Realistic Roster by August
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  1. jonthorpe
    Posts: 125

    Posted 06/18/2011 11:44 PM

    Here's my hopes (yet realistic hopes) for the Blazers roster by August

    1.) G.0. has been given a 3-4 year contract

    2.) Andre Miller, Fernandez, Patty/Armon are traded for a high pick on draft night. Blazers draft Kemba Walker (or the best available PG, or Kenneth Faried)

    3.)Blazers sign restricted free agent Aaron Brooks (PHX doesnt match)

    These three moves make sense, don't blow up the team, are reasonable and completely possible to occur. A depth chart might look like:








    G.O. comes back to relieve Camby minutes off the bench. Chris Johnson plays occasional minutes

    Batum/Wallace off @ backup PF

    Batum/Babbitt @ SF

    Roy - backup SG

    Kemba Walker, Elliot Williams as backup PG

    This is a deep, talented roster that has youth and 3 years of upside to reach the finals in the timetable we all want.

    What are your thoughts?

  1. Herr
    Posts: 643

    Posted 06/19/2011 2:06 AM

    Certainly realistic, but I don't know if I trust 2 rookies and Brooks on a team that is in championship contention when healthy.
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  1. Herr
    Posts: 643

    Posted 06/19/2011 2:07 AM

    For running the show that is (why no edit button?)
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  1. Lapinnoir
    Posts: 43

    Posted 06/19/2011 4:08 AM

    I used to really like the idea of brooks as our main point guard, but honestly I now question whether he will actually fit the PG role I feel we give up if we trade andre.  I mean andre is rock solid when it comes to distributing and already has great chemistry with LA and probably will develop with wallace pretty soon.  Brooks could bring some nice outside offense which we need but I feel he is still missing some of that killer intellect and passing skills.
      I like him, but I wonder if we are getting a PGOTF a little too prematurely.  I would rather us wait till andre's play really does decline.  The problem with that is you're then banking on getting a capable free agent or have an up and coming young PG.  Right now I would feel more comfortable with brooks on the bench behind andre, but brooks deserves more than that.  I hope one day he will get to play here but i don't think the timing is right.
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  1. Tiki Kienle
    Tiki Kienle
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    Posted 06/19/2011 10:17 AM

    Posted By Herr on 06/19/2011 2:06 AM
    Certainly realistic, but I don't know if I trust 2 rookies and Brooks on a team that is in championship contention when healthy.

    Agree 100%. Thread closed.

    I appreciate a thread where there is some actual sense.

    None of this:

    Realistic starting line up:

    C: Dwight Howard

    PG: Andre Miller

    etc etc

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  1. abarrer3
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    Posted 06/19/2011 10:56 AM

    Here's mine....

    1.) Oden resigned to multi-year deal

    2.) Andre and Rudy are traded to Sacramento for Beno Udrih (Great Passer and has experience) and Jason Thompson (Young talented Center)

    3.) If they still have the 21st pick they take Kenneth Faried


    C- Marcus Camby, Jason Thompson, Greg Oden
    PF- LaMarcus Aldridge, Kenneth Faried, (Jeff Pendergraph?)
    SF- Gerald Wallace, Nicolas Batum
    SG- Wesley Matthews, Brandon Roy
    PG- Beno Udrih, Elliot Williams

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  1. BlazerFan#24
    Posts: 15

    Posted 06/19/2011 11:20 AM

    i would say

    Resign G.O (if possible or necessary)
    Resign Andre (let him finish his career here)
    Trade AJ & Babbitt (They dont really have much of a future here)
    >>TRADE UP IN THE DRAFT<< and get a solid PGOTF or Faried (hes good !)
    now what about rudy..... Can we still send him to the D-League ?
    Make some aquisitions too (Possibly Dwight Howard if PA's Pockets are deep enough)

    Starting Lineup
    PGOTF, or Andre
    Wesley(that is if roy doesnt get his starting spot back)
    Lamarcus Aldridge (Obviously)
    Greg or Camby (If we get another center than he will start)

    Maybe Roy,Patty Mills
    Faried(possible), Pendergraph ?(if he comes back)
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  1. jonthorpe
    Posts: 125

    Posted 06/19/2011 7:20 PM

    I get what you guys mean about being worried about Brooks and rookies. The way I see it, you are going to have to take risks at the PG position. If you hold on to Andre for too long, then I fear the blazers will desperately do a deal for a PG that has no chemistry with the team while we're in the middle of a run and so close. I think now IS the time to get a new PG. He wont be as tuned in as Andre this season, but if you give it time, he will be exactly where we need him to be at the critical point - he'll have experience with this team when it is most important.
    So risk a little now but payoff later, or solid now and unprepared later?
  1. CharmCityBLA7ER
    Posts: 75

    Posted 06/20/2011 6:14 AM

    Move Nicolas Batum and Andre to move up in the draft, Batum should be worth a top 5-8 pick in this draft and honestly i feel as though coming out of the draft with Kemba Walker would be a sure shot pick that will pay dividends for the team immediately offensively. Andre can be included or not included in order to facilitate a trade where it may involve three teams and his 7.8 million dollar team option could help balance salaries. If not in a three team trade the team that acquires the services of Miller will have an option to dismiss him IOT alleviate cap space or keep him to run their team. With this scenario we still have our 1st round pick and i think we should go with a pf in this order. Kemba will allow us to run more and cause the defense to collapse like it used to in the days of yester-Roy. Which will lead to open threes, open 2's, open lanes, free trips to the charity stripe, etc. He has an ever improving mid range range game and a step back that is as good as Roy's, good floater, crossover, and an array of counter moves. Most importantly hes very coach-able and will play in whatever roles he has been assigned.

