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  1. Isaac
    Posts: 33

    Posted 07/03/2009 7:18 PM

    Well it looks like we wont be getting Hedo afterall, even though it was basically a done deal earlier today. Seems as though he will be going to Toronto.. which leads me to believe its all about the money NOT being on a good team.. so meh. I wasnt sure about Hedo at first but then after it seemed like he would be here for sure i started feeling better about the idea, even though i wasnt sure what was gonna happen with Webster or Batum. But whatever i guess. It happens gotta move on. Im just curious as to who we would go after next, now that this fell through.
  1. Texanblazer
    Posts: 17

    Posted 07/03/2009 7:28 PM

    Just please no Jason Kidd...I watched him ruin dallas last year which actually was quite enjoyable, but I couldn't stand seeing that happen to my Blazers.
    I am a fan of THE Baylor University Bears, Portland Trailblazers, Dallas Cowboys, and Houston Astros.
  1. SkaterNater
    Posts: 34

    Posted 07/03/2009 7:39 PM

    Well it is not a for sure deal to Toronto either.  I think right now it could be 50/50.  Toronto will have to drop Shawn Marion if they want Hedo, along with a couple other FA's.  But if Hedo does go to Toronto will we then go after Shawn Marion?  I am almost positive we will not go for a PG because I think that the Franchise is ready to give Bayless a solid role.  So will it be a starting SF or a back up PF that we go for now?
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  1. Isaac
    Posts: 33

    Posted 07/03/2009 7:59 PM

    Well i guess technically nothing is final until next Wednesday but apparently Toronto is willing to offer him a 5 year 56mil deal which the blazers arent about to offer him. For one he isnt worth that much.. second we would have to deal someone else or go over the cap which no one wants to do right now. So i wouldnt hold my breath about Hedo anymore, might aswell look to the deal KP will make.
    As far as Marion goes i highly highly doubt we would be at all interested in him, my guess is we will go after a vet PG of some sort. Who that would be i dont know, your guess is as good as mine at this point but that seems the most likely situation. I could be way off though who knows, we'll have to wait and see what KP has up his sleeve.
  1. RipCityRevival
    Posts: 684

    Posted 07/03/2009 8:06 PM

    I read the article. I won't believe anything until Wednesday, it is pretty shady. With time difference and everything considdered, I don't trust that all the information is being put on the table. If it is true, I don't think getting a SF will be the Blazer's focus. Hedo posesses a certain skill set that would be beneficial to the team similar to a veteran PG. Marion doesn't have that same skill set, not many SFs do. I think if this does fall through you will see them do a late run at a veteran PG or back up PF depending on how they feel about their situation with Bayless and Blake. Personally, I don't think confidence in Bayless was the reason they chose to go after Hedo. Infact, I think it is the opposite. It looked as if they were going to use Hedo as a Point Forward in a large starting 5 possibly moving Rudy into a starting SG position playing alongside Roy in the back court. I think IF this falls through, which I am not sure of because Pritchard is the master of smokescreens, but if it does they will look to fill the void at PG because Martel could be the guy if he is healthy. None of the other SF's are worth going after. Ariza is a dweeb, Artest seems intent on going to LA and nobody else really fits in. We will see come Wednesday.
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  1. Cheryl.Fraser
    Posts: 27

    Posted 07/03/2009 8:08 PM

    I was reading Mike Barrett's blog and this is what he said. 

    Hedo Turkoglu has ended negotiations with the Trail Blazers, and reportedly will now look to the Toronto Raptors. Again, the Toronto news is coming from several sources and can't be totally confirmed. But, according to one very reliable source, I can tell you that Portland's part in this is over. The Raptors are in a position to be able to reportedly offer Turkoglu a 5-year deal, worth over $56 million. The Blazers probably could get in a position to match that, but it wouldn't be easy, and I'm glad they're not trying to get there. As I'm sure you know, it's believed the Blazers were offering 5-years, $50 mill. Sometimes it's simply about money, and it appears this is one of those cases. That's not being critical of Turkoglu at all, that's just the way it is. He said as much at PDX Thursday afternoon upon arriving. Turkoglu was one of the most popular players on an Orlando team that just played in the NBA Finals. Despite pleas from his teammates, he decided to opt out of his contract. He got an offer from Portland, and then got a better from Toronto. That's probably just about as simple as this is. I realize people will jump to make more of this than that, but I don't see a case for that here. As others have reported, including ESPN's Ric Bucher, Turkoglu's wife apparently strongly favored Toronto over Portland, because of its international population and culture. Of course, we can't confirm at this point if that was truly a factor. I can confirm that she wasn't with him on this trip to Portland, so I'm not sure what she had to compare it to. Either way, it doesn't matter now.

