Nate McMillan Appreciation Thread
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  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 03/15/2012 2:23 PM

     In six-plus seasons with Portland from 2005-12, McMillan guided the Trail Blazers to a 266-269 (.497) mark. Portland’s second-longest tenured head coach in team history, McMillan ranks third among all-time Trail Blazers head coaches with 266 wins, trailing only Jack Ramsay and Rick Adelman.
     McMillan led the Trail Blazers to the postseason in each of the last three seasons (2008-11), marking Portland’s first run of three consecutive playoff appearances since 2000-03. The Trail Blazers shared the Northwest Division crown with Denver in 2008-09 after posting a 54-28 record, McMillan’s best as a coach.
     After taking over as Trail Blazers head coach in 2005, McMillan became just the second coach in NBA history to improve a team by nine wins or more in three straight seasons when Portland increased its win total by 33 games between 2005-06 and 2008-09.
     McMillan is one of only two Portland coaches to be named Western Conference Coach of the Month three times (Adelman). He earned the honor in December 2007, April 2009 and April 2011.
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  1. Herr
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    Posted 03/15/2012 2:31 PM

    Was a good coach, just not one that could move us forward.  I agree with the firing.  I don't hate Nate, obviously, and wish him the very best.  But he didn't play the bench, didn't have good rotations, couldn't figure out how to prevent switching on defense, and couldn't get a good offense going.

    The Blazers waved the white flag today in the trade deadline.  This season is officially done for.  Get everyone good minutes and look forward to July when the draft is here.  None of the new players will be playing in Portland and are all big expiring contracts.   We'll have ton of cap space and some good draft picks.  Tank this season, start over with the veterans you do have and we'll have a decent future.  If this upcoming draft is as deep as they say, you could have a very deadly combo with Batum, Aldridge, and whoever joins us (Needs to be a point guard, and a center if the Nets get 4th pick which is the best possible outcome for the Blazers).

    Best of luck to Nate.

    I am a fan of
  1. mcgrath730
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    Posted 03/15/2012 2:38 PM

    Thanks Nate for 7 Great years. You helped rebuild us back into a contending team, and then dealt well with the injuries of key players. I'm sad to see you go but it's a new start for you and the team. Thanks again!
  1. Prophet21
    Posts: 20

    Posted 03/15/2012 2:39 PM

    Thanks coach! I appreciate the hard work you put in and I will always think on your time in Portland well. Many might have different opinions but I thought you managed quite well with everything you had to put up with (injuries) and you were also classy all the time. Thanks again coach! I wish you well!
    I am a fan of Damian Lillard workin hard and lightin it up!
  1. bar24bis
    Posts: 24

    Posted 03/15/2012 2:39 PM

    Good coach, good man, great role model. This will come back and bite this franchise.
    I am a fan of The NBA Championship in Portland ending with DL going Rip City!
  1. meligirl
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    Posted 03/15/2012 2:42 PM

    Thanks for your time and dedication, Nate! You will be missed!
  1. Anees
    Posts: 149

    Posted 03/15/2012 2:43 PM

    Sad end to an era that we thought would bring much success, but that aside, he brought us back to respectability, we had that great 54 win season of course and facing all the setbacks with Blazer teams that fought hard with pride. Though I haven't been able to watch games this season for the most part due to academic reasons (and some self-control lol), it seemed clear that it was time to cut ties. Wish him all the best and thank him for what he did for the team the last 6 years. 
    I am a fan of Lillard, Batum, Lopez, LA and T Rob taking it to other teams!
  1. elisedowning
    Posts: 1

    Posted 03/15/2012 2:47 PM

    Thank you Nate for bringing the Rip City back from the depths of the Jail Blazer days. During your tenure this city learned to hope again. As heart crushing as it maybe, it is nice to love and admire your team and then see them try and fail. Much better than watching a group of players you don't trust and see them fail by lack of trying or teamwork.
    Maybe we didn't get the playoff wins we longed for, but you led this community to hope and grow  together.
    I am a fan of being good people and good players.
  1. tonycan62
    Posts: 2

    Posted 03/15/2012 3:08 PM

    Not sure what to think still in kinda of a not worth supporting right now  with no G.M. and a owner who thinks portland is his fantasy team and only comes to games every once in awhile...
    I am a fan of anyone who thinks the blazers management have no idea what their doing...
  1. BeaverRahRah
    Posts: 3

