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  1. diablo2689
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    Posted 05/18/2012 3:28 AM

        IMO Our management has done a great job of allowing us to use 3 avenues to upgrade our team. 1.We have the draft (2 first rounders +2 second rounders), 2. Free agency (we will have north of 10 mil in cap space if we keep batum/Hickson due to them being restricted FAs, and decent cap holds), and 3. trading (great young pieces + draft picks).

        Here are some options I feel would REALLY help our team +they are actually obtainable players unlike Hibbert/McGee/Lopez who will not be dropped from their teams:
    FA*  Louis Amundson, Mo williams, Chris Kaman, Chauncey Billups, CJ Miles, Goran Dragic, Leandro Barbosa, Jameer Nelson, and Jason Kidd

    RFA*  Eric Gordon, Danilo Gallinari, George Hill (if they grab someone like D will in FA), and Michael Beasley

        Evans, Cousins = Matthews, N. Smith, 1st round pick (nj pick) and a 2nd rounder (maybe both 
            1st rounders instead of one 1st and one 2nd) /// 
        Darren Collison = Babbit, and 1st round pick (6th or 11th pick)///
        Kanter = E. Williams, Kurt Thomas, and a 2nd round pick /// 
        Okafor = Matthews, Babbit, N. Smith (way too much but it works and we need a C) ///
        Bledsoe = Babbit (not a huge fan of this trade either) ///

        This is just a taste of the options we have, but I feel like if we want a C we will have to trade for one. Drummond is nice, but he might not fall to us in the draft if the picks stay where they are. We could trade up for him.. IMO this is our best option>

    PG:Dragic, Billups, Smith **FA adds
    SG: Batum, Matthews
    SF:Barnes, Batum, Babbit  **1st round NJ pick
    PF: LMA, Hickson
    C: Kanter, LMA, Pryz, thabeet **trade Williams and Thomas

    +++ Joel freeland, Victor Claver, and any other FA or 2nd round picks

        This is a plausible team beacuse we could sign Dragic for much less than 10 mil, and there won't be a huge demand for Billups. We could honestly pick him up for cheaper. This can also be a good defensive team despite Dragic not being a great defender. Having Billups coming back from an injury and not forced to be #1 PG will be a great situation for him to come back and be relevant in the league. This team also has GREAT depth. Is it a title team..? Idk it depends on how good Barnes and Kanter are. Both of them haven't got a real chance yet. It would be fun to watch. Plus Batum could dominate at SG and wouldn't be forced to play so many positions.He would than have the task of focusing on picking apart smaller SGs on both ends of the court. 

        I know I am not a GM, but I love feedback on these types of posts. I mainly just want to see the best outcome for my Blazers. GO BLAZERS!! Do good things in this offseason!!
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  1. cmeese47
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    Posted 05/18/2012 1:32 PM

    Gallinari is not a free agent he is signed until 2016 just so your aware. 

    Sacramento would not give up Cousins for anything else than a package that included LA. 

    I am not sure I want to give up E Will but I do like Kanter. 

    Also good job on the team at least salary wise as they should come in at around 65 million which is a realistic number. 

    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. diablo2689
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    Posted 05/19/2012 5:43 PM

    Really? I was not aware about Gallinari. Good point about Cousins though. I think they would trade him for the 2 first round picks though. Maybe asking for Evans as well was a bit much. I personally really like E Will as well, but if we want a quality C prospect, we have to give up talent. I personally would be fine with sending Matthews back to Utah, but I doubt that would work or go over well.
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  1. diablo2689
    Posts: 122

    Posted 05/19/2012 5:43 PM

    Really? I was not aware about Gallinari. Good point about Cousins though. I think they would trade him for the 2 first round picks though. Maybe asking for Evans as well was a bit much. I personally really like E Will as well, but if we want a quality C prospect, we have to give up talent. I personally would be fine with sending Matthews back to Utah, but I doubt that would work or go over well.
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  1. cmeese47
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    Posted 05/20/2012 3:22 PM

    I think we need to do a few things specifically.

    One dump Matthews salary, I like that he plays hard and has done a good job staying healthy but at over $6.5 million a season that is too much money considering he is a role player on a championship team.

    Second dump Batum for whatever we can get for him unless he is willing to resign for the amount we currently pay Matthews. I would like to at least a first round pick for him but not sure that will happen anymore.

