Chillax.... The season hasnt started yet.
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  1. commontongue
    Posts: 1864

    Posted 08/27/2012 11:43 AM

    Whats with all the trade talk ? We've traded guys who havent played a single game in a Blazers uniform. Im all for making the team better through trade,but in the words of Olshey. " do they move the needle " ? Trading L.A. right now would be ridiculous. Unless its for Kevin Love. Trading Wesley only makes sense if Barton and E.Will outshine him in practice and in game time. Neither of which have Wesleys defense. Wes off the bench makes more sense than trading him. D.Lill, E. Will, Batum, L.A., and either Freeland or Jeffries at the pivot. The way i see it, we're only soft at the five spot. Bench. Smith,Wes,Barton,JJ,Leonard. This bench is going to compete. All it takes is one winning mentality on both sides of the ball on both units and it becomes infectious. I heard alot of our guys were going to be getting together in late August to gel and learn plays. L.A. specifically said that he'd be here early. If he and Lillard are here working on their pick& roll & pops, thats a bonus. I say we stand pat for a moment and see what develops. These guys may surprise us, especially if they all are coachable,but still play their game.
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. riverman
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    Posted 08/27/2012 2:23 PM

    I agree completely! I've been saying this all summer! It's a team sport and we have a new coaching staff. SUPPORT our players please people!
    I am a fan of A team that plays like Tower of Power on a big stage on a good night
  1. Siccolo
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    Posted 08/27/2012 2:38 PM

    I agree with Common. I was one of those people speaking of trades but Common convinced me that it would be best for us to stay how we are.

    I think people are not giving the Blazers enough credit!

    Derek Page of hoopsworld thinks that 
    Lillard, Matthews, Batum, LA, Freeland is a top 8 starting lineup in the West!
    That lineup is great!

    Then we have Leonard, Price, Elliot, and Hickson coming off the bench! That bench is good. 

    Batum is due for a break out season.  LA had a career year last season and this year he has a good point guard! Wesely Matthews is only 25 and is getting better.  We have good veterans in Jeffries and Price.
    This can be a great season for the Blazers! CANT WAIT FOR THE SEASON!
    I am a fan of This Quote "One Love. One Heart. One Human race."
  1. CarlJ1
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    Posted 08/27/2012 9:07 PM

    Trade talks in the Forums? what else is new I guess that what happens when you live in a microwave generation everybody wants everything now, I understand things didn't go our way in the past but, you know what they say "patients is a virture" I guess you have to expect some to be less patient than others so trade talks should bother us the last time I checked none of us are the GM, I can't wait to see what the guys that we have can do GO Blazers!
    I am a fan of Respect, Loyalty, Honor & Pride the same thing the Blazer & their true fans are made of RIP CITY STAND UP!
  1. cmeese47
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    Posted 08/28/2012 11:47 AM

    It is always important to think ahead and try to maximize value. This team has potential but a lot of problems much more than Common wants to admit. 

    Problem #1 PG- I think this will likely be a minor problem; however, Lillard is a rookie and while he looks like he will be a major play maker so did Bayless and he was lousy for us. Backing up Lillard is the real problem. Price is nice defensive player who would be a good back up for 10-12 minutes, Lillard will not be on the floor, unfortunately he is right now third on the depth chart. Nolan looked better in Summer League but that is fairly meaningless. He seems better suite to play SG in the NBA and we already have too many players there. 

    Solution trade Nolan Smith and let Price back up Lillard.

    Problem #2 SG- You have to like the effort Matthews gives every night.  The only problem is he is pretty much reached his ceiling. At his best Matthews will chip in 15 and shoot around 40% from three.  Consistency is a big issue for him and this team is not established enough to handle that kind of up and down play from someone they depend heavily on. Furthermore, Elliot Williams and Will Barton back him up, ideally they will push him for minutes but neither guy has proven anything in the NBA yet. 

    Solution- Keep one of the three and then sign someone like Harden, Evans or Tony Allen next Summer. Barton would be a great fit with Harden because he can also play SF to get minutes. Williams or Barton would work behind Evans because he is flexible enough to play three positions. Matthews would be a good piece to pair with Allen. 

    Problem #3- Whether you like it or not Batum is probably here to stay. His inconsistent play especially in the fourth quarter is a problem but the real issue for this team will be when he is not on the court. Babbitt can shoot but that is all he can do, this team is not good enough on defense to cover up for him. Claver has nice size for the position and would awesome if he plays anything like Galinari who is the same size. However, he did not exactly play well over seas last year. Pavlovic is likely our best back up SF but he is also the player we have the least invested in, which should keep him down the depth chart. No matter how you look at it 4 SF's is too many. 

    Solution- Trade Babbitt or send him to the D-League, move Pavlovic to #2 on the depth chart and hope Batum plays up to his new contract and stays healthy. 

    Problem #4- This team is pretty stacked at PF so how is this a problem. Minutes will be the biggest issue here. LA refuses to play center and that is his right but to get minutes someone will have to play out of position. With Freeland, Hickson, Aldridge, and Jeffries all vying for minutes at PF there is not enough of them to go around. 

    Solution- Either Freeland or Hickson will have to go. Jeffries plays good defense and can play three positions to get more minutes. Hickson should have a good season but he is an unrestricted free agent who should command a lot more than 4 million next summer he seems like the best option to trade. The ideal situation is one of these players plays well enough at the five that we can keep them all, not sure that will happen though.

    Problem #5- Leonard looks like he will be a nice role player for this team in the future. In the meantime he is going to struggle. Rookie centers pretty much always do. How good can he be, how quickly can he improve? Those are some big questions marks for the only natural center on the team. 

    Solution- Pray that one of our PF's thrives in the Pivot. If that does not happen then sign someone like Thiago Splitter to split minutes with Leonard until he is ready.

    Someone will have to go it is that simple. 12 men can dress for each game. 
    We have 3 PG, 3 SG, 4 SF, 4 PF and 1 C so three will have to not dress each game that is not maximizing your players value at all. It is because of this that I have been pushing for trades.
    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. Siccolo
    Posts: 1250

    Posted 08/28/2012 2:33 PM

    What Im excited for is my first Blazer season on this Blogging Site!!!
    Ive been on forums but they are usually based on the whole league. This will be my first Blazer season talking and discussing the Blazers on the this site!!!!!!
    I am a fan of This Quote "One Love. One Heart. One Human race."
  1. D Licious
    D Licious
    Posts: 199

    Posted 08/28/2012 4:00 PM

    I like being under the radar.. this is the first season in many years that I've been this excited for, largely because I think Lillard is going to steal the show and win ROY... LMA and Portland start racking up wins when Lillard starts closing out teams at the line and the lane and the dish:)
    I am a fan of Billy Ray Bates
  1. DamianLilard
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    Posted 08/28/2012 4:12 PM

    blazers are underrated as always
    I am a fan of Damian Lilard leading us to a title and MVP to him, LA and MEYERS
  1. BDawg
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    Posted 08/28/2012 10:36 PM

    Notice that Wesley's production dipped significantly in Dre's wake (as did LA's points in the paint.  Aldridge led the entire league in alley oops Dre's last year here).  Last season Wes found himself doing things he wasn't accustomed to doing with the absence of a true point.  Wes is far better off playing OFF the ball.  Matthews had the ball far too early in the shot clock far too often.  Thank you Cupcake!  Good luck in the Big Apple!  Expect to see a different Junk Yard Dog this season, especially with eager reserves behind him.
    I am a fan of players that play with PASSION and PRIDE
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