What do we have to do to be successful?
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  1. Igloo
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    Posted 12/01/2012 6:37 AM

    I've been watching these boards for a while and thought I'd voice my opinion, and let others speak about their thoughts on the topic. My ideas I think are key to us getting us back to the playoffs are:

    Keep LaMarcus, but don't let him play how he's playing; make him play much more physically, get in the post (he was doing this against Boston), rebound and block more. Focus further on being a well rounded, efficient player. If he comes back after the offseason with a bit more weight on him, all these facets of his game will improve.

    Damian Lillard has to be more of a facilitator. Through 4 games, he averaged 9 assists and we were 2-1. In the past 13 games (we're 4-9), he averages 5.15 assists, not bad by any means, but the whole reason we were debating whether to get Kendall Marshall or Dame was because we thought Marshall would be a better assister. Though we now know Dame was the obvious choice, the differing W-L records show how much we need a playmaker. Right now, when his shots off, he can't help the team much with just his passing.

    Much as I love him, we should trade Hickson. At the moment, his value is probably at the highest of his career, and, just before the deadline, we could probably get something handy back if we ship him and a 2nd rounder to a more contending team. In doing this, we could insert Meyers into the starting 5 which would help his development for next year. Also, I think we should cut down J.J.'s minutes gradually until the time we trade him.

    In free agency, assuming we don't sign Babbitt, Smith or Williams we'll have a fair bit of money. I suggest we get Tyreke Evans from the Kings, whose value should be very low for a player of his potential. Also, a veteran center, who is tallish and plays similarly to Leonard, I would like to get Chris Kaman, and also Robin Lopez or Emeka Okafor as a depth PF/C.

    (By the way, I'm not writing-off this season just yet, I think we could make the playoffs  but I think to actually have a title shot, we should do the above)

    If you got this far, thanks for reading :)

    I am a fan of Lillard, Leonard and our strong core leading us back to the top!
  1. Curvychloe
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    Posted 12/01/2012 9:08 AM

    What do we have to do to be Succesfull? Hmmmm What do we have to do to be successfull. Well that depends on how you define success my man,if success to you is getting back to the form the blazers displayed in 1988-1993 or 1998-2003 well then I don't think they will ever be that good again. But if Success is just making the playoffs, 8th seed or so,they really just need to pump up their bench.Trade Hickson?! Come on He's the guy out there with the most Heart and you wanna trade him? Uggh that makes me not even wanna respond sweetie. As far as Lamarcus you can't MAKE a player play a certain way. He is who he is,he's not amare staudamire,he's basically Rasheed wallace without the temper he shoots midrange jumpers and averages about 7 boards a game.Honestly the Blazers are one of the Worst teams in the league and if your like me and you grew up with Finals appearances and contending every year when I was a young girl,well it sucks to see a once proud franchise deteriate so bad.I never thought I'd see the day when Clipper fans would have it all over me,is nothing sacred anymore it really is dec 2012
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  1. riverman
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    Posted 12/01/2012 9:47 AM

    The teams that are beating us are having bench players step up. Scouts have now figured out how to get the ball out of Nic and Damian's hands and double team LaMarcus. The last two games we've had 5 quarters under 20 pts and that's a problem. Free throws are also a glaring issue. I think we'll bounce back and before the season started, my highest expectation for the team was a 500 record and 2nd round of the playoffs. That's starting to fade now but not impossible. We're not deep enough. The Clippers have one of the deepest benches in the NBA right now. Offseason we'll be in good shape because the cap kicks in and teams with deep benches now will be scrambling to shed salary. I've just accepted that the enjoyment in watching the Blazers this season is watching the rookies develop into contributors. We cannot sustain one injury to the starters and win as it is. The normally vocal Neil Olshey is very quiet these days so I'm guessing he's working the phones. We'll see change around the trade deadline probably but not to our 5 best players.
    I am a fan of A team that plays like Tower of Power on a big stage on a good night
  1. knorton181
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    Posted 12/01/2012 10:31 AM

    Agreed on pretty much all of what Igloo said. This trade deadline could get a little crazy like last years, We gave up gerald wallce and got dame, imagine what JJ could bring after a season like this! But at the same time, JJ is earning the heart and soul of all us Blazer fans and making a stamp on this organization.

    Agreed Riverman, I've accepted that we're gonna probably have more ugly stretches like this, but I've enjoyed watchin the young'ns.. Hopefully Dame pulls back up soon though, I don't like him when he plays unconfident lol.

    Oh and also (I wanted to say P.S. but I'm learning not to) Rasheed won the ship in 2004! And I think LA has a better post game them he's been utlized to using
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  1. Siccolo
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    Posted 12/01/2012 11:57 AM

    Hickson has the power to veto any trade if I remember correctly. He is leading the team right now. He has been consistent almost every game this season.

    Cant see us trading any one in our starting lineup right now. Our biggest issue is defense. If we trade some expiring contracts and use our cap space to do an uneven trade to bring in a defensive stopper then that would help.

    Teams have really been getting Dame and Batum out of there game lately.  Would like to see him being take more shots in that BOS game.