    With this move we retain our first round pick and should go after a pf in this order of availability:

    1.)Kenneth FairedMotor, Hustle, Rebounds, intensity, athletic specimen)

    2.)Jajuan Johnson(6'10, tremendous length, extremely athletic for position, deft touch, agile, good rim protector, help defender, adept post game)

    3.) Justin Harper(versatile forward, can post 3's, post some 4's, decent turnaround jump shot, legit shooter out to 3pt,)

    Also continuing with what Abarrer posted we should definitely attempt to trade Andre Miller(contingent on previous move to get pg), Rudy Fernandez , Luke Babbit, in order to acquire the services of Jason Thompson from the Kings he is big enough to play either front-court spot and 6'10 250-60 pounds has good mid range and decent post game and is a good passer for his position. In this trade i would also attempt to get Hasan Whiteside to add depth to our frontcourt as  he is a Marcus Camby clone(physically) in the way he can cover so much space and affect shots at the rim and is good help defender and solo defender in the post but he struggles with moving his feet which leads to foul trouble. He can be admitted into the Marcus Camby school of rebounding and proper shot swatting and turn into a viable piece of our team.

    In addition to these moves i would use our full MLE to sign CJ miles to fill the spot of Nicolas Batum and Rudy Fernandez. Hes a good defender, solid 3 pt shooter, crafty lefty, decent finsher, solid contributer and good size for either guard spot at 6'7 230 lbs. Like wesley he has expierience guarding the likes of Kobe and Melo and fairs pretty well in those matchups from a defensive standpoint.

    This isnt entirely needed but maybe pay the 3 million dollars and see if we can buy one of Chicago's late first round picks to pick up someone like a charles jenkins, norris cole, imam shumpert, to back up Kemba or JaJuan Johnson if still available.

    Norris is a good all around player who knows how to run a team and score within a team concept and how to utilize the pick and roll and make decisions.
     Charles Jenkins is another solid point who is similar to Rodney Stuckey but with a better three point shot imo. Imam Shumpert is a good athletic long point guard that can finish around the basket, and has a decent pull up jumper, and a sharp handle

    Here are my proposed lineups

    Starting Line-Up:
    Kemba Walker
    Wesley Matthews
    Gerald Wallace
    Lamarcus Alderige
    Marcus Camby

    Armon Johnson/Elliot Williams
    Brandon Roy
    Cj Miles
    Kenneth Faired/JaJuan Johnson
    Jason Thompson/Chris Johnson/Hassan Whiteside

    All reasonable moves i think and address our frontcourt with players that compliment the other members of the frontcourt. Kemba makes our back court more versatile . Cj adds dependability, 3pt shooting, shooting, grit, and depth on the wing. 3 bigs that can score in LA, Jajuan Johnson, and Jason Thompson. 3 bigs that can defend and do the dirty work. Chris Johnson, Hasan Whiteside, Kenneth Faired.

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  1. Kassandra
    Posts: 466

    Posted 06/20/2011 10:13 AM

    Brooks is not the pgotf. Elliot is too untested to leave as the sole backup point. there's no guarantee we will be able to draft or even trade up to take Faried (who, by the way, is a little undersized as an nba pf).

    here's the real question: Marcus is 38, Andre is 35. which one should be the priority when talking about replacing either. we can option Andre, and even sign him to an extention for the remaining good years he has left in him (Jason Kidd just helped lead the mavs to the title at age 38). Camby might just retire at the end of the season, though only he knows really how close he might be to calling it a career).

    we were most vulnerable inside when it comes to depth inside. there's really no question that we need bigs, at least a couple whom Nate will trust to leave in the game for enough minutes as it takes to give LaMarcus, Marcus and eventually Greg the rest they need.

    ~ Kassandra
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  1. Ricky
    Posts: 541

    Posted 06/20/2011 12:11 PM

    My roster would look something like this:

    pg = Devin Harris

    sg = Mathews

    C  = Camby

    pf = Aldridge

    sf = Wallace

    Second unit:

    pg = Elliot Williams

    sg = Roy

    C = C Johnson/Oden

    sf = Pick #21

    pf = Faried

    Obviously some wheeling and dealing would have to take place.

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  1. freddead
    Posts: 321

    Posted 06/20/2011 7:38 PM

    i could see babbit plying back 4 hes got a bigger frame then batum not to mention he was pretty good rebounder at Nevada i hope the kids workin hard he puts some muscle on we wont need to get a back up and btw he was a rookie last year his nerves were more of a problem then his ability 
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