebound and passing and the flexibility of playing multiple positions. He is an ideal sixth man to me.

    SF: Kwahi Leonard I could not stay away from defense for long. This kid plays the game the right way and with the exception of Evans he has the most offensive potential of all my bench players. 

    SF: Shane Battier talk about Mr. Fundamental this man brings toughness and shut down defense almost every night while he was never a big time scorer he remains dangerous from the perimeter. He is Bruce Bowen 2.0.

    PF: Taj Gibson he is one of the leagues best post defenders. He is also a very good shot blocker and is improving on the offensive end as well. 

    PF: Nick Collison the dude is not fancy at all but I love what he does. He comes out rebounds, plays tough in your face defense and the fouls the crap out of whoever he is guarding. He also has a nice touch around the paint on offense as well. 

    C: Larry Sanders this position was hard to fill for me but since Sanders has played mostly the center spot despite being a better PF I added him to my list. He is a great shot blocker and solid rebounder. The dude will only get better from here.

    C: Andre Drummond like a few of the players on this list he won't be a bench player for much longer. He is already a very solid defender despite being a rookie, his rebounding has been very good as well and offensively he has been better than expected except at the free throw line where he remains terrible.

    I would love to see the Blazers pick up any of these players or trade the whole team for these 10 guys I don't care but these are just some of the people I love off the bench in the NBA. 

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. Curvychloe
    Posts: 610

    Posted 02/08/2013 9:05 PM

    The players Detroit has are pretty much trash,otherwise they wouldnt be such a doormat
    I am a fan of Sexy Blondes at courtside
  1. jonthorpe
    Posts: 125

    Posted 02/09/2013 1:36 PM

    As painful as they are to watch, I think we need to be patient with Freeland and Claver. The NBA is a tough adjustment and they are putting in the effort, they're just confused on the court and that can be fixed with a full season of experience and a summer to adjust their game to what they learned.


    And out of the ideal bench players list, I think Shumpert, Allen, and Evans are attainable. Shumpert seems to be injured often but at 1.7m next season I think he is a risk willing to take. NY is focused on the eastern finals this year so taking their youth seems possible. Memphis is very hard to read at this point, if they really are focused on the future then Allen could be on the trade block but I don't know what we would give them. Evans....I'm really not a fan but it would give some immediate scoring. We could test him out for the last bit of the season like we did with Hickson.


  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 02/10/2013 9:41 AM

    I think we can wait on Allen he will be a free agent this summer and should be acquirable. Since Evans would a restricted free agent trading for him would be a better option so that we can match any offer he receives and maintain control over him for several years. I am not sure what the asking price for Shumpert would be but for any bench player not Leonard and second round picks it seems like a no brainer. 

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. freddead
    Posts: 321

    Posted 02/10/2013 11:41 AM

    ray allen? ray allen wont come here i can guarantee that....
    I am a fan of
  1. Nuno
    Posts: 212

    Posted 02/10/2013 12:00 PM

    tony allen.... i think
  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 02/10/2013 7:02 PM

    Yep tony allen

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
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