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  1. kvin2
    Posts: 46

    Posted 05/10/2009 6:56 PM

    In KP We Trust. That should be the motto for all Blazer fans at this point. The only mistake (and many argue that was not a mistake at all) KP has made in his tenure as GM was passing on Kevin Durant for Oden. It is indisputable that at this point in their careers, Durant is the better player. What happens later remains to be seen. But that's not the point of this post. I was intrigued to find that only 4 of the 12 players we invited to the pre-draft camp were forwards, the other 8 were guards. Isn't our backcourt crowded enough? Here's what I see our team needs being going into this next year: PG: We need better PG play. Unquestionably. Blake is serviceable, But has huge problems defending quick, explosive guards (Chris Paul, Derron Williams, Rajon Rando, Aaron Brooks...), as Sergio has trouble holding onto the ball at times. Bayless, while a great shooter (see: his 23 point scoring outburst against the Nets in Jan), is not really a PG, as his ball handling-skills need work and he's a shoot-first PG, not something we need on this team. It will be interesting to see how he grows in the coming few years (maybe he has a growth spurt like Rondo did the past 2 years) and if he is the PG KP and Nate think he can be. SG: With B-Roy, Rudy, and Bayless all being able to play minutes here, we don't need anyone else. Ever. SF: This is the biggest positional question mark for us. I, personally, think we are set here. With Batum, Outlaw, Webster, and Rudy getting minutes, we are set with scoring and defense, thanks to Batum's Pippen-esque season (another amazing acquisition by KP). Why this is a question mark is because we had 3 players take significant minutes here last season, when this season we may only need 2. Webster should come back as the health, scoring machine he was before he went down, giving us that 3rd option that would have won us the Houston series. If Webster comes back healthy and plays better D (an area it was rumored he was working extremely hard on improving during training camp with the arrival of Batum), he should win back his starting job, allowing us to play Batum when we are up to be able to keep leads (something that plagued us at times during the season). That way B-Roy and Rudy can play primarily at the 2, and no one gets overworked. PF: I love LaMarcus Aldridge. I was thrilled when we did not trade for Amare during the season. However, we need an legitimate backup for him. While this team is exremely big, we're not very tough, other than the Vanilla Thrilla. Outalw, while a good scoring option off the bench, is a laregly selfish player who takes shots he shouldn't, and wouldn't know how to play D if Pippen himself taught him. Channing Frye, Shavlik Randolph, and Michael Ruffin are simply not options. If we could get a back-up PF in this draft (Tyler Hansborough?) in this draft, a banger/rebounder/shot blocker type who can score some, that would greatly improve this team. Again, I like Hansborough, as he does all those things except for the shot-blocking. A lot of people are picking apart his game, but as a backup PF, I like him a lot. Also, on one will outwork him, ever. Jarvis Varnado is another guy who I would like to see the Blazers draft, maybe with the Clippers pick in the early second round. C: We could use another back-up center due to injury concerns about GO. But with Pryzbilla we are basically set for anything we need. Plus, Oden is only 21. He has plenty of time to develop.
    I am a fan of B-Roy changing EVERYTHING.
  1. BlazerFan1978
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    Posted 05/19/2009 9:59 AM

    I agree ... I think we need a few key additions/subtractions:

    1. Get a solid pure PG, who has multiple tools and is a pass first, can shoot, is quick, can create on the dribble, and can defend! Blake is one dimensional PG. All he can do is shoot and is a great leader, but thats it. He cant create anything on the dribble. He is too slow to defend the fast PG like Brooks, Paul, Westbrook, and even the backup PG from Dallas (SAD), etc. He isnt strong enough to stop the stronger PG like Billups, D. Williams, Fisher, etc. I would love to keep Blake, but as a backup PG. Bayless is not the answer at PG. He is more of a 2Guard and will always be that.

    2. Get tougher in the front court. Get a tougher player to backup Lamarcus basically. Bring in David Lee. I thought Pritchard should have pulled the trigger on the trade! That would bring toughness, hustle, and scoring down low especially when Lamarcus gets in his foul troubles. Also, bring in other tougher front court players. You can never have too many big guys, who can bang!

    3. Get rid of Travis Outlaw. Please! Nicholas Batum or Martell Webster will be the starter and backup at SF. Travis is one dimensional too, which is that he can score. He takes some bad percentage shots and will make half of em, but do we need to risk that. Also he makes a lot of bad decisions. With his athletic ability, he should be able to take it to the whole, but he cant. He is afraid. Also he is not physical enough. Look at how Artest pushed him all over the place in the playoff. Also, when we played Denver and Travis guarded Carmelo, Carmelo attacked him every time. Trade Outlaw now, while his value is very high.

