Grade The Trade: Trail Blazers, Nets
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  1. DHawes22
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    Posted 03/15/2012 6:21 PM

    Grade The Trade: Wallace To Nets For 2012 First Round Pick
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    Trail Blazers Acquire Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams, And 2012 First Round Pick From New Jersey
    The Portland Trail Blazers have acquired center Mehmet Okur, forward Shawne Williams and a 2012 first round pick from the New Jersey Nets in exchange for forward Gerald Wallace, it was announced today by the team. The draft pick is top-three protected, meaning the Trail Blazers will own the pick in 2012 as long as it is not in the top three of the NBA Draft.
     “This trade was very compelling to us because not only does it give us more flexibility in free agency, but we also acquire a very attractive first-round draft pick,” said Acting General Manager Chad Buchanan. “I’d like to thank Gerald, Greg and Chris for all they’ve done for the franchise and hope for nothing but the best for them and their futures.”
     Portland also requested waivers on centers Greg Oden and Chris Johnson today.

    Cap flexibility and a potential lottery pick in the upcoming 2012 draft are the main prizes in this trade. According to Hoopshype, Gerald Wallace was set to make $11.4 million if he exercised his player option for the 2012-13 season. By dealing Crash for Okur's $10.8 million expiring contract, they can ensure themselves more cap flexibility once free agency opens in July. Williams is owed $3 million for this season and has a $3.1 million player option for the next season. Even if he opts into that option, it's a price you're willing to pay for the Nets' Top 3 protected pick in a draft that experts have been clamoring about for years. Currently New Jersey has the sixth worse record in the NBA and if everything played out according to plan, the Trail Blazers would own the No. 6 pick in the draft as well as their own, giving them two high picks in a franchise-changing draft come June.

    But what do you guys think about the deal? I know Gerald was a fan favorite and gave it his all every time he set out on the hardwood in his one combined season in Rip City. Was the pick worth it to you to give up Wallace? Would you rather have traded to win now instead of the future? Or are you okay with retooling a bit?
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  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
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    Posted 03/15/2012 6:23 PM

    Nets are ahead of a lotta teams, heck, they might finish ahead of us.
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
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    Posted 03/15/2012 6:24 PM

    And who's gonna take the ball to the basket now? Gerald was our only 1 on 1 guy, other then Lamarcus.
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. freddead
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    Posted 03/15/2012 6:40 PM

    he wasnt a one on one guy they ive it to him in the post some time and about 60% of the time he'd eather get blocked or turn the ball over
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  1. daddylogan
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    Posted 03/15/2012 7:04 PM

    It overall, considering the draft a good trade. As much as I love the way Wallace hustles, you never knew what night he was going to show up and give a full, well rounded game for us...his shooting pct. is down, and in my opinion he has no "one on one" game because Gerald cannot jump!!! Just look what happens when he tries to go to the gets swatted or he has to adjust so much that he misses short simple layups. At times he also seems disinterested out there, making lazy passes and just had the "I don't care" type of attitude coming off him. He was great when this team had different players, but it is not the same as last year and with this group it just does not work.

    On to the future...

    peace out,
  1. commontongue
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    Posted 03/15/2012 7:06 PM

    E.Will will take it to the rack. Batum is now taking it to the rack. They waived CJ and G.O.,the sf they got from Jersey is going to be bought out, which means that something is in the works to get the squad back to fifteen.
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. Herr
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    Posted 03/15/2012 8:39 PM

    A.  We need consistent players and good players.  Wallace wasn't consistent.  He was good, but not consistent.

    The draft pick alone is worth the trade.  Getting 2 players strictly for cap space is even better
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  1. D_pickett
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    Posted 03/15/2012 8:46 PM

    Posted By Tobyus Sanchezo on 03/15/2012 6:24 PM
    And who's gonna take the ball to the basket now? Gerald was our only 1 on 1 guy, other then Lamarcus.

    Nic, Elliot, and Wesley are all pretty good about attacking the rim.

    DHawes, I have to say that it's odd to say that cap flexibility and a potential lottery pick are the big benefits of this trade when this is actually how we acquired a new possible starting center. Okur would start over Thabeet, and he may or may not start over Joel. I won't call Shawne Williams a terrific acquisition, but he might be able to give quality minutes. And when you consider that Gerald was playing a lot of the back up 4 minutes, we have to have someone like Williams to give LaMarcus a rest.

