Trail Blazers 88 @ Clippers 93 Game Thread
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  1. DHawes22
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    Posted 12/30/2011 2:16 PM

    January 1, 2012
    6:30 PM | Staples Center | Los Angeles, CA
    Trail Blazers (3-0) @ Clippers (1-2)

    After taking care of business at home, the Trail Blazers head out on the road for the first time this season, starting off with a New Year's Day bout against the Clippers. L.A. looked impressive in their Christmas night victory over the Warriors but struggled mightily in San Antonio. The big question surrounding the Clippers is whether they are a legit title contending team with the addition of Chris Paul or just a highly entertaining team to watch, hence the moniker "Lob City?" Regardless, this is a great measuring stick for the Trail Blazers. Can they take their show on the road or are they just a home-dominant squad?

    The matchup everyone will be talking about is Aldridge v. Griffin. During the two team's most recent matchup, a Jnauary 20th affair with All-Star implications, both players put on a show. Blake scored 20 and pulled down 18 rebounds while Aldridge poured in 28 points, grabbed 8 rebounds, and handed out 3 assists in a 108-93 Blazer romp.

    Then there's CP3. Can Felton stay in front of him? We saw Lawson and the Denver dribble penetration kill the Blazers inside last night so there's major room for concern there. Personally, I'd like to see Nate use Batum on Paul as he has in year's past and force CP to become a jump shooter instead of facilitator.

    Can Rip City make it four in a row to start the season? Tell me what you think Portland must do to keep the streak rolling.

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  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
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    Posted 12/30/2011 2:57 PM

    Your new Clippers, sponsored by KIA. Hate to tell L.A. fans this, but Toyota's are 10 times better then a Kia. You might as well have Blake Griffin jumping over Martha Stewart in a K-Mart parking lot. I just don't see enough Kia's on the road to justify what they spent for all those new players.
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  1. Antony Copland
    Antony Copland
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    Posted 12/30/2011 3:48 PM

    In my opinion, this game will set the tone for the road trip. 

    The Blazers are coming into this game as one of the premiere squads in the entire NBA, both offensive and defensively.  They are also one of only three teams that are STILL UNDEFEATED in the Western Conference. 

    If Portland comes out firing on all cylinders, hits their free throws, and continues to be a defensive beast, they will win this game. 

    The teams defense could be considered the Great Wall.  23 blocks total? Batum had four alone last night, which was the league high for the entire day.  While Matthews had 5 three pointers, another individual high for the entire league yesterday.  TWO BLAZERS, were two of five players in the ENTIRE league with game highs.  If that doesn't get you amped up for the game, another bulldozing of your defense by Crash will. 

    Blazers will overcome the LAKLONE bias and win.                                                                                                                                                               
    I am a fan of Cambus taking a team to the finals after another lockout.
  1. CarlJ1
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    Posted 12/30/2011 4:03 PM

    It all about Containing the head of the snake CP3 because I just don't see no one on that team that can get their own shot and on offense it all about making the extra pass and shifting their defense if we can get 20+assist we should be in good shape and rebounding is also vital because we kill Denver on the glass if we have that effort we should be even with LA I feel this next strech of games will show where we stand is the 3-0 start fools gold or legit.
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  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
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    Posted 12/30/2011 7:54 PM

    Clippers like crashing the offensive glass. This should give the Blazers fast break opportunities off missed shots.
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  1. barnettfan
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    Posted 12/30/2011 9:40 PM

    I doubt if the slobbering love affair the ref's had with Griffenstien last year has changed much. Contain Paul and I think we win.
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  1. BendBlazerFan
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    Posted 12/30/2011 11:11 PM

    Perfect timing for a road trip - confidence is high - out of the gate they get an up and coming Clipper Team with (as far as I can see) no where near the continuity the Blazers are exhibiting.  This is when teams forge strong bonds...on the road, winning close games.  I think Batum's feeling sorry for himself is about to some to an end...when Coach takes him to the side on the flight to LA and preaches to him the value of his defense, and the value of having a Wallace and Crawford to play alongside...learning the ropes etc.  It will further be cemented when Blazers close his contract before they return home from OKC with a sweet contract.  This also is perfect timing...he feels not important until he gets a big contract, and see PDX put their money where their mouth is.

    This has been a fun 3 game stretch with high quality basketball...not just by one or two, but by a team, anxious to see where it leads us - I say to the WCF and beyond!
  1. Austin Martin
    Austin Martin
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    Posted 12/31/2011 4:31 PM

    I agree with everyone, contain CP3 and you win, he runs around you for a 20&10 game and it will be rough. However, dont count billups out either and @Tobyus, you are right about the crashing the offensive rebounds but i feel like that could be more a problem then you re suggesting since we can often get lazy on that end without Camby in setting the tone. LA, Batum, Crash especially need to pay extra attention to this.
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  1. Herr
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    Posted 01/01/2012 2:11 AM

