2nd round picks??
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  1. Chazzle94
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    Posted 06/04/2012 9:44 PM

    okay, so we have 2 picks in the second round of the draft and we have some decent ideas who where gonna take in the first round..Just wondering who some potential candidates could be for our second round picks, so i can have a look at some videos and whatnot. Scott Machado is the only one i know of.
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  1. cmeese47
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    Posted 06/04/2012 11:14 PM

    Machado, Jae Crowder, Herb Pope are the best of a group Portland should be able to pick from
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  1. boomtown
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    Posted 06/04/2012 11:55 PM

    heck yeah.  Machado baby.   Iona.  Nation's leader in assists, great shooting percentages, sound PG.

    Ya know, unless Wroten or Tyshawn slide, Machado may be the only PG in the 2nd round.  Oh, Tu Holloway, but hopefully his stock isn't where portland's picking.

    Here's some more by position that I like...

    Shooting Guard
    John Jenkins Vandy - deadly from downtown.  Honestly he should be late 1st round or higher, but he's not projected b/c stock is rising on guys like waiters, orlando johnson, and even lamb... they're all borderline.  I haven't seen Johnson play, so I only know what I've read.
    Will Barton - some say he's SF, but he's only 6-6 and thin framed.  But this guy is very athletic and has a high ceiling.  If he wasn't conference player of the year I'd be shocked.  

    I don't much like Buford and you know Cunningham.

    Small Forward
    Kris Joseph
    , Syracuse - pretty sound player, thought he was more of a SG though.
    Jae Crowder, Marquette - Big East player of the year.  Can't go wrong with the unanimous choice from the best conference.  Problem is this guy won't light it up from outside, he's only 6-6, and he plays more like a power forward.  At least every time I saw him, he was banging in the paint.  He's strong.  But he's going to be considered a tweener
    I don't know Kevin Murphy but maybe look at film on him too.

    Power Forward
    Draymond Green
    - He's only 6-6, but I like this guy. Go-to guy for MSU... In the mold of Charles Barkely maybe?  I mean, he's got size (235 lbs) and he will rebound, but he can also shoot with range, he has a nice touch for a big guy.  He can step out and hit 3's.  But I could see him being no more impactful than DeJuan Blair is to the spurs  ( i expected more).
    Kevin Jones, WVU - This guy shouldn't be a sleeper, but he is.  I think he was leading rebounder in the Big East.  He's bigger than Green, he's a double double guy who, when he puts forth 100% effort, he's very effective in the paint.  Good FT/FG %
    JaMychal Green - Watch out for this guy.  I think he got suspended or injured (maybe both) while at Bama, but this guy is very athletic.  He shoots, rebounds, will dunk a lot, even blocks a couple shots per game.  I think this is higher energy version of L.A. who can block.  Could be a real intriguing pick here.
    Drew Gordon - double double guy who moves well.  Only saw him play once.

    There's a guy Nicholson from the Bonnies who is long, athletic, might be more-so considered a center b/c of his wingspan, but I think he's only about 6-9 or 10, but he shouldn't slide to the 2nd round.  Also I really like Royce White of Iowa State, but again if this guy slides to the 2nd round, I'd be surprised.  

    Kyle O'Quinn,
    Norfolk State - double double guy who blocks a few shots per game because he has a huge wingspan.  His best attribute is his defensive ability; on the offensive end I'd say he's limited, doesn't have great hops, but he can score and he can pass.  He won't have problems matching up in the NBA.  His long windspan reminds me of Zach Randolph.

    Portland has worked out Meyers Leonard and Tyler Zeller, both of whom should go in the top 20.  Fab Melo is a question mark as to where he's going to go, but I have him targeted for later 1st round, but maybe after Leonard goes, if someone needs a 7 footer, he'll go quickly.

    Now if Portland doesn't keep Thabeet, if they target a center in the 2nd round and if the don't get O'Quinn, or if he slides....

    Festus Ezeli - I put him in the same boat as Fab Melo.  Fab didn't do squat as a freshman, then showed a lot of potential as a sophomore, but he didn't dominate... but he did improve as the year went on and I think he turned pro b/c he realizes the value of a 7 footer.  In Ezeli's case, I'm pretty sure he's a senior and his career's done.  He's had injuries and he missed chunks of this past season b/c of a suspension and injury.  I think he even red-shirted one year.  whatever.  anyway.  I don't think this guy ever played to his potential, but when he was in the lineup, he was very effective for Vandy and he made them a real sleeper in the tournament.  His stats won't tell you the whole story here because he's still developing, in a good way.  This guy has NBA size and he can block shots.  Given time I think he can be better in the NBA than a guy like Roy Hibbert.  Fab Melo too... but I think Melo goes in the 1st round whereas Ezeli should slide to the 2nd.  If he's available for Portland honestly I'd be surprised, but I'd take him over O'Quinn if he's available... I don't think he can be passed if he slides to 40, so check him out if you don't know him.

    That's about all.  I saw Kevin Murphy play against Murray State once, when they upset them, but I was paying more attention to Canaan and company, so I can't tell you much about Murphy.  He is slated to go around the time portland picks in the 2nd round, so you might wanna get tape on him.  

