VOTE: Fan Night Introduction Videos
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  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 04/11/2011 10:47 AM

    Which Video Do You Want To See Played On Fan Appreciation Night?
    Unstoppable (146)
    Battle (24)
    Cirque (32)

    As you all know, Fan Appreciation Night is always the last home game of the regular season. Tomorrow, against the Memphis Grizzlies, is that night. And if you've been to more than one game at the Rose Garden this season, than chances are you've seen a different introduction video before Mark Mason introduces the team to the fans. We have three different videos and would like for you, the fans, to vote on not only your favorite one, but the one you would like to see us use in-arena tomorrow night! Without further ado...

    Introduction: Unstoppable

    Introduction: Battle

    Introduction: Cirque

    I am a fan of
  1. Dio Freeman
    Dio Freeman
    Posts: 19

    Posted 04/11/2011 10:56 AM

    I can't see the 3 different videos -
    I am a fan of my Blazers and fav is LaMarcus baybeeeeee!!!!
  1. debra31098
    Posts: 16

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:05 AM

    NUMBER 1 for this fan!!
    UNSTOPPABLE....YEAH...that's the ticket!!
    I am a fan of Heart and Hustle
  1. Dio Freeman
    Dio Freeman
    Posts: 19

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:06 AM

    it took a couple of refreshes to get the 3 to play - but worth it - unstoppable all the way!
    I am a fan of my Blazers and fav is LaMarcus baybeeeeee!!!!
  1. GCDude
    Posts: 1

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:10 AM

    Gerald Wallace needs his name added to the scroll list when you sign-up for this site.
  1. BR7_Fan
    Posts: 399

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:11 AM

    Love all three of them! 

    I think "Unstoppable" gets me the most fired up before the game. That little pause in the music with the slow-mo Camby block always gets a reaction from the fans, I also love they added that shot of Nate fired up!
    I am a fan of RIP CITY > LOB CITY
  1. 503-541
    Posts: 1

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:15 AM

    unstoppable for sure
    I am a fan of Brandon Roy an Greg Oden making full recoveries and helping the Portland Blazers run this league
  1. tchad
    Posts: 1

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:40 AM

    n°1 vid eventhough the three of them worth it
  1. fightline
    Posts: 2

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:49 AM

    Can we please have an upbeat trailer and not one that feels like a Lord of the Rings preview?
    I am a fan of
  1. daddylogan
    Posts: 188

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:53 AM

    Unstoppable is the best one. I like the emphasis on the defence!!!! However, in all three vids...should have included the play by play call by Mike and Mike on the Batum lob in the San Antonio win...

    peace out,
  1. Nick Stockton
    Nick Stockton
    Posts: 3

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:56 AM

    Unstoppable by a mile.
    I am a fan of Wesley Matthew going off and B-Roy in the clutch!
  1. sahnir
    Posts: 1

    Posted 04/11/2011 1:11 PM

    ARE YOU READY!!!!!
    I am a fan of
  1. eriko075
    Posts: 1

    Posted 04/11/2011 5:22 PM

    I can't choose between 1 or the other. I would like to see the 1 from last year when they go out into town and talk to the fans. GO BLAZERS!!!!!
    I am a fan of
  1. Lkiki503
    Posts: 51

    Posted 04/11/2011 6:51 PM

    unstoppable it will get the fans hyped up for the game
  1. Fan in Oklahoma
    Fan in Oklahoma
    Posts: 3

    Posted 04/11/2011 7:59 PM

    unstoppable by far is the best of them
    I am a fan of cant wait for the next 15 wins
  1. krizzikinz
    Posts: 20

    Posted 04/11/2011 8:31 PM

    These videos give me goosebumps when I see them at the RG. Bring on the playoffs! (and I voted for Unstoppable too)
    I am a fan of being back in the Rose Garden.
  1. Jason E. Seymour
    Jason E. Seymour
    Posts: 1

    Posted 04/11/2011 8:57 PM

    You should have a blazer fan contest to make the video next year for fan appreciation night.
  1. BDawg
    Posts: 1593

    Posted 04/11/2011 11:52 PM

    I am a fan of players that play with PASSION and PRIDE
  1. Herr
    Posts: 643

    Posted 04/12/2011 8:02 AM

    Unstoppable for me.  But, add the block on LeBron by Batum to it.  When I was watching it I saw a bunch of good blocks but not the best one, it made me a sad panda.
    I am a fan of
  1. RipCityUnited
    Posts: 2

    Posted 04/12/2011 8:20 AM

    I am a fan of Rip City Baby!
  1. Posted 04/12/2011 2:37 PM

    unstoppable for sure
    I am a fan of THE BLAZERS!!!!! i have an unmatched love for them. I Adore Rudy Fernandez, Patty Mills, Wes, Nic and everyone else! 3 Goggles for the win!!
  1. I''m OUT!
    I''m OUT!
    Posts: 1059

    Posted 04/13/2011 12:05 AM

    Unstoppable, BUT it needs to have Nic blocking Leboink and Dre's lob to Nic at the end of the Spurs game! How could you forget those??!
    I am a fan of comcast and the blazers making deals that keep screwing us over!! woot!
  1. I''m OUT!
    I''m OUT!
    Posts: 1059

    Posted 04/13/2011 12:09 AM

    Posted By Courtney Fennimore on 04/12/2011 2:37 PM
    unstoppable for sure

    Where'd you get those 3goggles?
    I am a fan of comcast and the blazers making deals that keep screwing us over!! woot!
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