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  1. BDawg
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    Posted 02/23/2012 6:21 AM

    I believe most here can now agree change is needed and a rebuilding effort is coming.  That being the case, presumably building around this team's only All-Star, here is the question of the decade...

    Is LaMarcus a first or second option...a Batman or a Robin?

    If you are like me, and believe Aldridge, even with his undenyable talent, is better suited as a Robin...HOW?  How does this team acquire a Batman, a number one option to compliment a Robin, playing in his prime NOW, without any assets of a significant enough value to execute a trade.  Drafting said player requires unbelievable foresight and a degree of luck, and time to develop...time Robin, in his prime doesn't have.  Free Agency?  Even with Portland's encouraging cap space, not likely...not in this market.  Incidentally, this team is still operating without a GM.  This is nothing but bleak.

    Solution?  IMO, the only thing PA can do, is run with the idea of Aldridge as the first option, Batum his Robin.  Build around that.  Your options are few.

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  1. BDawg
    Posts: 1593

    Posted 02/23/2012 10:24 AM

    Some things I hadn't yet considered when posting this thread this a.m.:

    Portland's considerable cap space could be used to absorb a bad contract while also netting a difference maker...

    could also be clearing room to land a bigger name in a draft of current NBA players made available as a result of contraction...

    Nico is gonna get PAID
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  1. DHawes22
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    Posted 02/23/2012 1:06 PM

    Aldridge is arguably the best power forward in the game. On certain nights, he has enough talent to simply carry us to victory. If he's not Batman, he's certainly close and will reach that status when he hits his peak. What he lacks is the verbal leadership that most superstars have (which I've seen some progress on but would like to see him come along even farther) and an elite wing player. We simply can not win a title with the guards we have right now (still count Batum as a 3). Elliot shows promise but right now he's buried behind Jamal, Wesley, and Ray.

    Aldridge needs another Roy. Guards always have the ball in their hands, making it easier to take over games whereas bigs, like LA, rely on their guards to find them in the right place. LA can be our go-to scorer but we need either a floor general or a playmaker at the two, able to break down the defenses and create their own shot.
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  1. BDawg
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    Posted 02/23/2012 2:03 PM

    I agree.  You summed my take up in four words..."Aldridge needs another Roy".  For me, there lies the problem.  How does this team acquire that player, while LA is in his prime, with what they have for assets?  Needing a Roy as a compliment to be competitive with the elite is not a good place to be when you are small market, rainy Portland Oregon, and are without desirable assets or even a GM.  Looking for the panic button.

    Also agree Batum is more reasonably a "three" least, at this point in his career
    I am a fan of players that play with PASSION and PRIDE
  1. barnettfan
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    Posted 02/27/2012 4:33 AM

    GW,Wes,and our draft pick see how far up the line that would take us in the Lottery but it would have to be high otherwise Nate probably wont play him. For us to go that high we would probably have to lose Batum also and I do not know if we would want to do that. Hindsight shows us that Felton for Miller was probably a bad idea even though on paper it looked good I would hate to see another deal like that go down. The GW move was made in sheer desperation and we lost all our bigs trying to replace Roy and we did ..@ most home games. This is my dilemma. I beleive we should punt on the team for this season get ourselves a front office and coaching staff before the draft. We have not seen a draft pick play outside 7 mins since Oden 5 years ago, either we need new scouts,GM, or a new coaching staff, or all of the above (BTW the Oden pick was the right one at the timejust like the Bowie pick was the right one at the time unless you really wanted to play Drexler off the bench?)
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  1. uprised
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    Posted 02/27/2012 11:16 AM

    Blazer fans need to get over their emotional attachments and understand that there are no trades that make any difference for the Blazers if they don't involve Batum or LMA.  You can't package GW with any amount of guards, 40 year old centers etc. and expect get a player that's going to make an impact on this team.  Money is not an issue here, it's what we're willing to give up to get a decent point guard.   
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  1. postedbailblazers
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    Posted 02/27/2012 11:48 AM

