Top Plays of 2008-09
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  1. Dan Harbison
    Dan Harbison
    Posts: 219

    Posted 05/12/2009 11:16 AM

    Hey everyone. We're going to be doing a feature on like we did last year showcasing the Top Trail Blazers Plays of the 2008-09 Season. We want to hear from you guys on what you think the top 10 plays should be. I'll take all your entries, create a poll and let you guys vote.

    Please list them out in your responses below! I've got a couple on my list:

    1) Brandon's .8 Game Winner
    2) Rudy's 5 points in 3 seconds
    3) LaMarcus' thunder-dunk over Dampier
    4) Bayless' 2-handed slam vs New Jersey
    5) Roy's 52 explosion (not one play, but still exciting)

    That should get us talking. What are some of yours?

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  1. Blazer_forever
    Posts: 18

    Posted 05/12/2009 1:56 PM

    #2: 5 points in 3.3 seconds
    I am a fan of The Blazers and everyone on the team! They are all great.
  1. Blazer_forever
    Posts: 18

    Posted 05/12/2009 1:57 PM

    5 points in 3.3 seconds is da best!
    I am a fan of The Blazers and everyone on the team! They are all great.
  1. caseyholdahl
    Posts: 246

    Posted 05/12/2009 1:57 PM

    Does Rudy weaving a pass in between a defenders legs during a preseason game count?
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  1. Blazer_forever
    Posts: 18

    Posted 05/12/2009 2:00 PM

    Thats a good one two!
    I am a fan of The Blazers and everyone on the team! They are all great.
  1. pigpenpete
    Posts: 1

    Posted 05/12/2009 3:03 PM

    1. Roy's Buzzer beater with .8
    2. Rudy's 5 points in 3.3 seconds
    3. Batum's baseline drive and posterization of Pau!
    4. Roy's buzzer beater against the Knicks
    5. Roy's slam on the Clippers at LA
    6. Roy's step back fall away two pointer in game 5 of the playoffs.
    6(tie). Roy's 4th quarter of his 52 point performance against the suns.
    7. Travis' buzzer beater against Memphis
  1. Lkiki503
    Posts: 51

    Posted 05/12/2009 3:13 PM

    Number 3 LaMarcus' thunfer-dunk over dampier...
  1. gwkobb
    Posts: 1

    Posted 05/12/2009 3:30 PM

    2) Rudy's 5 points in 3 seconds
  1. RipCityRevival
    Posts: 684

    Posted 05/12/2009 5:01 PM

    1. Roy's .8 Buzzer Beater against Houston
    2. Rudy's 5pts in 3.3
    3.layup agRoy's last second ainst NY
    4. Roys 52 pts.
    5. Blakes 14 assists in one quarter
    6. LA's dunk on Pau after Ariza's foul on Rudy.
    7. Rudy's lob to Roy from out of bounds against Golden State
    8. Rudy's steal, behind-the-back pass up court to Sergio for the fast break
    9. Rudy in the Dunk Contest
    10. Roy's All-Star game Dunks
    I am a fan of Good basketball, great fans and Rip City!
  1. 7125311
    Posts: 4

    Posted 05/12/2009 9:22 PM

    1. Brandons .8 game winner vs. houston.
    2. Roys posterizer on Samba.
    3. Batums posterizer on Pao.
    4. Roys 52 point thriller vs. phoenix.
    5. Spanish connection vs. LAL in March.
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  1. 7125311
    Posts: 4

    Posted 05/12/2009 9:25 PM

    1. Roys .8 sec game winner vs houston.
    2. Roys 52 point thriller.
    3. Roys posterizer on Samba.
    4. Batums posterizer on Pao.
    5. Spanish connection vs LAL in March.
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  1. 7125311
    Posts: 4

    Posted 05/12/2009 9:27 PM

    6. Roys game winning layup vs. Knicks.
    7. Rudys 5 points in 3.3 secs.
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  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 05/12/2009 9:54 PM

    oh, where to start..
    in no order.....

    Roy's .8 shot vs Houston
    Roy's lay up to beat NY
    Roy's give and go 3 to give him 50 points vs PHX
    LMA poster of Dampier
    Bayless 2 handed dunk @ NJ
    Rudy 5 pts in 3 secs vs PHX
    Batum dunks on Pau..twice
    Travis buzzer beater @ memphis
    Travis game winner vs. Detroit
    Bayless steal and jam over Iverson vs. Detroit to spark the crowd
    batum's monster block on duncan on opening night
    Blake step back 3 pt'er to win @ toronto
    Sergio to Rudy alley-oop...was a reverse vs. Miami
    Brandon dunk over Samb @ LAC
    Greg's monster block @ NO of David West

    i'm sure there will be more to think of tomorrow
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  1. Jared
    Posts: 59

    Posted 05/12/2009 10:53 PM

    Number one is obviously Roy's 30 ft heave. How about his MONSTER left handed block late in the season (sadly I can't remember what team it was against, help anyone??).
    LA dunking on the birdman after he acted like a (your choice of word) when he got an easy help side block right back in the face of Rudy and acted like it was some AMAZING rejection.
    Rudy's behind the back pass between two players for the uncontested breakaway.
    Steve Blake about to fight Oberto (was oberto right? long season cant remember everything exactly).
    Przybilla about to knock Chandler's head right off his shoulders (maybe a slight exaggeration).
    I'm surprised nobody said Roy's buzzer beater finger roll against the knicks.
    Bayless' one handed alley-oop against denver(?).