    Its not really CP3 that I'm entirely worried about.  Billups scares me more.   I think this is an easy win if the bench steps up and the starters are consistent.   The Clippers have no bench except Bloodsoe and Williams.  Just make sure that you take away the lob and play fast.   Should be an easy Portland victory.  Clippers are far overrated.
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  1. EthanMoney
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    Posted 01/01/2012 6:52 AM

    I'm not gonna lie. I am a bit worried about this game. Not because of our team or anything. Just because I am worried about how good the Clippers could actually be. That team has a lot of weapons this year. They even had tons last year also (just many injuries). So to seem them healthy and improved, things might prove to be very difficult.
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  1. kaemicha
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    Posted 01/01/2012 1:41 PM

    I can't wait to see this game. I think LA is ready to really bring it against Griffin, and show his fans that he is on the mend.  I do think it's going to be a tough win, tonight, but after our win with Sacramento, we have the ability to do it and the players are beginning to realize that.  Go Blazers!  You've got it in you!!
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  1. BrainLL1
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    Posted 01/01/2012 2:22 PM

    We got very lucky in that last game versus Denver with the large number of Turnovers(23, or was it 25, I don't remember).  We were very lucky that the Blazers managed to pull that one out for a win.  The Clippers are going to be another story entirely.  Besides Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Chauncey Billips, the Clippers are going to be a real test for the Blazers, both on Offense and on Defense.  I am going to be pleasantly surprised if the Blazers somehow manage to pull off another victory against a team that I've heard a lot of people say are going to be Championship Contenders this season.  Don't get me wrong.  I hope that they do win and go 4 and 0, I am just saying that we need to wait and see how this game plays out and to be prepared for the possibility that they lose and end up going 3 and 1.
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  1. DHawes22
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    Posted 01/01/2012 5:04 PM

    Posted By Herr on 01/01/2012 2:11 AM
    Its not really CP3 that I'm entirely worried about.  Billups scares me more.   I think this is an easy win if the bench steps up and the starters are consistent.   The Clippers have no bench except Bloodsoe and Williams.  Just make sure that you take away the lob and play fast.   Should be an easy Portland victory.  Clippers are far overrated.

    No road win is an "easy victory". The Clippers are tough and if we don't rebound, we could get ran out of the gym. Jordan and Blake are two of the NBA's best at crashing the glass and CP3 could make life miserable if we don't stop his from penetrating the middle. Lawson almost single-handily brought Denver back on Thursday with his drives to the middle. We really need to lay off Paul and hope his jumper isn't falling.

    It is true their bench is weak but our bench still needs to bring it. We need another monster performance on D from Batum and on offense from JCrossover.
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  1. stacksfan2005
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    Posted 01/01/2012 8:29 PM

    embarrass performance thus far, everyone had too much egg nog last night.
  1. DHawes22
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    Posted 01/01/2012 9:52 PM

    We just didn't play with the type of intensity needed to win in the NBA. The Clippers tried to hand us the game on numerous occasions but it was just too little, too late. In the first three quarters, we just stood around, played a step slow, and couldn't knock down a shot. But in the fourth, we ran the pick and roll, drove to the hoop, found open shooters off of dribble penetration and played with a purpose. Hopefully this serves them as a lesson that they need to bring it every night. On the plus side, Batum and Crawford looked great off the bench, Kurt Thomas too, and the Clippers didn't really impress me. I'm not buying into the hype that they are a title contending team.
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  1. D_pickett
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    Posted 01/01/2012 10:06 PM

    That was some of the worst-played basketball I've ever seen. Well, in the NBA at least. But I can see a glimmer of hope here. First of all, the Blazers' 4th quarter performance was much better. Even bigger than that, though, is the fact that we barely played defense, handed them a lot of opportunities, the refs handed them what was left, and they STILL only scored 93 points. To me, that's an indicator that we're still one of the best teams in the West. If our guys had been playing all 4 quarters, it would've been Portland blowing out the Clippers.

    Side note: Blake Griffin is one of the softest and worst big men in the NBA. When his jumping ability goes in a few years, he will have to learn how to play basketball or end up taking a lesson in pain from every other forward in the league.
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  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 01/01/2012 10:26 PM

    Yea, I thought it would be Griffin taking the next step and Kevin Love dropping off, but it appears early on this year to be the other way around. I'm blown away by Love so far this season.
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  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
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    Posted 01/01/2012 11:33 PM

    At least we broke 64 points. That's all Memphis scored tonight, poor Grizzlies.
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. Herr
    Posts: 643

    Posted 01/02/2012 1:43 AM

    Disappointing loss.  Very angry about that one.  I said it should be an easy win, and the Clips agreed.  The Blazers however decided to take a 4-0 start, crinkle it up, and kick it miles away.  This wasn't a defeat, this was a loss.  We simply gave it away.   The most annoying loss is one you don't give effort in.  That is why I'm so frustrated and annoyed.  I know this team is better than that, and they showed it.  But, as said, it was too little too late.  I just hope they were overlooking this game and looking towards OKC.  That is a game we need to bring it in.  I will be PISSED if we lose that game.
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