    Posted By uprised on 02/27/2012 11:16 AM
    Blazer fans need to get over their emotional attachments and understand that there are no trades that make any difference for the Blazers if they don't involve Batum or LMA.  You can't package GW with any amount of guards, 40 year old centers etc. and expect get a player that's going to make an impact on this team.  Money is not an issue here, it's what we're willing to give up to get a decent point guard.   
    IMO the emotional attachments makes Blazer fans the best in the league.  It makes guys who could've landed elsewhere for more money or possible rings actually pick Portland (like Crawford and Pryz).  It is the source of our homecourt fervor.  It could be one of the greatest assets this organization has.  You have a point that if we are looking to make a trade that will truly have an impact, we gotta give. But maybe that just solidifies the argument that a trade is not the solution right now. 
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  1. Blazer247
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    Posted 02/27/2012 1:46 PM

    PostedBailBlazers is GENIUS.

    You guys are so desperate to trade and start again, that's what NBA2k12 is for. In a REAL franchise, you don't just keep trading until you get that miracle guard. There are many more ways (and more likely ways) to win.

    This post started with a great question as the premise; "Is Aldridge better suited as a Batman or a Robin?" and while the context that the question was worded in might have sounded a little like a desire to trade, the question was NOT about trades. So please, don't bring every post to the same lazy answer of "trade for a superstar and we'll surely win!" I'm sick of hearing it. Real BlazerFans can come up with more interesting discussions about this team.

    In response to the original question, I would say that at the moment, the key to Aldridge playing as Batman instead of Robin is when he has Robin in the game as well; LaMarcus has shown way more consistency with his high-end play this year, but when he's the only player really putting in that high-gear effort, he's less successful at it and looks less like a superstar power forward that can (and has) take his team on his back and get the W. The times when he's at his best seem to be when another player is also running hot... This makes sense if you think about all the pressure his game has grown under (never being the spotlight player on his team due to Roy being in and out, and even now fans seem to skip Aldridge and send their love to Wallace, plus now defenses constantly double or triple team Aldridge), so now when other players are capable of taking some of that pressure off, he will shine even brighter. His biggest nights this season have been when another Blazer is helping to set the pace. Batum seems like the most likely candidate to be our Robin, but we still shouldn't depend on any two players to carry the team on a nightly basis.

    Despite not having another obvious superstar, I would STILL contend that we have a roster with above-average strength from top to bottom, especially now that Pryz is back :) So I think our best chances of bringing out the best in Aldridge is STILL to root for the Blazers to play TEAM BALL. Hopefully the rest of the team has used the All-star break to work on their ability to play together on the fly, and when we get into the second half of the season, we'll see more of that balanced attack, suffocating defense, and overall better numbers, all the way through the playoffs.
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  1. noahvagle
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    Posted 02/28/2012 1:55 PM

    I think that the problem with having a big guy as a go to guy in late-game situation is that it can be very one dimensional! I mean his go to move is the turnaround fade right? Thats the move he wants to use in crunch time someone agree on that? With a proven clutch player like (Roy), it was a nightmare to guard in late game situations he could either pull up or drive to the basket. Im not convinced of LA`s capability to drive to the rim YET. Dont get me wrong I love Lamarcus hes one of the best PF`s in the game.

    But if you compare LA Clips (sucks) from last season to this season, Griffin was the obvious batman but he couldnt do it on hes own. Now they have Chris Paul (who I hate) and now they actually winning some games!

    I dont think that you guys should give up on ray yet! Its a new system and if im not mistaking a contract year. I dont know but maybe some players perfom better in a contract year like Z-Boo and maybe some dont! And dont forget Nate likes to call out plays from the sideline. I think they never get into the flow of the game because of that, when I played PG I was handed the team so to speak I was in charge of running the plays that I saw fitted at the right moments or play freelans. Nate needs to put hes ego aside and the let the players play.
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