    Batum has been very off offensively the past 5 games. He is 9 for 31 behind the 3 point line the past 5 games. He has taken a total of 58 shots. Would like to see him take guys off the dribble. The little fadeaway off a pick has not been working or his spot of threes.  He excels in transition, which we havent been doing. 

    Time will help us be successful. Im not patient but I realize that time playing together will help this team a lot. 

    I am a fan of This Quote "One Love. One Heart. One Human race."
  1. Curvychloe
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    Posted 12/01/2012 12:24 PM

    The Problem is Batum seems to blame everybody else,He blames the blazers style of play,and its like come on man, just hit some shots
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  1. riverman
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    Posted 12/01/2012 12:31 PM

    I agree whole heartedly that Nic is slumping and has lost his jumper. If his shot is not falling I'd like to see him take it to the rack and not wiggle the finger roll but dunk the damned ball! How many freethrows a guy shoots in a game says a lot. Nic hasn't been shooting many of them. His flu is now in the past and he played the worst game I've seen him play against Boston. He did admit to this post game though and actually took blame for it himself.

    I am a fan of A team that plays like Tower of Power on a big stage on a good night
  1. Curvychloe
    Posts: 610

    Posted 12/01/2012 10:59 PM

    At least tonite he stuck a 3,but he really needs to think about developing some kinda low post game,that way the blazers would be more effective in the halfcourt,cause as it stands now in the halfcourt set he basically just hits 3's. He doesn't beat anyone off the dribble and as a 3 he could always post someone up and maybe do a turnaround jumper or some kinda Alex English Midrange jumper,he'd be so much more effective then a guy who just shoots 3's and scores on fastbreaks.Blazers need rebounding Bad,they let the rhyno go and for many years I've been screaming just sign bloody Chris Wilcox.We need a backup 4 who Bangs,rony turiaf,chris wilcox. I mean come on,turiaf is on the end of clippers bench and he'd be a beast for blazers.Dumb
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  1. riverman
    Posts: 1431

    Posted 12/01/2012 11:59 PM

    Nic needed that clutch shot to get back on track. A lot of Clippers will be looking for work when the cap kicks in before next season. 

    I am a fan of A team that plays like Tower of Power on a big stage on a good night
  1. blazergazer
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    Posted 12/02/2012 4:23 PM

    I've seen all the Blazer games so far and this is what I got.

    Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum havent been hitting their shots at all. Nic did have that game winner against Cleveland but throughout the game

    he didn't hit his shot to often. For Matthews I know his thumb and elbow have been hurting but I think he can do a little better.

    Even though their struggles have been bad for us part of it is that they're not getting good looks. Terry Stotts needs to make some plays that get them good

    looks at the rim or from mid range. As for threes we already have  pretty good plays for them to hit those.

    Another problem the Blazers have is their depth. We need to get some bench players that we can trust to get points on the board every night.

    We had a good sixth man in Jamal Crawford but he really struggled hitting anything. We also need some bigs coming off the bench that can rebound

    and score in the post. LaMarcus Aldridge is really are only true power forward. Jared Jeffries doesn't provide the scoring in the paint that we need from

    a guy like him.

    Overall the Blazers need to build better plays for their shooters so they can actually score. They also need to have a stable bench that we can trust to

    score a decent amount of points.

    Thanks for reading :) 

    I am a fan of Damian Lillard, he brings me memories of what Brandon Roy did as a Blazer.
  1. Mieke Appel
    Mieke Appel
    Posts: 18

    Posted 12/03/2012 1:31 PM

    So everyone gets to have off nights except Batum.  Maybe you aren't aware that he was sick for three games but played anyway.  Of the games where he was not sick he's been averaging over 20 pts. per game with a ton of rebounds, assists, blocks and steals.  The Batum haters on the internet are disgusting to me.  Why not talk about all of the rebounds that JJ rips out of his teammates hands so that he can get better stats?  Why not talk about the fact that Wesley has only had two high scoring games?  If you're going to criticize, maybe we should talk about Damian taking so many shots that he's leaving the rest of the team to wonder if they'll ever get a chance.  All of our players don't always play with perfection, however, they're all giving their all, all the time.  It's a team sport.  Play like a team.

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  1. riverman
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    Posted 12/03/2012 1:44 PM

    All of our starters have had to carry the team and Nic was really sick. It's still early in the season
    I am a fan of A team that plays like Tower of Power on a big stage on a good night
  1. Siccolo
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    Posted 12/03/2012 2:12 PM

    This is a new team, 5 rookies. Everyone is getting adjusted to the NBA and playing together. Freeland, Barton, Babbit seems comfortable playing out there now.  They are the key because our starting 5 is great.

    Everyone seemed to correct their mistakes last games. Lamarcus stopped taking long twos, Batum fixed his shot selection, Damian found his groove, and the bench played well. These were all the things holding us back.


    I am a fan of This Quote "One Love. One Heart. One Human race."
  1. Curvychloe
    Posts: 610

    Posted 12/03/2012 10:06 PM

    JJ pulling rebounds out've other players hands? Thats reaching abit. And yeah Batum is NOT a model of consistency,lets not make excuses for the guy he's getting paid more and there's more exptectations with that,especially the way he cryed over the offseason about wanting to be in Minnesota.
    I am a fan of Sexy Blondes at courtside
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