    Now let's just hope that pick doesn't end up in the top 3 so that we can actually draft a killer rookie with the deal.
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  1. mbmurr1
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    Posted 03/15/2012 8:48 PM

    "A" if we get the #4-7 pick, "B" if it is #8-13 The pieces do have potential and I don't  think Wallace was coming back next season.
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  1. blazerboy3000
    Posts: 3

    Posted 03/15/2012 10:22 PM

    As of now, they have about the 6th pick in the draft and they have 5 less wins than us so, I don't think so
    I am a fan of BLazers championships in years to come.
  1. CarlJ1
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    Posted 03/15/2012 10:29 PM

    I give this an A Chad did a good job today setting us up for the future we already have players (Batum & LA) to build around and we have draft picks to use and cap space so if everything goes right it shouldn't take long to be on the rise again.
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  1. The Unholy
    The Unholy
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    Posted 03/15/2012 10:29 PM

    Posted By Tobyus Sanchezo on 03/15/2012 6:23 PM
    Nets are ahead of a lotta teams, heck, they might finish ahead of us.

    what are you smoking? new jersey has the 6th worst record.
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  1. jamsmashers
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    Posted 03/15/2012 10:30 PM

    Love the pick and i want to point this out

    look at his stats, and he plays 10 mins a night, could be decent
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  1. postedbailblazers
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    Posted 03/16/2012 1:20 AM

    @ jamsmashers...
    that's thet wrong Sean Williams.  Our Shawne Williams is this one

    ...and he's out for the season with a foot injury.  Mehm-O is out for the season, it appears, as well.  Obviously these guys have little to do with the trade.  GW may be just enough of a boost to pull the Nets out of a top 3 lotto pick but not enough to make the playoffs.  I like our chances but if we're relying on luck it hasn't been in our favor lately.  I have always liked Mehm-o but his game has been off since the last big injury in Utah.  Have to wonder if he will ever be back.
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  1. Tim Daugherty
    Tim Daugherty
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    Posted 03/16/2012 4:25 AM

    The only decent part of the trade are the draft picks. Minimal players at best. Ask waivers for Oden and you acquire another season long injury. Doesn't make sense. But in the true spirit of the Allen's perfect!
    I am a fan of any team not affiliated with Paul Allen, the current TB management or those that think this team will win a championship in the near future!
  1. BDawg
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    Posted 03/16/2012 7:12 AM

    A plus.  Why?  Essentially, with Joel being on the roster again, healthy and active...Portland just picked up a lottery pick for Dante Cunningham.  Additionally, with the year Wallace was having, there is no way he would have commanded the type of money in the open market he was set to opt in on here next season.  That money can now be used to pick up a younger, productive and impactful player.  A plus, no question.
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  1. Luponsensay
    Posts: 2

    Posted 03/16/2012 7:57 AM

    lame, lame, lame.... to trade a strong player for two week ones, (basing off the season stats) even with taking into consideration the salary cap, and with the hopes of finding a good player in the 1st three in the draft is lame, (cuz that worked out real well for us with ODEN) the front office should of gave the team time to gel together for next season. This season was a hyper fast one due to the lockout, & it feels as if we have played more games on  the road than at home. And yes we have been choking the past ten games, some more painful than others, but Perhaps, as sad is it is, we call this season a loss and if we gave them time to work together (the team as a hole) and the fans stopped taking digs at each player we could have had a stronger team next year with the existing talent, but now we have to start from scratch, again… lame… but hey, what do I know?

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  1. uprised
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    Posted 03/16/2012 9:10 AM

    This gets an A for trading a player for cap space and a first round pick, but an F for trading the wrong player.  That makes it a C right now.  Batum's stats are all WORSE than Wallace's, and he has no heart and no grit.  He's an inferior player from every standpoint except for shooting 3's and blocked shots.  I'll take heart, toughness, and defense over euro league finesse play every day of the week.  Particularly on a team that needs veterans to help rebuild, and somebody, anybody, willing to accept and initiate contact. 

