What the blazers really need...
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  1. formalityjoey
    Posts: 38

    Posted 05/24/2011 11:34 AM

    I really want to know what everyone else thinks. I think no matter what moves are made within the next 10 Months, the blazers will for sure make the playoffs, and for sure not win the championship. That sounds bad at first, but we must be grateful that we're at least cheering for a team that's got even a small chance at making some noise in the playoffs. I think Paul Allen is too attached to this roster (for the most part) to blow things up and try to make any big splashes.  I also think that's why Cho is gone, bc he wanted to stir the pot.

    PG: Andre/Patty/AJ
    SG: Wes/BRoy/Rudy/EW
    SF: GW/Nic/
    PF: LMA/Babbitt
    C: GO/Camby/CJ/Barron

    If you keep this team as is, i think they win 50 next year. Especially if you have GW for a full year. It's about 5 months until the actual season starts; in 5 months Patty and or AJ could get a lot better after watching inspiring play JJ Barea. CJ could put on some pounds and get noticeably better. (CJ could easily be a more effective backup than Dante, sean marks) Babbitt might get some confidence. EW might be a beast. GO could get closer to coming back. BRoy might get more comfy with his knees. Jeff Pendergraph?

    Concerns: Shooting; Logjam at SG; Backup PG; Greg Oden insurance

    Let me throw some names out there:

    Channing Frye - Can shoot, and would spread the floor for LMA, big enough to be a presence on D, seems to    still like PDX
    Ilguaskas - Big guy, can make his open shots, doesn't need a lot of minutes
    Jared Dudley - can knock down shots, understands his role as a bench player; good for chemistry
    Leandro Barbosa - high energy, knocks down shots, knows how to come off the bench

    backup pg?
    Again, maybe patty can step his game up. It's only like 15-20 min a game. Maybe AJ or EW can help? But i also think there are plenty of backup PGs out there. They don't have to be extraordinary, they just need to be a real PG, with real experience with running a team. For example: Earl boykins

    I'm not exactly saying these are the actual guys we need to go after, but IMO these are the TYPES of guys we need to go after to realistically complete and improve this team.

    Also, a big move can be made if any of these pieces are included: Nic, GW, Wes, BRoy, GO, Dre, Camby

    Dont forget about the draft.

    I think getting rid of Rudy, whether he is replaced or not, is going to be a big relief for the distribution of minutes. And GO coming back, even if it's midway through the season can make this team very scary.

    If i were GM, my focus would be BRING IN THE SHOOTERS!!  LMA needs people to kick it out to!

    We have a lot of decisions to make this summer.
    What do you guys think the blazers should do???

    I am a fan of the future NBA CHAMPIONS ...
  1. TayC
    Posts: 1804

    Posted 05/24/2011 7:02 PM

    Look for a large big man who is an unrestricted free agent and not think twice about signing " Dead Deadleg" i mean Greg Oden. 
    I get that he is a beast, but its just obviously not meant to happen here in portland.....

    Acquire one or two bench players who can put up 10 pts a night, easily and solid.....
    Trade draft picks for player....healthy players.....

    Practice hard, stay healthy and play as hard as they did this past season, and this franchise will find itself in the second round of the playoffs next seezon.
    I am a fan of The Blazers ♂, the £-Train, and of course, The ¤ King. ™
  1. CarlJ1
    Posts: 399

    Posted 05/24/2011 7:51 PM

    I think the blazers need a player that has an edge to them someone who gets under the skin of the other team and who is not afraid to send a message to the other teams best player not like Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum did in game 4 of their series but Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen and Joakim Noah come to mind because if you look at the teams that are left each team has that one guy that give the team an edge I know we will get the positions we need fill but i feel it goes beyond that we need some attitude on this team.
    I am a fan of Respect, Loyalty, Honor & Pride the same thing the Blazer & their true fans are made of RIP CITY STAND UP!
  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
    Posts: 1669

    Posted 05/25/2011 1:54 PM

    I quit reading when I saw you highlighted 2 Suns, and an ex-Sun up there. Get that PHX stuff outta here!
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 05/26/2011 1:45 PM

    Jared Dudley would be an amazing pick up, bottom line. I actually think he'll be a darkhorse 6th Man candidate next season and to top it off, he praised the Portland fans on his twitter account after last year's first round was over. We need knock down shooters and not only does he fit that to a tee but he's athletic and a decent defender.
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  1. commontongue
    Posts: 1864

    Posted 05/26/2011 3:31 PM

    As much as i hate trading within the division, i think a hard look should be taken at Nene'.
    I am a fan of our new roster playing with and for eachother.
  1. TayC
    Posts: 1804

    Posted 05/26/2011 7:04 PM

    I dont think dudley is a quality shooter.
    unless you count kevin durant a quality shooter.......

    Dudley jacks shots up left and right.

    Nene, it could go either way, but how he stepped it up after melo left, idk if denver will want to part with that type of player.
    however they might need to rebuild
    I am a fan of The Blazers ♂, the £-Train, and of course, The ¤ King. ™
  1. Ricky
    Posts: 540

    Posted 05/26/2011 9:57 PM

    Portland really needs a crystal ball that tells what will happen between this year and next.
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  1. freddead
    Posts: 321

    Posted 05/26/2011 11:29 PM

    well imo if we keep miller this year i think we go after a pg in the draft if we get rid of miller then i say we try trade for a veteran PG and draft a big man and i dont like dudly at all or fry defensive liabilitys anyone and babbit gets his confidence he'll probably be a better 3pt shooter then those two and im pretty sure hes already a better re bounder then ether of them
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  1. BDawg
    Posts: 1593

    Posted 05/27/2011 3:04 PM

    Though I like Nene, I don't think you land him without parting with Batum.  While I'm not a big Nic fan, I would like to see just how much he could bring back in return before jumping on the first proposal.

    I agree with D.  Dudley is a straight assassin.  He KILLED Portland, seemingly always hitting that dagger shot.  Very nice complimentary piece, and a player undervalued for his intangibles and basketball IQ.  Dudley would be an excellent fit here IMO.
    I am a fan of players that play with PASSION and PRIDE
  1. mbmurr1
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    Posted 05/31/2011 10:21 AM

    Pile up draft picks and trade for CP3 or Dwight Howard
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  1. TayC
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    Posted 05/31/2011 5:45 PM

    Dudley is just slightly more accurate than Roy was at the beginning of last season with the 3 ball...
    he is roughly 41%.
    but please i seem to fail to see how acquiring a 6-7 oversized guard, undersized forward, who shoots 3's is going to improve this roster....or how this team plays ball....

    is he going to play at the 2? with roy and matthews? because the SF couldnt be more solid with GW and Batum.
    i think , however improved his game has become over the past couple years, it is still irrelevant to portlands needs....
    I am a fan of The Blazers ♂, the £-Train, and of course, The ¤ King. ™
  1. robgibson726
    Posts: 29

    Posted 06/02/2011 4:35 PM

    We need a center - Nene would be great. Batum's overvalued - trade him with the right combination for real value - he's weak.
    Gotta get a big, strong center that can throw down and receive passes low - take some burden off of LA.
    I hope, like all of you, that Greg gets well. Need inside power. Answer the question - would you rather score more points inside or outside? It's the difference between playoff also-rans and serious threat.
    The Blazers lack it.
    I am a fan of Trailblazers who want to have the ball with seconds ticking away and needing a bucket to win it!
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