    4. Sergio, Channing, Outlaw can be used in key trades this offseason!

    I just know I will be watching this and will be going to the Summer Leagues in Vegas to watch the new draft picks! It will be exciting! Also, I found that Kevin Pritchard, Brian Wheeler, Chad Buchanan, and other basketball execs and personnel will be talking at some conference that Sports Management Worldwide is holding. Anyone else hear about this? This will be interesting. Wondering if I can get a ticket!
  1. BlazerFan1978
    Posts: 6

    Posted 05/19/2009 10:21 AM

    I agree ...

    Point Guard is a def. need! Blake is not the answer. He is one dimensional player. He only can shoot, but he is also a leader. He has too many flaws! Cant create on the dribble. Not tough enough versus physical PG (Billups, D. Williams, Fisher, etc). Not fast enough versus speedy PG (Brooks, Rondo, C. Paul, and even the backup PG for Dallas (Sad), etc). I would love to keep Blake, but as a backup PG only! We just need a pure PG, who is fast/physical and can create on the dribble for himself and shoot. Bayless is not the answer at PG. He will always be a 2Guard and that is where he should play!

    Tougher in the front court! I think we should have taken the David Lee trade when it was available. He is tough, hustles, athletic, and can score. He would have been very valuable when Aldridge and Oden get into foul trouble. I dont think Hansborough is the answer, but he will def. be a upgrade from Channing. I just question Hansborough's athletic ability and speed. He def. hustles, scrappy, and is tough, which is great! I say get as many quality, bangers, tough guys on the bench. Doesn't hurt! And give Oden some attitude! Make him into a bully!

    Trade Outlaw PLEASE! His value is high and teams will want him. He is one dimensional. All he can do is shoot, but even half his shots he takes are bad percentage shots. Very questionable. He doesnt pass. He makes a lot of bad decisions. And with his athletic ability, he should be able to create off the dribble and take it to the whole, but he doesn't cause he is afraid or is doesn't have the right mindset. He is not physical enough defend the physical SF/PF! Look how the physical F (Artest, Carmelo, Odom, Milsap, Lebron, Durant, Iguodala, S. Jackson, etc). attacked him immediately when he was guarding them.

    Trade Sergio, Channing, and Outlaw, which all have great trade value esp. Outlaw!

    Also, wondering if anyone is going to the Las Vegas Summer Leagues? I am going to go watch the new additions to the Blazers. Should be exciting! Also has anyone heard this. I was looking around and saw that some of the Blazers execs will be talking to this conference held by Sports Management Worldwide. Kevin Pritchard, Chad Buchanan, Brian Wheeler, etc. will be talking at this conference! If you have, let me know if anyone is going to go. I think I will go especially to hear them talk for a $100-$150.

  1. BlazerFan1978
    Posts: 6

    Posted 05/19/2009 10:23 AM

    oops sorry, didnt think my first post got posted. It said error when I sent it. So I re-wrote it! Sorry!
  1. SkaterNater
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    Posted 06/16/2009 5:06 PM

    Do not trade Outlaw away.
    I am a fan of winning it all in 2012!
  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
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    Posted 06/16/2009 6:31 PM

    I named my baby chicken Sergio Rodriguez.
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. monopoman
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    Posted 06/16/2009 8:00 PM

    This team will not get David Lee period people that think this have no clue how cap space works at all. He will demand BIG bucks on the free agent market. You don't spend that type of money for a backup PF. He won't play enough minutes and it will likely bother him.

    I swear people want possible all-stars at every position on this team even at backup the fact of the matter is the cap limits the ability to do that. If we sign David Lee we have 0 dollars to sign a veteran PG or sign a veteran SF. We also have to go drastically over the cap to keep Roy and Aldridge and everyone else as time goes on.
  1. kvin2
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    Posted 06/23/2009 9:26 AM

    Actually, we CAN get David Lee. Because the Blazers are under the cap we don't have to match salaries with the Knicks in a sign-and-trade. Which is the most likely scenario were we to get Lee, as the Knicks would not want to lose him for nothing, and we have a lot of players to give up with expiring deals (Outlaw, Sergio, et. al.). The Knicks also have interest in Segio, so its possible a combination of him, Outlaw, and whoever else could actually get Lee. I'm not saying it's going to happen, nor am I saying it's the best move for the Blazers finically or otherwise, just that it is actually possible.
    I am a fan of B-Roy changing EVERYTHING.
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