    THANK THE BASKETBALL GODS!!!! Portland is a way better city than Toronto. Whatever, we don't need a player that doesn't really want to be here - it's not worth the money.
    I am a fan of the love for our Trail Blazers :)
  1. 2 cents
    2 cents
    Posts: 1

    Posted 07/04/2009 6:46 AM

    Normally I wouldn't join a board just for a specific topic but I've read a few things on here and I really feel for you all.  I'm a Magic fan and I can honestly say that your team dodged a bullet here. 

    -Turk is terrible on team defense.  He can guard people reasonably well straight up but he makes a ton of mistakes and then spends at least 10 seconds of every time out making excuses and pointing fingers at the rest of his teammates.
    -Turk never goes to the basket with the intention of scoring.  He may get some off the glass on occasion but he does not go at the rim.  90% of the time he throws his arms up, yells, and basically prays he gets the call.  If he isn't doing that he is just trying to throw the ball up off the glass praying that Dwight cleans it up for him.
    -His shot selection and decision making is awful.  I saw on here that someone said he doesn't just chuck up shots.  In the playoffs from Game 7 against Boston on through the finals yea, that was true, in the regular season he killed just as many games for us as he won on last second prayers.  The media loves to talk about how he was Mr. 4th quarter for us, well they are morons that didn't follow the team throughout the year.  He was the least efficient in the 4th on our team and most of the time when we coughed up big leads it was because ball movement died in the 4th specifically because of him.  When he wasn't complaining about not getting the call for flailing around in the lane he was taking the air out of the ball at the 3pt line and jacking up what we like to call "The Turko-fade," a contested 3 falling away and to the side.  That prayer shot that he hit against your team this year, yea that was one of the ones that went in but there are far more that don't and other higher percentage players are left standing around watching.

    Orl had it's best games when Jameer was healthy and he was able to wrestle the ball away from Turk in the 4th and have him play off the ball.  I can't stress enough how frustrating he is and how jeykle and hyde he is when it comes to moving the ball around.  With a new long term contract he will be the place where fluid offense goes to die.  

    The fact that he chose more money in Tor vs Por should tell you all you need to know about how much he cares about winning.  Shortly after Game 5 in the finals he was seen out with a bunch of his teammates, everyone else seemed down after getting knocked out except him.  Sometimes it's a good thing that he doesn't take losses hard but personally I want players that care about winning as much as I do.  He would have killed your ability to make moves above the MLE and he would have made sure that you don't get passed LA, SA, or Denver.
  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
    Posts: 1669

    Posted 07/04/2009 10:21 AM

    Totally understandable that Hedo wants a big contract. But this an important summer for extended contracts, that they gotta give to B-Roy and Lamarcus. Those two are more important to get set up then Turkeyglue. If a guy like Shawn Marion is still available, I'd be takin' a stab at him. Marion has a knack for leaking out to start fast breaks. I think he'd be a great sidekick with the L-Train.
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. David
    Posts: 53

    Posted 07/04/2009 11:02 AM

    honestly, I was overjoyed when I saw he's not coming to portland. I think it was someone who commented on mike barrett's blog who mentioned that his shooting percentages were terrible. Also, he was playing the majority of his good game against the EASTERN conference, which is renowned for having weaker defense with the exception of pretty much just boston. He wasn't near as good in his games against Los Angeles
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  1. SithLord13
    Posts: 56

    Posted 07/04/2009 2:51 PM

    How about Marion if Toronto drops him? He doesn't have much time left but he has always been consistent and put up respectable numbers. Not really a top team player but can play at either forward position and could help us a lot. He is definitely a poor man's Shareef Abdur Rahim and that's the type of player to upgrade any lineup.
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  1. David
    Posts: 53

    Posted 07/04/2009 5:09 PM

    finally someone puts into words what I've been trying to put my finger on for like a week now. Thanks man. he's right we don't need the guy
    I am a fan of ooh right in his face!
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