    Decide if LA can be the next Dirk Nowitski if he can find build a team around him, if not trade him.
    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. Ricky
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    Posted 05/22/2012 3:50 PM

    I was looking at the possible draft positions we might have at draft time.  It appears the worst position would be if new jersey nets get to select 1,2,or3 and the two teams behind us get to select into the other two positions.  This would put us at #13 with only one selection in the first round.  The best position we could get would be #7 and #1.  The possibilities exist all over the map.  
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  1. RipCityDisciple
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    Posted 05/26/2012 5:47 AM

    I am going to give this a shot and will probably fail horribly but here goes;

     For FA's Offer max contract to D-Will and see what happens, if he declines then offer a contract to Lou Williams(8-9 mil/yr) Williams would be a great signing because he can score at will and can get other players involved as well and he would cost far less then D-Will and would be someone I think who would actually consider playing for the Blazers. Next I would go after Hibbert(12-14mil/yr.)  If no Hibbert then I see if San Antonio would trade Splitter and their 1st round pick for our #11 pick(if it took the #6 pick I would consider it but only if the Spurs added their 2nd round pick this year and next year.) If they say no then I offer the same deal to Toronto for Barnagni(no consideration for #6 pick.)

    Draft Sullenger and Terrence Ross with remaining draft picks.

    Resign Batum no matter what it takes. Resign Hickson(4-6 mil/yr)

    Bring over Claver,Freeland and Diebler from overseas

    2013 Roster

    PG: D-Will/Williams, Smith, Diebler
    SG: Matthews, E-Will, Ross
    SF: Batum, Sullenger, Claver
    PF: LA, Hickson, Babbitt
      C: Hibbert/Splitter/Barnangi, Pryzbilla, Freeland

    Starters: D-Will/Williams, Matthews, Batum, LA, Hibbert/Splitter/Barnangi
    Bench: Diebler, E-Will, Sullenger, Hickson, Babbitt, Pryz
    3rd String: Smith, Ross, Claver, Freeland
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  1. TJ31
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    Posted 05/26/2012 2:51 PM

    Here are Some moves that will help us get back into the playoffs next year and improve for the future.

    Trade 11th pick and Nolan Smith for Kyle Lowry, sign Batum, sign Hickson, draft Beal, trade Matthews for Al Jefferson (Utah already has 3 good young post players, they'll trade Jefferson to try to free up cap space).  Sign Grant Hill for 1 year with a 1 year option for the MLE, re-sign Flynn,

    PG: Lowry, Flynn

    SG: Batum, Williams, Beal

    SF: Hill, Babbit,

    PF: Alridge, Hickson, Thomas

    C: Jefferson, Freeland, Przybilla

    Jefferson is a perfect fit to play alongside Aldridge as he gives us interior defense, rebounding, and low post scoring, and is only 27.  Lowry will be our PG for years to come as hes only 26 and averaged 16, 7 and 5 as a starter last year.  Hill will be brought in to hold over until Beal is ready to start SG (maybe only for a year) but he could also teach Batum some tricks on defense. 

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  1. commontongue
    Posts: 1864

    Posted 05/26/2012 9:54 PM

    Im not as sold on Babbitt as alot of you are. He's soft. Soft means expendable. Make a move for Rondo, and throw Babbitt in the deal.
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. diablo2689
    Posts: 122

    Posted 05/27/2012 6:11 AM

    I really like Jefferson, Lowry, Beal, and Hill to fill missing slots on our team.. BUT the trades you offered I feel don't have a great chance of working.

    1.) I think the jazz would be willing to trade a big, and maybe even Jefferson to get under the cap... but they
    wouldn't for just matthews. You would have to throw in one of our picks at least. It would probably be the #6 pick and matthews. (Jefferson is a good C, and they are rare in the league)

    2.) #11 pick and a 3rd string PG in smith -> for the best PG in houston.. That won't work. Maybe, just maybe it work for the #11 and Elliot Williams for Lowry. Even then you are trading a SG with an injury history and an unproven #11th pick, for a proven PG leader. Our best bet would be to pick up a good PG in FA (Dragic, Nelson, or Billups). Or trade for Collison or Bledsoe.