    Posted 03/15/2012 3:09 PM

    I think Nate is one of the best Trailblazer coaches of all time.  I am sad and disappointed to see him go.
    I am a fan of Trailblazers basketball, classical literature, and science fiction.
  1. CarlJ1
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    Posted 03/15/2012 3:14 PM

    Thanks Nate for helping bring respectablity back to our franchise I wish you all the best your a good coach, today showed me it's an end of an era and this had to be done here's to New Beginnigs and I hope you have good sucess with the next team you coach.
    I am a fan of Respect, Loyalty, Honor & Pride the same thing the Blazer & their true fans are made of RIP CITY STAND UP!
  1. lrac
    Posts: 29

    Posted 03/15/2012 3:17 PM

    Thank you very much Nate for all the things you have done for this organization. I wish you all the best for your future. thanks again. it has been an awesome time
    I am a fan of
  1. flyroy69
    Posts: 64

    Posted 03/15/2012 3:26 PM

    Thanks for the time in Portland, and for the dedication not only to Portland but the Northwest as a whole. Like to see you get a team in Seattle, and revive a once great rivalry! Good luck to you in the future!
    I am a fan of A VERY SPECIAL 2013-2014 SEASON!
  1. dljensen
    Posts: 11

    Posted 03/15/2012 3:57 PM

    I want to say Thank you Nate for 7 years of hard work, a huge difference to our team, and your integrity and character are awesome and a great example to the community  and the Blazers!!  God bless you and your family as you seek His face for the next chapter in your lives.  You will go down in Portland history as one of our best coaches!!  You will be missed!!
    I am a fan of
  1. uprised
    Posts: 136

    Posted 03/15/2012 4:06 PM

    I got super overheated and emotional about the Wallace trade, but after a sandwich and the coaching change I am starting to feel a little more hopeful.  The positives on the day is our draft situation and cap space.  HUGE opportunity.  I think a new permanent GM and a coaching change is necessary to capitalize on the rebuild though.  I thought it was pretty amusing that all the Blazer commentators got their Christmas gift early in Wallace and Camby getting dealt, and Batum securing a starting position.  Then they got completely ambushed by the coaching change.  People will be talking about today's events for many years to come.  

    Hate to see these guys go, but very positive on the future right now.  
    I am a fan of winning
  1. freddead
    Posts: 321

    Posted 03/15/2012 4:08 PM

    so unsure of are future kinda scary really but ty mcmillan idk what happened this year but ty for the past 7 1/2
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  1. mario250775
    Posts: 197

    Posted 03/15/2012 4:16 PM

    Thank You Nate for this 266 wins ... and I will miss You , Good luck 

    Go Blazers !!!
    I am a fan of Portland Trail Blazers, RIP CITY !!!
  1. rytelrev
    Posts: 3

    Posted 03/15/2012 4:53 PM

    Thanks for 6 great years. Good luck on all future endeavors.
  1. Simpson
    Posts: 303

    Posted 03/15/2012 4:54 PM

    Sorry 2 c u go coach :(  Thank you for all that you've done for the Blazer's organization & us fans.  You'll b missed.  I wish u success in your next venture(s).
    I am a fan of OUR Blazers!
  1. Mark
    Posts: 77

    Posted 03/15/2012 5:05 PM

    Thanks Nate from helping bring this team out of a very deep and dark hole when we were known as the "Jail Blazers". There were many, many great memories over your coaching tenure here. I hope you get another chance with another team!
    I am a fan of having a completely healthy team for once.
  1. Bull Frog
    Bull Frog
    Posts: 95

    Posted 03/15/2012 5:51 PM

    A good hard working man and a good coach, he will be missed. Never in my 7 years of watching him Coach Portland have I seen the team play with such little effort, hustle and heart. I know it was not all Nate's fault. We wish him the very best in his future wherever he goes from here.
    I am a fan of Never giving up. I will be a Blazer fan for all of my life. Rip City!
  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
    Posts: 1669