    And then the obvious ones, LA over Dampier, Outlaw game winner in Memphis, Bayless two-handed throw down, Roy's 52, Blake's 14 assists, etc.

    My favorite, just to be original, has to be Roy's left handed rejection into the stands.

    I am a fan of
    Posts: 4

    Posted 05/13/2009 1:36 AM

    It HAS been a long and thrilling season chalk-full of highlights so let's see here..
    .. let's try it countdown style!

    10. Bayless' coming-out party in New Jersey capped by his emphatic dunk in the 4th quarter.
    9. A tie. Roy's game-winning layup vs. New York and Blake's 3-pointer to win in Toronto.
    Both situations had us down by 1 and even though Blake's wasn't at the buzzer he ties with Roy due to the use of the "Jordan-shakes-Russell offensive hand-check" to clear space and get the shot off.
    8. Another tie? Blake's night of 14 1st quarter assists (17 for the game) and Batum blocking Bryant's dunk in our last meeting with the Lakers.
    Batum blocked countless shots no one else could get to and was tasked, as a rookie, with defending the premiere wing scoring threats night in and night out. He deserves recognition for that.
    7 . The Blazer's vindication victory against Boston sans the Roy Wonder and starting 3 rookies.
    Stand-out moments of the game were Oden hip-checking Ray Allen into photographer's row basically saying "We're not your whipping boys Boston". Outlaw's baseline spin move and dunk on Garnett at the end was icing on the cake too.
    6. Ok another tie. (10 isn't enough!) Roy's emphatic dunk on Cheikh Samb and Batum's posterizations of Gasol.
    5. Roy's 52pt outburst vs. Phoenix. The give-and-get from Roy to Blake and back again epitomized the effort which, by the way, broke the 119 point tie with 1 minute to go.
    4 . In honor of all the Spanish Connections this year: Sergio to Rudy for the 180' alley-oop vs. Miami on Nov. 26th and the sick alley-oop reverse layup against Phoenix earlier that month. (cripes, was that another tie??)
    3. Rudy's 5 pts in 2 seconds (watch the replays on YouTube (starting with my site :] )). It should also be mentioned that this sequence was as much, if not more, Sergio's doing as it was Rudy's. First the on-point pass but then his pressure defense on the initial target of the inbounder forcing the long pass Rudy's way.
    2. What the hell, might as well have another tie right?
    Rudy's inbounds pass to Roy for the alley-oop tomahawk jam and Rudy's steal/behind-the-back pass assist to Sergio for the breakaway layup.
    1. And of course, Roy's 30foot buzzer-beating mortar shot against Houston.
    Ironic though - our most memorable moment of the season against the team that ultimately ended ours.

    There you have it - my top 10 (ok 16 or 17) plays of the year! Go Blazers!

    As a bonus, another play I really liked but didn't add to the list (because I couldn't bring myself to weasel in another tie) - this fast-break Rudy-to-Outlaw alley-oop-pass to an airborne Roy for the layup in the super-satisfying blowout of the Suns. ( at 8:30)

  1. Lkiki503
    Posts: 51

    Posted 05/13/2009 9:24 AM

    my favorite play of this season is number 1 brandon roy's .8 Game Winner and number 3 LaMarcus' thunder-dunk over Dampier...
  1. Dan
    Posts: 10

    Posted 05/13/2009 11:41 AM

    Bayless dunk against Detroit after a steal.
    Oden dunk in the last 2 minutes against Houston in game 2, on a off rebound after Roy's miss.
    Oden dunk aganst the 76's in the last minute of regulation
    Steve blake assists when he had 14 in a qtr.
    Roy buzzer beater agaisnt NYK.
    Travis outlaw game winning shot against Detroit.
    Steve blake mid-court 3 poiter against San Antonio.
    Oden and LA highlights againt Boston in Portland.
    Outlaw dunk againt Houton after a steal on game 2 of the playoffs.
    I am a fan of the Rose Garden
  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 05/13/2009 11:56 AM


    Travis baseline jam on KG to seal the win at home vs. Boston without Roy

    Batum clinching 3 to seal the win at home vs Nets

    Travis half court shot at home vs Toronto

    Sergio with his back to Oden gives his a touch pass for the jam @ LAC

    Blake half court shot at buzzer at the Spurs

    Rudy to Bayless 1 handed alley oop at home vs OKC

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  1. krizzikinz
    Posts: 20

    Posted 05/13/2009 4:04 PM

    My suggestions are mostly the same as what have already been mentioned but worth more votes:

    -Roy's 52 point game against Phoenix
    -Rudy's in bound pass to Roy's dunk against Golden State
    -Rudy's 5 points in 3 seconds
    -Rudy's nutmeg bounce pass against Sacramento in the preseasonopener should definitely count. Can we count that entire game actually? That game had so much energy and made me so excited for the season
    -Roy's buzzer beater against Houston with .8 seconds left
    -Aldridge's dunk on Dampier
    -Roy's dunk on Samb
    -Oden's dunk off of Roy's miss against Houston in the playoffs
    -Roy's buzzer beater against the Knicks (especially satisfying after watching Nate Robinson hop skip and jump his way to the bench after the way the Knicks finished out the 3rd quarter)
    -The team standing up for themselves and their teammate when Rudy went down thanks to Ariza. And while we're on that, how about Joel Przybilla standing up to anyone-Shaq, Chandler, etc.

    That's all I've got for now.
    I am a fan of being back in the Rose Garden.
  1. Stephen Moon
    Stephen Moon
    Posts: 1

    Posted 05/13/2009 11:08 PM

    I love the Rudy - behind the back steal/assist. But I don't remember which game it was, I know it was a home game, was against the Nets???? Can some-one help me......
    I am a fan of martell playing in the next game...
    Posts: 4

    Posted 05/14/2009 10:13 AM

    I can't recall what game that was either but it wasn't the Nets (I just checked.)
    If anyone wants to look, it's in here somewhere

  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 05/14/2009 10:46 AM


    It was against the Charlotte Bobcats

    Watch this video :

    2:20 mark
    I am a fan of
  1. Bre723
    Posts: 2

    Posted 05/14/2009 11:35 AM

    I loved it when Blake made that half court shot and he passed an allioop behind his head.
    I am a fan of the Spanish Connection
  1. Bre723
    Posts: 2

    Posted 05/14/2009 11:36 AM

    I loved Blake's half court shot that he made and Blake's pass behind his head assist as well. can't remember what game that was from though.
    I am a fan of the Spanish Connection
  1. Beaverton Pride
    Beaverton Pride
    Posts: 32

    Posted 05/14/2009 7:11 PM

    I would have to say that Brandon's .8 second game winner was the best because I was there and it was amazing.
    I am a fan of "Crazy Train" playing when we are about to win a close game.
  1. J.D.
    Posts: 8

    Posted 05/15/2009 6:41 AM

    You guys have got most of the obvious ones on there like the game winners, but make sure to get these ones too:
    Roy's dunk vs. the Clippers
    Bayless' one-handed catch and finish on the alley-oop (late in the season, not sure vs. what team)
    Greg Oden's dunk @ Golden State at the beginning of the season that left the hoop shaking for minutes afterwards
    Sergio to Rudy for the alley-oop reverse jam by Rudy
    Also, not great plays, but great moments-Greg throwing down Ray Allen during the 2nd quarter of the Boston game in Portland, and Joel getting in Shaq's face after he throws the ball at him
    I am a fan of
  1. Farrally
    Posts: 3

    Posted 05/16/2009 1:14 PM

    Obviously .8 sec shot by Roy

    Roy's 52

    Odens first dunk of the year

    Travis fade away bank shot

    Rudy's setting record for three's in a season

    Roy's slam and the look back (vs clippers I think?)

    Blakes 14 assists

    6 men on the court basket
  1. Farrally
    Posts: 3

    Posted 05/16/2009 1:16 PM

    Roy's .8 shot

    Roys 52pts

    Six blazers on the court basket

    Roys dunk and the look back (Vs clippers I think?)
  1. Farrally
    Posts: 3

    Posted 05/16/2009 1:19 PM

    Oh yeah those are good ones...

    you have to include Joel getting in Shaqs face

    And that alley from sergio to rudy for a reverse!

    And Roy getting in Ariza's face... thats when I knew we had real team chemistry
    Posts: 4

    Posted 05/22/2009 1:07 AM

    Yeah Stephen, I found out it was Charlotte too, looks like someone filled you in already, cool.

    Some more angles of it here from 1:40 - 2:00.
    Posts: 4

    Posted 05/22/2009 1:11 AM

    Oh, and one of the Dos Brothers' reverse alley-oops at about 3:25.
  1. leoonfire95
    Posts: 1

    Posted 05/31/2009 12:03 PM

    1) Roy's buzzer beater with .8 seconds
    2) Rudy's 5 points in 3.3 seconds
    3) Roy's buzzer beater against the knicks
    4) Aldridge's posterizing dunk over dampier
    5) Roy's 52 points

    1) Roy
    2) Aldridge
    3) Pryzbilla
    4) Rudy
    5) Outlaw/Batum
  1. broyzers
    Posts: 2

    Posted 05/31/2009 2:00 PM

    most impressive-

    -roy 52 points
    -bayless baseline dunk
    -rudy 5 in 3.3

    favorite to watch
    -roy dunk on samb
    -LA dunk on dampier
    -roy blocks mason
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