    3.) I like Hill, but we have cap space to spend on players of the future here this summer. Even though he would fill a whole for a season or 2 (if that), I say we go for a long term solution. In reality though if we keep with all the previous trades additions above, we might still keep the #11th pick and draft someone like Terrence Jones. All in all though, the Hill signing isn't a bad one.
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  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 05/27/2012 11:04 AM

    I agree that neither Utah nor Houston would accept the above trades. But come on Collison and Bledsoe will never ever be enough to get us anywhere near competing for a title. As lop sided as his deals were at least going after Lowry is a smart long term decision for this team. 

    Terrance Jones is a great athlete but his basketball IQ is terrible. He makes numerous bone head plays that will kill him in the next level. He routinely gets out of position by leaving his man to try an make impossible weak side blocks giving up tons of offensive rebounds in the process. He gambles way too much on defense and tends to leave his teammates out to dry, which was acceptable in Kentucky with MKG and A. Davis around to clean up his mistakes.  He also has a very inconsistent motor, which is not something we need. 

    Has potential on a team with time to let him mature or on a bad team that is used to mistakes. 
    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. commontongue
    Posts: 1864

    Posted 05/27/2012 6:33 PM

    Terrance Jones would thrive under Popovich. Cousins is a helmet away from the short bus. I do not want that idiot on our squad. Lowry has openly voiced his opinion of his coach, which speaks volumes as to his non professionalism. What we need to do is draft better. Late first rounders and second rounders, ie., the Manu's, the ones overlooked that go on to become beasts, are what we need to go after. Draft motors, and we will teach the skillsets. Providing that we have the asst. coaches to do so. Get me SVG, bring with him Patrick Ewing, and draft whatever center we want. 
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. schwabbii
    Posts: 205

    Posted 05/29/2012 1:56 PM

    Ok you guys do know that just signing a superstar won't fix our problems right? Deron Williams is a cry baby and cares only about the money. His leadership skills are not there and he hasn't proven to be a winner. Rondo is an excellent point guard but you also forget that he has been surrounded by exactly the right tools to succeed. I mean, when you have the best pure shooter in the game with Ray, and pretty dang good shooters in Pierce and Garnett, he is bound to get his. So who would surround Rondo on the blazers? If Rondo fails to work on his own shooting, which he has partially improved on but not to where he should be, then Rondo really isn't that effective for us.
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  1. cmeese47
    Posts: 2735

    Posted 05/29/2012 2:10 PM

    @Schwabbii Batum happens to be one of the best spot up shooters in the NBA and he would be a nice complement to Rondo. 
    I am a fan of Getting Defensive Players This Summer.
  1. barnettfan
    Posts: 392

    Posted 05/30/2012 9:29 AM

    Forget Batum even though I think his game would improve he passes away too many good looks as is wouldn't you agree? Think of Babbit shooting almost 50% from the arc that is better than Lebrons fg% period. Now I have no illusions that his 3pt% would stay that high but with Rondo he might actually get the ball passed to him when he is open and not as an after thought. Plus he can only make Wes better.
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  1. jsprague
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    Posted 05/31/2012 3:20 AM

    I think our main focus should be on the PG. We've got to throw everything we can at DWill or Rondo. If we can't get one of them, there are some serviceable options after that. It's easy to forget that Batum is still only 23 and he did improve some this last year. I say we keep him. Matthews had a rough year, but he was great in 2010-2011 and I think he'll get back to his old form. I love the idea of seeing Hickson and LA on the court for periods of time - that worked well this year. Either way, Hickson should get minutes because he brings an attack that we have been sorely missing. He is also only 23 and has a lot of upside.

    For centers, at the very least, we need a big body in there. Joel's value is in his mind, not his body, and would be good to keep around as a mentor/emergency big. I think we should focus our draft prospects on getting whoever is the best center we can get our hands on. I see the roster like this:

    PG: FA/Smith/Flynn
    SG: Matthews/Williams/
    SF: Batum/Babbitt
    PF: LA/Hickson/C. Smith
    C: Draft/Pryzbilla

    Round out the roster with our overseas prospects and draft picks and adjust according to performance.
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  1. Ricky
    Posts: 541

    Posted 05/31/2012 11:20 AM

    I think we should go after Goran Dragic and Al Jefferson then we could draft best available.  The problem is the draft is before the free agency opens up.  If Drummond drops out of the first 5 then we should take him even if he is projected to be only a backup to Jefferson.  I do not think any of the high profile players available on the free agency market are going to end up being available when their current teams use their options.  Portland will prob ably do something none of us sees.
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