    Posted 03/15/2012 6:13 PM

    Nate stepped into a mess when we first got him. He grabbed a mop, worked hard, and helped clean this team up. Now, things are so messy, that Nate's mop straight wore out. Everybody in this organization is sliding around on the slippery floor. Nate tried his best to soak up some of the mess with towels, but it wasn't working. The Blazers had no choice but fire Coach Nate, because somebody else on this team can work on wiping up this huge mess. We didn't need a high profile Coach to do this job anymore, minimum wage grunts can do this dirty work. 
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. hankgentry
    Posts: 3

    Posted 03/15/2012 7:47 PM

    Now we are really SCREWED!! I'm not happy to see Nate go - he is a very good coach! The Blazers poor play of late wasn't his fault - blame the front office and Paul Allen!!!
  1. commontongue
    Posts: 1864

    Posted 03/15/2012 7:52 PM

    Well said Tobyus.
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. Shaun Reesing
    Shaun Reesing
    Posts: 1

    Posted 03/15/2012 9:19 PM

    Nate, you are the MAN! Thank you so much for everything you did for us. You really are a great coach, but no coach is perfect and it wasn't working here. We know we are a good team. We know you are a great coach, so I know I'll be seeing you on the sideline for another team, perhaps digging them out of a hole much in the way that you did here. Very few coaching stints end in Pomp and Circumstance, so things are stacked against coaches, good and bad, from the beginning. Thank you so much for what you've done with this franchise, and bringing the fire back into Rip City. All Respect, G'Luck.
    I am a fan of BOOMSHACKALACKA!
  1. RWRoeder
    Posts: 2

    Posted 03/15/2012 10:44 PM

    I think that in the future we will look back at the firing of Nate as a lowpoint.  Nate was doing a great job with the hand he was dealt. In the future, Nate will do fine in the NBA as a coach.  Not sure we can say the same about how the Trailblazers will fair.  We need a some outside shooting and a point guard.  Patty Mills or Aaron Brooks work for me. 
    I am a fan of Nate McMillan and Mike Rice!
  1. fixerguy911
    Posts: 2

    Posted 03/16/2012 6:51 AM

    what a classy guy you are nate there is no doubt that we will be seeing you again coaching from the sideline without all of the theatrics most do with the yelling and screaming.    YOU ARE TRULY ONE CLASSY GUY.       My prayers will be with you,thanks for being a big part of all the great years and games in portland you will be missed
  1. mwemme
    Posts: 1

    Posted 03/16/2012 12:28 PM

    Thanks Nate for all your hard work and great attitude! I always admired your ability to keep your cool and lead the team during so many stressful times! Best of luck to you. You will be missed!
    I am a fan of team players, good attitudes and a willingness to work hard!
  1. Posted 03/16/2012 8:35 PM

    Nate you got class with a A+, thanks for the years you gave us here at Portland. I wish you the best in your future and not looking forward to playing against your team :-). I am sorry your tenure here was so riddled with injuries I think things could have been much better here if those didnt happen but thats the way the ball bounces sometimes and you did a great job recovering from it every time.
    I am a fan of the NBA fining referee's for obvious stupid calls and HARD AGRESSIVE DEFENCE FROM START TO FINISH NOT WAITING TO DIG A 10-30 POINT HOLE
  1. bbumpas33
    Posts: 1

    Posted 03/16/2012 10:55 PM

    Thanks coach its been a good 7 years you have turned this organization around it is just time to wash your hands with this team. Im sure you have bright things in your future I am already hearing rumors of you getting a head coaching job with the Bobcats. Thanks Nate wish you bigger and better things in the future.
    I am a fan of Winning some road games
  1. barnettfan
    Posts: 392

    Posted 03/17/2012 2:51 AM

    I got to honestly say Nate you brought this team into the light and I can actually wear my T-shirt in public now without being embarrassed. The team and you had a string of bad luck that I dont think you could have recovered from. I did not agree with your coaching style. I do agree with your work ethic and morals. I do know you and yours will be missed in the community because of this and will be long remembered by Blazer fans with fondness. Good Luck and Godspeed.
    I am a fan of
  1. sealer legion
    sealer legion
    Posts: 63

    Posted 03/17/2012 3:09 AM

    Thank you for your loyalty, love, effort and dedication for this team, Nate. You'll be missed. Honestly, I cried when I heard you got fired. But I do believe that you'll get a better job soon. Wish you all the best in the future. Rip City still love you Nate no matter what the circumstances are. God bless you. 
    I am a fan of
  1. postedbailblazers
    Posts: 165

    Posted 03/17/2012 7:34 PM

    It's not you, it's us.
    I am a fan of rhubarb pie.
  1. dgpdx
    Posts: 8

    Posted 03/17/2012 9:15 PM

    This is from an ESPN article about the Blazers reboot: 

    "The 'new' backcourt of Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford simply didn't produce much in the way of defense and quickly became a target of McMillan's ire as he chewed both players out in front of the team at a film session."