    What's done is done.  IF Batum magically, in his 4th year as a pro, gets his head screwed on and becomes a winner in his heart like Wallace is, and IF we don't pay WAY TOO MUCH for his long term contract, and IF we get a coach and GM that knows how to parlay all these picks and money into a legitimate first option for this team, then this trade will be an A.  If the plan is to build around Batum and he falls on his face, it will be yet another case of fate/mismanagement blowing a golden opportunity for the Blazers.
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  1. ACM
    Posts: 3

    Posted 03/16/2012 12:11 PM

    I think this trade gets a C+. If the pick is a top 10, I would move it to an A. The East is so weak, NJ is only 4 games out of the playoffs right now with a 15-29 record. Wallace might give them enough of a boost to push them into the No. 8 seed.

    Wallace is a good player, but his style just didn't seem to fit in Portland. Unfortunately, sometimes that happens. He was not consistent here and did not compliment our best offensive players (Batum, LA) very well. His defense will be missed, but it's nice to have guys contribute on both ends, especially at SG, SF and PF.
  1. D_pickett
    Posts: 726

    Posted 03/16/2012 4:50 PM

    Lol... I didn't realize we got 2 injured players out of this deal. I might lower the grade, except that pick is still a great one and yes, the money Gerald cost (and would cost in the FA market) will be gladly accepted as cap space. Also ironic that we had to waive Oden for TWO injured guys. But that's neither here nor there.

    @BDawg, great perspective on this trade. It really is Dante for a lottery pick. That's an AWESOME trade.
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  1. Mieke Appel
    Mieke Appel
    Posts: 18

    Posted 03/16/2012 10:41 PM

    Think you need to look at the stats again.  You have Batum and Wallace mixed up.  Batum is far better than falling down, blocked lay up wallce.  Go look up the stats again and you might want to look at pers and minutes played to while you're at it.
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  1. barnettfan
    Posts: 392

    Posted 03/17/2012 3:03 AM

    Not sure why we had to take 2 broken ones for one healthy and dropped one broken one. I do like the draft pick though. I did not like the Gerald Wallace trade when it happened we gave up all our bigs for him (except Camby) and burned out LA for the season. If this draft pick turns out than technically we started rebuilding when this trade happened last year. I gave it a "B" but really we should ask this question this time next year.
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  1. shynz0r
    Posts: 101

    Posted 03/17/2012 10:05 PM

    Gerald NEVER played or talked like he wanted to be here. Not to say he didn't play well in a lot of games. He played well out of work ethic and that's it. He didn't play with heart.  Outside of being motivated beyond "doing his job" by 19k screaming fans the dude mailed it in.  The Rose Garden screams are about as motivating as anything on the planet.  That's why he disappeared on the road.  Fans at home motivated him in spite of himself. I'd gladly trade a player who doesn't want to be here for a stab at a top 10 pick in a rich draft. 
    I am a fan of Rudy and Patty's off-court bromance.
  1. Jim Ibarra
    Jim Ibarra
    Posts: 10

    Posted 03/17/2012 11:10 PM

    A 2012 first round pick from the New Jersey Nets in exchange for Gerald Wallace. now before making a judgment please take a look at the nba mock draft for this year, here are the prospective players click this link

  1. BDawg
    Posts: 1593

    Posted 03/20/2012 6:06 AM

    Well well well.  27 pts and 12 rebounds last night GW?  Hmmm...  Nice game.
    I am a fan of players that play with PASSION and PRIDE
  1. Ttrain36
    Posts: 15

    Posted 03/20/2012 2:08 PM

    I wish we could've gotten a few pieces to help the bench. The pick was a good deal, but I wish we could've gotten a player thats injured for the rest of the year and a player we bought out..

    Or if we traded him with Marcus for a starting center, would've been a great idea as well. 
    I am a fan of "work hard, get results."
  1. uprised
    Posts: 136

    Posted 03/20/2012 2:27 PM

    Posted By Mieke Appel on 03/16/2012 10:41 PM
    Think you need to look at the stats again.  You have Batum and Wallace mixed up.  Batum is far better than falling down, blocked lay up wallce.  Go look up the stats again and you might want to look at pers and minutes played to while you're at it.

    Uhhhh no actually I don't have the stats mixed up.  And if you judge players based on PER, you really don't get it.  
    I am a fan of winning
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