Paul Allen's Note, More Draft Talk
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  1. Dan Harbison
    Dan Harbison
    Posts: 219

    Posted 05/08/2012 5:30 PM

    After Paul Allen's message, what are your thoughts? 

    Who has the "Golden Gut" as a potential GM? Where do we steer the ship in the offseason? Established coach vs existing assistant vs college? Trade picks for a vet, draft well with young guys?

    These are all topics that are floating around these and other boards, but here's an area you can put them.

    Tomorrow, Paul Allen will answer some of your questions via twitter. Make sure you @ reply to @paulgallen to send in a question.
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  1. ucatchtrout
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    Posted 05/08/2012 6:14 PM

    Dear Mr Allen, Thank you for your thoughtful letter. It said everything I had wanted to hear you say. But when I got to the end of it I couldn't help but feel there was one thing missing. You are the leader of this band Paul. Get out your guitar. It's time to rock! Sincerely, Ucatchtrout
  1. Ptldviktech
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    Posted 05/08/2012 7:36 PM

    Mr. Allen, thank you for sharing your thoughts.  I think most knowledgeable fans know that it's good to have an owner that wants to win, and that ultimately your positives out weight your negatives, and I hope you're the owner of this team for years to come and we're glad to see that you're healthy.  My specific thoughts on the GM and coaching search are that I would personally like to see a GM with at least a little basketball accomplishment.  You, Mr. Allen, have stated before that there are a number of guys coming up in the NBA that didn't come up playing the game, Daryl Morey in Houston being the prime successful example.  Smart numbers guy who didn't play basketball.  The candidate from Indiana sounds like that type of guy, and to his credit Indiana has run a nice program.  I'd prefer some one who has those smarts with at least a little post high school basketball achievement.  Sam Presti played at a small college.  I just think it never hurts to have a little bit of a sense of the game of basketball itself on top of smarts.  As for the coaching search, I said about a year ago that if Nate ever left(and I thought he was a great coach, if even though at times a little uninnovative on offense) I'd like to see either Elston Turner Sr, Eddie Jordan, or Kevin McKale replace him.  Turner and Jordan because as former Adelman assistants they'd implement Rick's high post offense and specifically the fact that Turner has been the defensive coordinator wherever he's been.  Mckale was obviously hired.  But whoever that guy is, don't think 'offensive guy' like Mike D'Antoni or 'defensive guy' like Mike Brown.  Get a guy who you have confidence to do it all and teach guys a great system on both ends of the court.  Admittadly, I'm the kind of fan where it's difficult for me to ever not be excited about a season, whoever gets rolled out there, but with the picks and cap space and change I'm really excited about the future. 
  1. kenny c.
    kenny c.
    Posts: 418

    Posted 05/09/2012 1:39 PM

    "golden gut" this is fine, but when he says that the GM will have to deal with allen constantly questioning and being an " involved" owner I can only think this is probably driving potential GM's away, since I think Allen might be a micro manager and we all know that those kind of people suck. I think Allen is probably hard to work under and this only hurts the actual team on the floor. If I had my way, allen would be an owner who actually let the GM do their job while he enjoyed the game from far far away.
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  1. ruffyruffruff
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    Posted 05/10/2012 4:02 AM

    Hi, I just want to say thank you to Paul Allen for an honest reflection. I'm an Australian, so I don't get alot of the media coverage most get in Portland, OR... but it was a refreshing read... I've been a blazers fan for over 20 years now, and although we had a frustrating season, it was great to see every game on (so. so. awesome.) for the 1st time ever....  So, I really cant give opinions on the GM / selling issue - but I do have decent basketball knowledge, and purely based on watching the game and getting all media from - here are my opinions>>> Firstly: Kaleb Conales. wow... what's not to like? hire the man, give him a crack... i like what I saw of him... alot. there is also JJ. Hickson... I love his game and what he brings to the team. There is also... Patty Mills. Now, being an aussie this may sound bias, but why didn't we give him a go at the point? watching him play well for san antonio really pains me... and i bluddy hate san antonio - what a silly, boring team. so yeah, that may be bias, but bring back Patty!!! my other thought include: Nic Batum... Love him, but harden up mate! you can be an elite player, eat some meat, hit the gym, get more aggressive, but love to watch the man play ball. Ray Felton... again> love him, but eatin' too many pies I reckon! slim down dude, you have the smarts n skills to be one of the best points in the NBA! I have mixed emotion of Jamal Crawford... it's a love/hate thing I guess.... hopefully you guys know what im talking about... my girlfriend gets confused at me (cos I watch in bed while shes trying to sleep) she says "do you love him or hate him - cos I just can't keep up!" - haha. Luke Babbit.. very exciting and good to see him cut that silly haircut he had off. Joel P... hahaha, love the man! so unique... but anyways, ive been jabbering on for too long now, so I will end with a very predictable.... GO BLAZERS!! - woooooooooo!!!!
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  1. commontongue
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    Posted 05/11/2012 6:26 PM

    Honestly, i cant nor will i say that i got all warm and fuzzy inside after reading your letter. Im not easily moved by words. Im a man of action. And what exactly is Millers function, other than to give vague answers and say yes to you. And whats with the full nelson application on the front office. If you dont trust the people that you hire to do their job, why hire them ? You've got everyone in the Blazer organization walking on eggshells. My opinion,like many of those who work for you doesnt matter, but if you want a winning squad, then at some point,someone needs to have total autonomy over basketball operations. Not you,and definitely not Miller.And what a bang-up job your Vulcan Inc has done thus far. Let the people who are paid to evaluate talent,evaluate. Let the scouts scout. Let the coach coach. You arent any different than mark Cuban with his courtside bully tactics.Mean mugging players as you sit on the sideline. People talk about talent not wanting to come to a small market,i dont believe that to be true. I honestly dont think that anyone wants to play for a team that has not shown loyalty to the people who made us contenders. Kevin Pritchard,my God man, what were you thinking ? His departure was the beginning of our demise. But that was then, this is now, and you have an opportunity to right this ship. The key however is going to be whether you are willing to fall back and play your position, and let everyone else play theirs.
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
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