    Chewing out veterans in front of everyone, including the young guys? This kind of "coaching" is probably not conducive to building respect and getting the best out of those thus chewed. 

    Seems like Nate let his frustrations get the better of his judgement and thereby lost the team.

    I am a fan of
  1. shynz0r
    Posts: 101

    Posted 03/17/2012 9:51 PM

    ^^^ True. Although playing the worst basketball I've seen in Portland outside of an elementary school probably isn't conducive to not having your coach call you out on your garbage play.  Nate had given Felton and Crawford ample time to settle in.  He's not the greatest coach in the universe but a lot of this team just gave up on playing basketball.  And they were rewarded with Nate's termination.  That's the only thing that makes me mad about this whole situation.  I'm okay with Nate going elsewhere.  I'm not okay with the way it went down.  It's not that players didn't succeed because his Xs and Os were terrible.  It's because players simply gave up or tanked.  The only real producers on this team I respect right now are Aldridge and Batum.  While the rest of the big names floundered and threw games, those two guys still produced.  The young guys get a pass for lack of experience in NBA adversity.  I'm happy for the fresh start.  I'm pissed that bruised egoes and not a lack of talent caused it.
    I am a fan of Rudy and Patty's off-court bromance.
  1. sameer
    Posts: 9

    Posted 03/18/2012 8:58 AM

    I remember meeting Nate as a 7 year old in a basketball camp when he came down from Seattle to meet and encourage kids to play basketball. I've been a fan of Nate McMillan ever since, and was really happy 7 years ago when he came to take over the Blazers after a great run with the Sonics. Nate's done wonders for the franchise, and just because that time is over doesn't mean he's not a great coach, who'll get a job coaching another team pretty quickly and do just fine wherever he goes. Thanks, Nate, for 7 great years.
    I am a fan of
  1. commontongue
    Posts: 1864

    Posted 03/20/2012 9:54 PM

    Tequilla speaks a sober mind.... Nate you are and were for us a beast. With the exception of LaMarcus,Batum,Nolan,Elliot,DaGorilla of Vanilla,the rest of these Safeway select action figures would rather live on their knees,as opposed to dying on their feet. But... We will not go gentle into that good night.

    Brandon Roy for G.M.
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
    Posts: 1669

    Posted 03/21/2012 3:26 PM

    I just read J-Quick's recent article and interview with Nate McMillan 

    here's the link:

    If there was anything I would say to Coach right now it would be, you will always be a Blazer, don't ever forget that. We're the toughest fans in the NBA. We have an inherant ability to put the bad stuff behind us, and stay positive about the future. As time goes by, Nate's hard work on this team will still have benefis, as we will embrace him as one of the finest Coach's to ever be part of this organization.
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. Sharkelite57
    Posts: 1

    Posted 03/21/2012 6:43 PM

    Good coach and great role model. Thanks for 7 years of hard work and commitment to the Trailblazers franchise! Rip City!
    I am a fan of Allllley oooops
  1. postedbailblazers
    Posts: 165

    Posted 03/21/2012 8:38 PM

    Yeah Tobyus.  That article was great.  It really showed his human side.  A side he kept well hidden as our coach.  Nate was cold and unemotional as our coach but entrenched and dedicated.  A little more human touch would have served him well during his tenure and I hope he adjusts that moving forward.  I never felt the need to question his intelligence and basketball savvy.  He was always an asset for that.  Moving forward, getting a coach becomes a new need added to numerous others.  After an era of feeling like we were set at coach it's disconcerting to be without.  Was this a step too far?  Time will tell.  With an incredibly young team that will only get younger next year, the coaching position becomes a vital need.  I hope we are prepared to lay out what it takes to compete for a quality person who can help shape the next era in this great franchises future. 
    I am a fan of rhubarb pie.
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