    There are international guys slated to go late first/early 2nd and I have heard of some of them, but I haven't seen any of them play.  So if Portland takes any foreigners, well, I'd want to look at some tape as well.

    If you are curious, I've heard good things about the following:

    Evan Fourier SG I believe, heard he's a potential first round pick, but not positive
    There's a tall PG who's name I don't know.  

    I used to use a site called draft express... google it if you want... it might be draftexpress.com.  They typically cover Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, and they have pretty good scouting reports on guys.  You should be able to read about some foreigners there; I just don't know if they have video.

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  1. boomtown
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    Posted 06/05/2012 12:12 AM

    I think Pope's problem is the same problem with many PFs, that position might be the deepest in the draft.  jaymychal, jones, green, gordon, royce, nicholson, the list goes on.  Plus with LA already in portland, well I'm not really sure any of those guys will be targeted by portland.  it's hard to say.  I do think portland could use a guy with some grit, and especially a shot blocker, so if you get that package in one shot, tha'ts great, but a 6-8 PF to me is not what the doctor ordered.  Pope's the guy who tested the nba waters before and had the heart condition.  I wonder if he's even going to be drafted, but he did have a strong senior season and I"m sure he's on some teams' radar, but 40th or 41st?   I'll tell ya, if portland takes him over Jae, jaymychal, or jones, even draymond, I'd be a bit disappointed.

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  1. Jin Nolasco
    Jin Nolasco
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    Posted 06/05/2012 6:02 AM

    Yes to Jae Crowder and O'Quinn.
    Add Orlando Johnson, Tornike Shengelia, Doron Lamb and Kim English
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  1. Chazzle94
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    Posted 06/05/2012 7:02 AM

    Ah nice, thanks guys. This will help heaps
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  1. RjP
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    Posted 06/05/2012 12:30 PM

    I see some steals in a 2 round properties - J'Covan Brown, Draymond Green, Henry Sims.
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  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
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    Posted 06/05/2012 1:27 PM

    Mad teams don't have nothin' for picks this year. Since both our 2nd round picks are low on the board, I'm sure our new GM will get a bunch of calls about relinquishing one or both of those picks.
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  1. boomtown
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    Posted 06/05/2012 10:05 PM

    Posted By Jin Nolasco on 06/05/2012 6:02 AM
    Yes to Jae Crowder and O'Quinn.
    Add Orlando Johnson, Tornike Shengelia, Doron Lamb and Kim English

    English is an interesting prospect.  I honestly did not fore-see him as a draft pick, but he's on my radar, kinda like Yancy Gates.  I like 'em both, just not sure what to make of 'em.  English shoots well, good percentages, and he improved as the year went on.  I thought he was one of those glue guys.  Whereas Denmon was depended upon, Pressey was the flash, and Ratliffe surprised, it was English who consistently came through with big shots and at times picked up the slack when Denmon wasn't on his game.  I think what makes him most intriguing is the ability to run that point at 6-6.  Not a pure point guard, he can handle the duties, so if he were thrust into a situation like Crawford as last year, he'd be capable.  

    Poor Phil Pressey.  Did you know that like 7 Tigers are all Seniors?  They're going to have just 3 guys returning next year. Too bad... makes their upset in the tournament all the more disappointing.

    Phil may as well have turned pro because I think he would be getting some attention with such a thin crop.

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  1. boomtown
    Posts: 272

    Posted 06/05/2012 10:33 PM

    Posted By RjP on 06/05/2012 12:30 PM
    I see some steals in a 2 round properties - J'Covan Brown, Draymond Green, Henry Sims.

    Sims and J'Covan ... Hmmmm.  Sims has that large wingspan, but I don't recall him being a blocking machine, not even a rebounding machine.  Still he's got that NBA frame; just not sure what to make of him.. not a big fan, kinda didn't think he'd even get drafted :/  

    J'Covan has one little question lingering over him... can he run the point?  The dude's like mighty mouse, but I don't really project him higher than mid 2nd round.  He has the same style as Lillard, but he's far less proven at the point, he's smaller than Lillard, and he's too small to play SG in the NBA.  You know what this guy is?  He's a smaller version of Jamal Crawford.  Brown's athletic, creates, can shoot,  and scores a lot... but he can't defend NBA SG's, so he'll have to matchup against PGs.  Like Crawford, he's not really equipped to run the point and he hasn't really been asked to do so at Texas, so I said it's a "little" question, but only because he's small; it's actually a big reason why he's going to slide in the draft.  He's either going to have to get taller, or improve his percentages and show that he can control tempo and distribute the ball.  Another year in school maybe wouldn't have helped b/c Kabongo will still be their PG.  I just don't know.  He's a guy who has a knack for scoring and he can take the team on his shoulders like stars do... he averages 20 a game, but his percentages are not great.  Not for his sake, but for the school and fans, I'd hoped he'd stayed in school... I thought him and all their youngsters would be fun to watch (but they're also losing all their size, so barring transfers or recruits, Texas is going to be very small next year).

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